Blitz the Ambassador - Native Sun (full album film)

Loving this album/film from the very smokin' hip-hop artist known as Blitz The Ambassador. His album entitled Native Sun uses the entire record as the soundtrack. I think all artists & bands should make films from their entire records like this one, right out of the box. Enjoy!

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Gregory J. Chamberlain

Blowing up out of Korea, CNBLUE song entitled LOVE GIRL

Can't quite figure out the exact name of this group. I think it is CNBLUE for short, and the full name is a complicated CNBLUE [FIRST STEP + 1 THANK YOU]. That might be normal in Korea where CNBLUE is from and the video below of the song entitled LOVE GIRL is gaining momentum as I write this.

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Phoebe Snow - July 12, 1950 – April 26, 2011

Phoebe Snow’s first album, a self-titled LP in 1974, contained her biggest hit entitled Poetry Man. Enjoy this 1989 performance below.

James Blake

The music from the self-released independent James Blake, has been a top favorite of many critics in the U.K. since his very first release on vinyl in 2009 through to his most recent minimalist music in the videos below. The songs below don't need a video to be enjoyed. They make me feel like laying on the floor, closing my eyes and sinking as deep as I can into complete a state of "gone somewhere else"... Enjoy!

James Blake and his track entitled Limit to Your Love

James Blake and his track entitled The Wilhelm Scream

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Jarle Bernhoft

The soulful recording artist and producer, Kelly Moneymaker, was where I found out about the fabulous Jarle Bernhoft this week. I feel he is one of the freshest, most organic and unmanufactured emerging musical artists I have heard this year.

A little research uncovered that "Bernhoft", as he is known, has been emerging for years and is signed to Universal Music Norge of Norway. Mike Finnigan, the legendary hammond player and keyboardist extraordinaire who recently did another world tour with Joe Cocker, informed me that Berhoft opened for several Joe Cocker shows in Europe recently.

Bernhoft is a self contained unit, a one man band, that relies on loops he lays down with his voice and with instruments as he goes. His soulful and deliberate croon is contagious and entertaining. Enjoy! GC

Bernhoft and his track entitled Cmon Talk from his most recent 2011 release.

Bernhoft and his track entitled Choices from a recent release

Bernhoft and his track entitled So Many Faces from his 2008 release.

Berhoft and his unreleased track entitled Since I was a Little Kid

Connect with Bernhoft at Bernhoft.Org,, and

Mike Finnigan favorite pick: Enrique Morente and Eva Yerbabuena

The legendary keyboardist, hammond extraordinaire and vocalist, Mike Finnigan, turned his facebook friends onto this video of Enrique Morento a couple of days ago. Mike asked that all wait for the dancer, Eva Yerbabuena, to appear, which occurs at the 2 minute and 30 second point. Bravo! gc

LAURA DÍAZ & JUAN FRÍAS - Music from some balconies of Mexico City

Stephen O'Regan is one of my favorite producers of music content on YouTube with his ongoing music series known as Balcony TV at BalconyTV.Com. He has a network of directors in cities around the world that shoot bands and artists on various balconies. The videos and archives are posted on BalconyTV.Com and end up on O'Regan's YouTube Channel as well at

Often times the interviews are in foreign languages, just like the films below shot on rooftops in Mexico City.



Hope you enjoyed that.

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Solo Bedroom Music by Jeremy Joseph

It is hard to know what to say about the very indie video below which I first saw when it was put up on YouTube in October 2010. The song is entitled Morning by Daddy Lion Music.

The artist is Jeremy Joseph who calls the genre of his music "Solo Bedroom Music".

Just below is a video of Daddy Lion's most recent song entitled Falling to Pieces (through to you)