Chet Faker - The music videos from his Built on Glass album

MusicTelevision.Com presents videos from Chet Faker's Built on Glass album

Off the independent Future Classic imprint, just below are the music videos from Australian artist Chet Faker and his album titled Built on Glass. Enjoy! GC

Chet Faker - Gold

Chet Faker - 1998

Chet Faker - Talk is Cheap

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Protoje with Toian - Shot By Love

MusicTelevision.Com presents Protoje and Toian: Shot By Love

As Burt Bacharach once wrote and so brilliantly sang, "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..."

Via a plug by the company founded by Bob Marley known as Tuff Gong, here is a beautiful love song in that spirit, with a lyric infused music video worthy of turning up the volume knob before enjoying the read. Enjoy! GC

Protoje and Toian - Shot By Love

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The Captivating Voice of Benjamin Clementine

Music Television presents Benjamin Clementine on A Take Away Show

Bravo and thank you again to La Blogotheque, a series producer of rich cinematic quality music films that they call Take Away Shows, mostly shot on streets and various locations around France. This particular Take Away Show installment features a very captivating new voice that seems to be gaining some traction.

Benjamin Clementine perform his songs titled 'Condolence' and 'St-Clementine-on-Tea-and-Croissants­' in the emptied Sainte Geneviève Library in Paris. This particular Take Away Show helps him put on a mini theatrical opera, that is part of the lead up to his debut album titled At Least For Now.  Click here to preview a music video and a live take of a song from his debut album which is previewable on our sister site, TheRecordStore.Com.

This striking artist is unique, in both the way he looks, acts, sounds and carries himself. It is in a way that seems to have have the makings of potential success in not only music, but theatre and film as well.

An interesting clip we found, which we featured on TheIndies.Com yesterday, is a testiment to the fact that he may have been paying his dues for a while. The clip was shot a few years back in 2011, when Benjamin was busking in a Paris subway station and a random commuter filmed him performing Bob Marley's song No Woman No Cry from her Blackberry.  Click here to see that, after you watch this video below. Enjoy! GC

Benjamin Clementine - Condolence and St. Clementine on Tea and Croissants (Live on A Take Away Show)

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Cheers to the talented La Blogotheque/Take Away Show team that produced this. They are:
Directed by Colin Solal Cardo
Sound by Etienne Pozzo
Mix by Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet
Unit Production Manager : Jean-Baptiste Arbouch
Production managers : Jonathan André & Anousonne Savanchomkeo
Produced by Chryde & Matthieu Buchsenschutz
Focus Puller : Thomas Jacquet
Colorist : Matthieu Toullet (MPC)
Barclay : Pauline Bérenger / Flavie Jaubert
Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève (Paris) : Ismaël Jude-Fercak, Faustine Lejour, Yves Peyré, Chantal Sisti

Gaby Moreno - The music films from her album titled Postales

MusicTelevision.Com presents music videos from Gaby Moreno's album titled Postales

Just in case you missed Gaby Moreno's third album titled Postales, which proceeded her Christmas album, just below are the four official films from that record, one being an animation, which led up to her winning the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Gaby is not really new to me.  I felt that she was the best new artist around about seven years earlier than the academy, but they got the Best Artist part right.

She has been at it for quite a while, in a way worthy of respect for her ethic and determination. She has paid her dues the old fashioned way.

Whilst these four songs featured below are all in Spanish, and might make you want to learn the language if you don't already know it,  do not pigeon hole Gaby Moreno as a strictly Latin or Spanish singing artist.

Much of her earliest material was in English, and it is fantastic with a timeless quality. She has made some real serious English language ethereal rock, such as with a earlier song of hers titled Bella. And, then she went on to write and record a vast body of blues/rock songs, which were in mostly in English. She will no doubt release more English speaking music as she has done in the past.

It would restore my faith in the music industry if Gaby were to win traditional English language Grammys in the future.  Regardless of awards, Gaby Moreno is one of the most grounded, authentic, uncontrived international artists of substance out there who needs no pomp, pump, slick tricks or smoke & mirrors to make her point. GC

Gaby Moreno - Valle de Magnolias (track #6 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - Qué Voy a Hacer (track #8 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - Juegos y Miedos (track #7 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - No Estoy Tan Mal (track #1 on Postales)

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Hear and see a wonderful live filmed version of Blues de Mar, which was track #6 on Postales, at this link:


Cold Specks - Abisto and Bodies At Bay (Music Videos)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Cold Specks music videos off Neuroplasticity album

Off the British label known as Mute is a great Canadian based band known as Cold Specks.  The vocalist and chief organizer is Al Spx.  She and the group have a big rich sound all their own. As you will note if you look at the KEXP-FM recording referenced below, the group is excellent in live settings with no pump or circumstance, and able to cast a spell live that may even surpass the strength of their prolific studio recordings.

These two videos below represent tracks #7 and #2 of their latest (at the time of this January 2015 posting) 10 song album titled Neuroplasticity. This music has it's own mood. This is late night, turn down the lights, turn up the volume music where you can let your mind drift free of everything and reset. GC

Cold Specks - Absisto

Cold Specks - Bodies At Bay

Hear and see more handpicked Cold Specks performances at the two links below:

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