LADAMA - Porro Maracatu (Music Video)

MusicTelevision.Com presents LADAMA and the music video to their song titled Porro Maracatu

If you are a fan of the MusicTelevision.Com fave act, Cecilia Noel and The Wild Clams, you will love this group that is signed to the independent Six Degrees Records label known as LADAMA.

LADAMA is a fantastic, organic and inspired group of four Latina ladies from different parts of The Americas. They are: Maria Fernanda Gonzalez - based in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Lara Klaus - based in Recife, Brazil. Daniela Serna - based in Bogotá, Colombia. Sara Lucas - based in New York.

In the music video below, to their song titled Porro Maracatu, Daniela Serna is on lead vocals, tambor alegre and raspa. On acoustic bandola llanera is Mafer Bandola. On drums and caxixis is Lara Klaus. On accordion is Nathan Koci and on electric bass is Pat Swoboda.

The video production, camera and montage in Bogota was by María Catalina Sandoval. The camera assistant was Jon Edery and production assistant was Sofia Gaitan. The camera in Recife, Brazil is by Victor Giovanni

LADAMA - Porro Maracatu

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Spanish Lyrics to LADAMA song: Porro Maracatu
Cumbia, porro, maracatu
Para que te lo goces tú
Esta noche va derecho
Yo te quito ese despecho
Cumbia, porro, maracatu es lo que trajimos
Colombia, Brasil, por aquí estamos reunidos
Un sonidos diferente pa´ tu cuerpo y pa´ tu mente
Ponte ya a bailar que este ritmo esta bien candente
De Bogotá hasta Recife
De Venezuela a Nueva york
Ladama aquí va llegando
con todito su flow
Te digo a ti camino mío
Ven para acá y caminamos bien juntitos
Cumbia, porro, maracatu
Para que te lo goces tú
Esta noche va derecho
Yo te quito ese despecho
Puro talento, sentimiento
Ay contento tengo el corazón
de tenerte aquí todo el tiempo por dentro
Con tu cumbia, tu flow, tu sabor
Ay mi vida, mi cariño, yo te quiero
con un beso suavecito, lento
A ti te quiero pa´ ba ilar el frevo
el carnaval del mundo entero
Cumbia, porro, maracatu
Para que te lo goces tú
Esta noche va derecho
Yo te quito ese despecho
Cogeme este pasito
Y bailemos bien riquito
Dame otro poquito
Tu maraca tu maracatu
Cumbia, porro, maracatu
Para que te lo goces tú
Esta noche va derecho
Yo te quito ese despecho

English Lyric Translations to LADAMA song: Porro Maracatu
Cumbia, porro, maracatu
So that you enjoy it
Tonight goes right
I take away that spite
Cumbia, porro, maracatu is what we brought
Colombia, Brazil, we are gathered here
A different sound for your body and your mind
Begin to dance this rhythm is very hot
From Bogotá to Recife
From Venezuela to New york
Ladama is coming here
with all your flow
I tell you my way
Come here and we walk well together
Cumbia, porro, maracatu
So that you enjoy it
Tonight goes right
I take away that spite
Pure talent, feeling
Oh happy, I have the heart.
to have you here all the time inside
With your cumbia, your flow, your flavor
Oh my love my darling i love you
with a soft, slow kiss
I love you to play the frevo
the carnival of the whole world
Cumbia, porro, maracatu
So that you enjoy it
Tonight goes right
I take away that spite
Catch me this step
And let's dance well, little kid.
Give me another little
Tu maraca tu maracatu
Cumbia, porro, maracatu
So that you enjoy it
Tonight goes right
I take away that spite

Ayo - Paname (Music Video)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Ayo and the music video to her song titled Paname

Ayo just released a new music video for her song titled Paname, which is the second music video released so far for her upcoming self titled album due out on October 6, 2017.

OkayAfrica.Com reported the following about the meaning of Ayo's song titled Paname:
.... the love song and music video for “Paname,” a beautiful and striking dedication to the “African and Jamaican” Paris she lived in for 10 years.
The song’s titled after the gypsy name for Paris (Paname), an influence from Ayo’s Romani gypsy mother.
“I got my musical wings in Paris,” says Ayo. “It was the first time I could sit down with my guitar and people would be quiet and really listen to me. It was the beginning for everything.”
“It’s about my Paris—not the Champs-Élysées part that is very rich. My Paris is when you know what it’s like to jump the fence at the Metro. My Paris is rich in African and Jamaican culture. My favorite part, musically, is the accordion sound I played on it.”
The music video for Paname was directed by Ayo. Enjoy!

Ayo - Paname

In July, MusicTelevision.Com featured the first single and music video for Ayo's upcoming self titled album. It is presently sitting in the #1 position of the Music Television Top 10 Most Played chart. The song is titled I'm A Fool. See that video here:

And, just in case you missed this Ayo music video several years back, she a sweet cover of The Jackson 5 song titled I Want You Back.

Ayo - I Want You Back (Originally by The Jackson 5)

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Jorja Smith X Preditah - On My Mind (Music Video)

Music Television presents Jorja Smith and the music videos to her songs titled "On My Mind" and "Teenage Fantasy"

Music Television is proud to present Jorja Smith, a rising recording artist from Walsall, an industrial town in the West Midlands of England.

