Sandhy Sondoro

Sandhy Sondoro is a tasty international artist from Indonesia who has lived in many countries of the world as a performing/working musician and recording artist. This first song below almost sounds like it's starting off in English, but is actually being sung in Indonesian. Sandhy fluently speaks and has recorded many songs in English as in the second video. Whilst he has become a important name in Indonesian music (signed to Sony Music Indonesia) and has a strong following in Germany and some markets in the EU, he has a ways to go before he is a well known name in the U.S.A., but he has the potential to impress a wide audience. He covers a few genres. Some of his songs emit a soul that reminds a little of Michael McDonald, John Melencamp and an occasional hint of Tracy Chapman. He is not ripping them off or anything like that, he is all original, but he hits a certain soul vein. Enjoy! GC


Particularly dig this recording of Sandhy performing his original song live on Indonesian TV, singing in English where he shows what a real soulful cat he is, simply sitting on a stool with a acoustic guitar and crooning his ass off with no pomp or circumstance.

Sandy Sondoro - Superstar (Live on Indonesian TV) (ENGLISH LYRICS)

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Kenna released this track in 2007. The timeless Rick James sound gave this song a "classic" status worth a spin.

Kenna - "Say Goodbye To Love"

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Bernhoft - Stay With Me

Back in April 2011, the only Eskimo I think I know, recording artist/producer Kelly Moneymaker, turned me onto Jerle Bernhoft, a.k.a. Bernhoft, who has been emerging for years and fine tuning his own brand of soul music in his native country of Norway.

I just came across another one of his latest videos which he breaks from his usual pattern of being a one man band running loops, being a beatbox and playing multiple guitars all while singing his ass off. In this live performance video, he simply sits down at the piano and sings.

Bernhoft - Stay With Me

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Click on the following links to hear and see even more fantastic songs and music videos by Bernhoft.

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Kim Churchill - Tides

Have you heard Kim Churchill?

He is a young surfer who has been traveling the world as a true professional independent recording artist while sticking to as many coastal regions as possible along the way, so he can surf when he is not on stage performing. Here is a tasty raw unplugged video recorded in the middle of a cold Australian winter. I spoke to Kim and asked him about this clip and he said his fingers were nearly freezing off when he was playing this. As you'll hear, this is a really great song and excellent performance. Enjoy! GC

Kim Churchill (Raw Unplugged)

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Eastern Conference Champions

A song that grooves along with a one take, no edits party video by Eastern Conference Champions, also known as ECC.

Eastern Conference Champions - Bull In The Wild

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Almost Gone - The Ballad of Bradley Manning - By Graham Nash & James Raymond

This is a song in support ofArmy Private, Bradley Manning, titled Ballad of Bradley Manning. It was written by Graham Nash and James Raymond.

Almost Gone - The Ballad of Bradley Manning - By Graham Nash & James Raymond

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Below is the story about the song and the video and Bradley Manning
A companion video for "Almost Gone" -- a new song by legendary singer-songwriter Graham Nash and musician James Raymond (son of David Crosby) -- was released in December 2011 in support of accused U.S. Army whistleblower Bradley Manning.

The release was timed to Manning's first judicial hearing scheduled for December 16th 2011, the day before Bradley Mannings 24th birthday, following his more than 17-months in custody, including a year in solitary confinement that Amnesty International has characterized as "harsh and punitive."

Visually, the Almost Gone video is punctuated with bold graphics, disturbing images and harsh facts. The Bradley Manning Support Network has named the following day, December 17, its International Day of Solidarity ( PFC Manning, an Army intelligence analyst who had been stationed near Baghdad, was arrested in May 2010 under suspicion of leaking classified information, including a video showing the killing of civilians, to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.

Nash and Raymond composed the song "Almost Gone (The Ballad of Bradley Manning)" during this spring's US tour of Crosby-Nash, and the new recording serves as the music bed for the video; it features an impassioned lead vocal by Nash, a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted (Crosby, Stills & Nash, and The Hollies). "Bradley Manning is a hero to me," he sings, acknowledging Manning's role in making public videos and documents that shed light on such as issues as the true number and cause of civilian casualties in Iraq, human rights abuses by U.S.-funded contractors and foreign militaries, and the role that spying and bribes play in international diplomacy.

Please watch these addition videos to fill in the blanks on Bradley Manning and his predicament.

Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq - Original Video - (14 Minutes)

WikiLeaks 'Collateral Murder' Video: Iraq Veteran Ethan McCord - (11

Daniel Ellsberg Speaks on Behalf of Whistleblower Bradley Manning - (9

Amy Goodman Reports on "Collateral Murder" WikiLeaks Video - (3 Minutes)

Visit the official Bradley Manning Support Network at www.BradleyManning.Org

UPDATE ON STORY: Since this post was originally written on June 9, 2012, Bradley Manning officially became Chelsea Manning. And, pursuant to a commutation by President Obama just as he was preparing to leave office. Chelsea Manning was pardoned by President Obama and now scheduled to be released from prison on May 17, 2017. 

Classic - Peter Frampton - Live on Midnight Special (1975)

When Peter Frampton hit big with Frampton Comes Alive, a dual vinyl album, he might have been one of the top 10 coolest things in America at the time. Saw Foghat open for Frampton at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Festival seating, which meant no seats.... standing room only. One big party. Tons of weed. I was only in Jr. High School. That was the way it was back then.

Just below is a sweet music television performance from one of the only real great shows on the air at the time that broadcast real live concerts.

Do You Feel Like We Do - Live on Midnight Special

Below is the version right off the album... it's priceless, the sound. When it came out, it was hot stuff. Still sounds fantastic!

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The Pierces

Sisters Allison Margaret Pierce and Catherine Eleanor Pierce make up the band known as The Pierces.

The Pierces - You'll Be Mine (Live)

The Pierces - Secret

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Noora Noor

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm..... Here is Somalian soul artist Noora Noor who happens to be from Norway. All the performances below were broadcast on Norwegian TV. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Noora Noor - What Man Have Done (Live on Norwegian TV)

Noora Noor - Funky Way" (Live on Norwegian TV)

Noora Noor - Ocean of Me (Live with Norwegian Radio Orchestra)

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Ruby Jane

This is the one of the latest tracks from a independent album from the young indie artist named Ruby Jane. She is the real deal. In a world of fakes and pop star poseurs, Ruby Jane has consistently always bucked the trends, maintaining her own Americana style authenticism without any overproduction. In fact, her mantra appears to be underproduction in terms of her recordings. Her songs may make you forget where you are and suck you in long enough to pause and reflect, deeply. Her sound is slightly in the vein of Mazzy Star and CocoRosie, but Ruby Jane not attempting to emulate anyone. She has been at it, playing the fiddle/violin, guitar and singing early on in her youth. At 18, she is a up & coming artist, but she's been playing lots of gigs and has proven she will be around as a strong indie force, if not a major one, for years to come. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Ruby Jane - Wake Up

Ruby Jane - (when she was 9 years old)

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Out of Bucharest Romania.... Kazi Ploae si Bean - Wake up

A talented rapper who is a facebook acquaintance by the name of Omu Gnom has consistently been turning me onto interesting music from multiple Romanian artists and groups. All of his posts are in Romanian and have no clue what he is saying. This was on his Facebook page today. I'm still trying to figure the details on who is who on the lineup and the official pages. Always wish there was some English subtitles happening. Peace Love Groove GC

Ray Charles - Song For You