Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com is operated by FreeV and is part of The Indies Network of entertainment brands.

Early History of Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com
It was founded by Gregory J. Chamberlain on June 15 1998, when Chamberlain registered MusicTelevision.Com.

Chamberlain became active in music business during his youth starting in 1975, when he ran for student council on a platform of organizing better campus concerts. He became a bassist, studying and learning how to read big band jazz charts starting in the 7th grade, eventually joining the advanced jazz big band in the 8th grade. He eventually played his first professional non school related gig in the 8th grade with a jazz trio. That same year, he was Student Body President once again, booking bands for on campus lunch time concerts and school dances. From connections he had made through booking bands, he was asked to became a first time band manager of a band he did not play in near the end of the 8th grade. It was during this period when he gained his first experiences shooting music videos of Southern California bands, as well as bands passing through town, mostly on a super 8 film camera. Eventually, in 1979, he borrowed a early Sony Portapack video camera from a then legendary Orange County mover, shaker & businessman, Richard S. Stevens, who was president of Wrather Corporation, which owned hospitality operations such as The Disneyland Hotel and the Balboa Bay Club, where Chamberlain had organized music events for campus related affairs. Stevens became one of Chamberlain's most important early mentors and long time friends.

In the 1990's Chamberlain, after Chamberlain was deeply entrenched in the music business on multiple levels, he became disillusioned about the direction of where where music video programming on cable TV was going, as well as where Linear/Network TV programming was going. Chamberlain has been on a long journey to do something about it, ever since.

Chamberlain's idea to start a new music television channel with the slogan "where music is the only reality", was and still is a poke at a former music programming icon that slowly, gradually and eventually fully became a reality network, instead of a music video channel. R.I.P.

The Future of Music Television's Programming
As the world is soon approaching 2023, the objective of this network spend a lot of time curating beautiful music, remain on the outside of the standard mold and the existing mainstream music charting systems and attempt to bring attention to artists of substance that may not have yet made it into the main stream as far as they deserve to be. Eventually when artists pushed upward become the main stream, Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com and it's related network, will continue to stick principally to conceptual music video programming from artists worth taking a risk on.