Ethiopian jazz by GiGi : Mengedegna with Tabla Beat Science

Music Television presents GiGi

This is a serious live jam session! One of my favorites, Ethiopian singer Ejigayehu “GiGi” Shibawbaw is not only a solo artist, she is like Phil Collins or Sting, for she is also part of a group known as Tabla Beat Science.

The video below is a live show with the GiGi and the band. Whilst GiGi was once labeled the best obscure artist of 2001 by NY Times music critic, as we enter 2011 she is much less obscure, thanks to  Palm Pictures which has released much of her material and YouTube which has made it more accessible.

Sharon Van Etten - For You

MusicTelevision.Com presents Sharon Van Etten and the music video to her song titled For You

Music Television is proud to present this unique music video by Sharron Van Etten, a organic pop artist signed to the indie label known as Language of Stone. The music video is to her song titled For You from her first album titled Because I Was in Love. The video was directed by Michael Palmieri.

Sharon Van Etten - For You

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Issa Bogayogo - Toroya

Music Television, Issa Bogayogo, fan made music video, song titled Toroya, album title Timbuktu, Six Degrees Records

*The Indies Network and MusicTelevision.Com is sad to report that Issa Bogayogo passed away on October 10, 2016, almost six years since we originally created this post.

The video below was made by a big fan of Issa Bogayogo whose YouTube handle is GuestFromTheWest. His story of why and how he made this video is below the video along with the meaning and Malian to English translation of the lyrics.

The song is titled Toroya and is track #5 from Issa's album titled Timbuktu, released by Six Degrees Records in 2002. Enjoy!

Issa Bogayogo - Toroya

Visit the Issa Bogayogo page at Six Degrees Records, the record label where Issa was signed to:

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Guest From The West's Story on the why and how he made the video:
I was searching for a video to the song "Toroya" by Issa Bagayogo but couldn't find any. Therefore I sat down and after a complete night of fighting with Windows Movie Maker and a poor laptop I managed to get this together for all of you out there who like his music. Nothing special, just nice pictures of Africa.
I often go home by bike in the night after being in town and lately I've been putting on this song a lot while doing so. It's almost magic how the darkness around you can change just due to this song and how calm and relaxed one can feel. A big thanks goes out to you Issa for making all this beautiful music. When you're in my town show me up for a drink or two. My treat! ;)
If you like this song and/or want to support Issa go to his website which I added at the end of the video.
I finally stumbled over the lyrics and the meaning of Toroya. Toroya apparently means "suffering" in the Malian language and following is the English translation of the song itself.
The Malian to English Lyrics for Toroya
Toroya = Suffering
You only get out what you put in,
only work frees a person,
So, it is worth paying tribute,
to Malian artists,
to Malian youths,
to Malian women,
to Malian men who strive to improve their living condition
You only get out what you put in,
Work takes away from us vice, need and worries
You only get out what you put in,
let's pay tribute,
to the youths of Wassoulou,
to the youths of Karadougou,
to the youths of Briko,
to the youths of Ganadougou
You only get out what you put in,
welcome Moussa Koné,
welcome my charming guitarist Boua,
welcome Sidibé Mamou,
welcome Issa from Korin
A restless worker is always rewarded,
you only get out what you put in,
the sun shines again after the rain
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Teena Marie - Lover Girl (Music Video)

So sad to hear Teena Marie passed away today, so young, at age 54. She was a princess of modern music where soul met high energy funk and disco. Teena will always be remebered by me for her willingness to drop into random clubs and jam her ass off with random artists whom she never played with or with pals like Rick James, who is no doubt awaiting her arrival in heaven where a major jam is waiting.

Teena Marie - Lovergirl

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Bing Crosby & David Bowie The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth

Music Television is pleased to present a classic Christmas music video of Bing Crosby and David Bowie in a skit where they perform The Little Drummer Boy and Peace On Earth.

Bing Crosby & David Bowie The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth

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Rubberbandits - Horse Outside.

On Bob Lefsetz blog, Lefsetz Letter, one of his readers refers Bob to check out this song below with the following message:
'From: Melinda Ortner
Subject: Rubberbandits - Horse Outside
1.5 mill views in a week, song all over Dublin right now. Don't think the states will catch on but who's to say."

Was not sure if the numbers were hype, and still not sure what this all means.

posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain for MUSIC TELEVISION

Hollie Smith delivers cool soul with her track entitled Will You Be The One

I remember the first time I heard Hollie Smith back in 2007 when I wrote about her as being a "Soul Girl For Real".

Not much has changed in the soul department for Hollie Smith. She is still serving it up, cool as a Kiwi can be with her track entitled Will You Be The One.

And, she is now signed to Blue Note Records Group's pop label known as Manhattan Records. Kudos goes out to Blue Note President Bruce Lundvall and Manhattan Records director, Ian Ralfini. GC

Connect direct with Hollie Smith at HollieSmith.Co.NZ

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Brooke Fraser - Without You

MusicTelevision.Com presents Brooke Fraser and the music video to her song titled Without You

Just below is another beautiful song by Brooke Fraser, recently featured on Music Television at this link.

Brooke Fraser - Without You

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10 year old R&B Crooner Nails It

MusicTelevision.Com presents 10 year old soul singer Vicus Visser of South Africa

This 10 year old boy, in the video below, is from South Africa. He sings while playing an acoustic 6 string guitar which he treats as if it is a bass guitar. He plays and sings in a deliberate and precise way, showing that he understands R&B music as if he were a seasoned pro, nails the vocals with a sweet soul that would make Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson proud. GC

Since this was first posted to this network in December 2010, we finally learned the identity of the boy singing in the above video after he began receiving notoriety. His name is Vicus Visser. Whilst his Facebook and Twitter page has not been updated lately and does not seem to be active, try his Facebook at and a innactive band account at

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Jazmine Sullivan - 10 Seconds

Music Television music video of Jazmine Sullivan for her song titled 10 Seconds

Appantently, there are still some artists working their way into R&B Divahood, which is a good thing. J Records artist, Jazmine Sullivan has "it" going on with her track entitled 10 Seconds.

Jazmine Sullivan - 10 Seconds

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