Mike Finnigan, bogus economists and the Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek

One of my favorite bloggers, Mike Finnigan, who is also well known as one of the greatest hammond B3 players of all time (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQteSSBg6vE), is always talking politics. We are friends on Facebook and his page is one of the most active political blogs I have ever known, with dozens of his friends weighing in on the issues of the minute. We don't always agree, but it's a great lively conversation. Today, he posted the following with a link:
"Conflict of interest at the public level is epidemic. People are given space on newspaper op-ed pages, air time on television or radio. or testifying to congress, arguing in favor of positions they're being paid to take. Most of us are savvy enough to 'follow the money,' but absent full disclosure, the public is unable to make informed judgments."

This is the link Mike gave to a very interesting PBS video "Oscar-Winning `Inside Job' Director Attacks Economists' ties to Financial Sector. How the award-winning documentary "Inside Job" is influencing some economic thinkers" http://video.pbs.org/video/1909394137/

I felt compelled to post a comment to Mike's post with two cool music videos on economics:

"few news producers even know the difference between Austrian Economics and Keynesian Economics. That is a huge problem right there. That leads to the public never finding out about it either. If people can't grasp the philosophical differences, they can't make an informed choice when they vote. I am not an advocate for the current Keynesian model that the U.S. "economists" follow. Once Nixon said "we are all Keynesians now", everyone accepted it, to our detriment. He even took us off the Gold Standard around that time.... for anyone who is interested, here are two well made music videos that seek to inform about Austrian vs. Keynesianism." - gc

"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

Hollie Smith - Philosophy of Soul

New Zealand soul artist Hollie Smith has her own brand of soul and delivers the goods as she sits in front of a keyboard, live or in the studio, no pomp or circumstance needed. GC

Connect direct with Hollie Smith at HollieSmith.Co.NZ

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Dude looks like a lady.... Tom Vek

If you like boys who might be wearing Fiona Apple'a underwear to take on her sound, you might like Tom Vek. This is his video entitled A Chore.

War - Slipping into Darkness

There are so many great versions of this song, I'll start with this one live from Soul Train, circa 1971 or 1972.

This might be my favorite version, but it has no video. This take is as laid back as funk gets while keeping it cool as a cucumber.

And a great version (non video) from a live show in Chicago in 1972


Italian rock band Fallingice and their track entitled Breathing Machine

A YouTube channel friend request by the Italy based rock band, Fallingice, came with a note asking to listen to their music. Checked out their two tracks posted to YouTube and was impressed by this band that rocks hard.  Their video shot to their track entitled Breathing Machine was very well made!

Connect direct with Fallingice at Fallingice.net

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