Staple Singers - Wade in the Water (Live in Late 1960's)

There is nothing quite cooler than The Staple Singers on Sunday morning. Caught this song this morning via the legendary Hammond B3 player, keyboardist and amazing soul vocalist, Mike Finnigan and what is known as his Sunday Moanin' post each Sunday on his personal Facebook page.

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Gaby Moreno releases Postales - To perform live at Largo on Tues. Sept. 4, 2012

The incredible global indie artist, Gaby Moreno, is playing Largo in Los Angeles on Tuesday September 4, 2012 to celebrate the upcoming release of her latest album titled Postales. Van Dyke Parks will be Gaby's special musical guest at Largo. It is sure to be a wonderful show where Gaby will a wide array of her early and latest material.

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Jill Scott - A Long Walk

Classic Jill Scott from her 1999 debut album titled Who is Jill Scott?

This song is a rare gem of a soul track: Underproduced, raw and full soul ahead, this song catapulted Scott into living soul and R&B legend status. The video too is raw and disregards rules with broken lip syncs, giving it a purity and flow that projected Jill Scott's authenticism.

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Poncho Sanchez - Coco Mai Mai

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Amy Winehouse Classics

It's been just over a year since Amy Winehouse passed away. Her music will never die. She had that "it" thing that I loved the first time I ever heard her music that words cannot express.

I will never forget the first time I heard Amy Winehouse in 2002/2003. A free download was made available on either for her track entitled Stronger Than Me. Had never heard of her before that fateful download and was blown away by her sound. I played that song at least a thousand times in the first week. And, then she ends up on Later with Jools Holland when she was just breaking out. This is that live performance video, not lip syncing, that blew people away. She was a real singer that emitted the most incredible sensuality in the most classic soulful way, complete with well placed tasty jazz progressions and nuance. Great music! GC

Any Winehouse - Stronger Than Me (Live on Later with Jools Holland)
Check out her tasty guitar voicings and her sexiness - raw and real)

and, if you love that song, here is the studio version and official video for Stronger Than Me

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own