The first music video below is set to her song titled On My Mind and was directed by Hector Dockrill and Producer by FAMM/Pulse Films. The music was produced by Preditah and mixed & mastered by Engine Earz.

Jorja Smith X Preditah - On My Mind

The next music video is for Jorja's song titled Teenage Fantasty.

The concept for the video was written by Jorja Smith and was directed by Rashid Babiker. It stars Jorja Smith and Ambré Hazlewood. Animation was by Ilya L. Barrett. The video was produced by FAMM. The music was produced by Charlie and was mixed & mastered by Engine Earz.

Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasty

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Michael Jackson - Scream

MusicTelevision.Com presents the teaser to Michael Jackson Scream, a new upcoming release of dance songs.

Not to be confused with the song titled Scream that Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson made over two decades ago, the new Michael Jackson Scream is a dance album being released September 29, 2017, by Michael Jackson, post death, just in time for Halloween.

Michael Jackson - Scream (Album Teaser)

Scream has a fabulous bonus track that is a mash-up by the kings of the mash-up known as The White Panda. The mash-up is titled Michael Jackson - Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous - The White Panda Mash-Up. It will be track #14 on the Scream album. You can hear it on MusicLoad at this link:

The song titled Scream, in the music video featured below, is also going to be part of Michael's latest album as track #8. At this time, we are not sure if it will be a remixed version or not. Below is the original version that Forbes magazine reported as the most expensive music video ever made. It won the Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video. Turn this up loud and dance!

Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson - Scream

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Danny Ocean - Baby I Won't (Me Rehúso in Spanish)

Music Television presents Dannuy Ocean and his music video to his song Me Rehúso

Music Television is very proud to present Danny Ocean, a 25 year old Venezuelan born artist with a very fresh approach as a international crossover act. He is giving potential to an expansion of multi-lingual music releases from single artists or groups with his song that he released in both Spanish and English.

It is a chance for fans who learn to know the songs in both languages well, to learn a second language in the process. That is the beauty of this sort of event.

His song has a story. In 2016, it was hard for him to get a traditional Valentine's day gift to a girl he liked, who was all the way in Venezuela while he was in Miami. He wrote the song Me Rehúso as the gift.

Musically active since 2009, he released that 2016 Valentine's day song independently. After his manager's then girlfriend (now wife), Venezuelan TV host Osmariel Villalobos, posted the song to to her social media account, the song started to get noticed.

Eventually the traction broke him through and the major international record conglomerate, Warner Music Group (WMG), took notice. In June, 2017, the music industry trade magazine known as Billboard reported that Atlantic Records (a division of WMG) will work Ocean’s English language albums and singles and Warner Music Latina will work his Spanish language music.

Danny's English version of Me Rehúso is titled Baby I Won't.

Both music videos were directed by DJay Brawner. Enjoy!

Danny Ocean - Baby I Won't (English Lyrics)

Danny Ocean - Me Rehúso (Spanish Lyrics)

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Hear one more great multi-lingual crossover act, Gaby Moreno, and her Spanish and English versions of her song titled Love is Gone, or Se Apagó, here:

Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer (will be at (just performed) Ohana Fest Sept 9 2017)

Music Television presents Fiona Apple and the music video to her song titled Shadowboxer

Fiona Apple will be performing (recently performed) at Ohana Fest this coming (on) Saturday, September 9, 2017. Go to TheOhanaFest.Com for details.

The forever cool song titled Shadowboxer, was written by the real life eccentric, Fiona Apple.

She recorded the song with her friend and collaborator, Jon Brion, not long after Andy Slater signed her to Colombia Records/Work Group.

The song ended up as track #3 on her debut album named Tidal. Tidal earned three time platinum status in the United States.

The song and the haunting voice of Fiona Apple still stops song diggers like us in their tracks.

The music video below was directed by Jim Gable.

Fiona Apple - Shadow Boxer

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Lyrics to Fiona Apple Shadowboxer
Once my lover
Now my friend
What a cruel thing
To pretend
What a cunning way
To condescend
Once my lover and
Now my friend
Oh, you creep up
Like the clouds
And you set my soul at ease
Then you let
Your love abound
And you bring me
To my knees
Oh, it's evil, babe
The way you let
Your grace enrapture me
When will you know
I'd be insane
To ever let that
Dirty game recapture me
You made me
A shadowboxer, baby
I wanna be ready
For what you do
I've been swinging
All around me
'Cause I don't know
When you're gonna
Make your move

Oh, your gaze
Is dangerous
And you fill your
Space so sweet
If I let you
Get too close
You'll set your
Spell on me
So darlin'
I just wanna say
Just in case
I don't come through
I was on to every play
I just wanted you

But, oh, it's so evil
My love
The way you've no
Reverence to my concern
So I'll be sure to
Stay wary of you, love
To save the pain of
Once my flame and
Twice my burn

You made me
A shadowboxer, baby
I wanna be ready
For what you do
I've been swinging
All around me
'Cause I don't know
When you're gonna
Make your move