Music Television and it's MusicTelevision.Com website is operated by FreeV and is part of The Indies Network of entertainment brands.

Early History of Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com

Music Television was founded by Gregory J. Chamberlain on June 15 1998, when Chamberlain registered MusicTelevision.Com.

Chamberlain's idea to start a new music television channel and eventually come up with the slogan "where MUSIC is the ONLY reality", was and still is a poke at a former music programming icon that slowly, gradually and eventually fully became a "reality" network, instead of a "music video channel". R.I.P.

The Future of Music Television's Programming
The objective of this network is to curate & program beautiful and positive music, remain on the outside of the standard mold & existing mainstream music charting systems to bring attention to artists of substance that may not have yet made it into the main stream as far as they deserve to be. Eventually when artists pushed upward become the main stream, Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com and it's related network, will continue to stick principally to conceptual music video programming from artists worth taking a risk on.

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