Mick Jagger - Music vids: Gotta Get A Grip and England Lost

Music Television presents Mick Jagger and his music videos to his songs titled Gotta Get A Grip and England Lost
Mick Jagger recently wrote two fresh songs with political and social substance. The videos are perfect. On July 27, he posted the following on his Facebook page:
"I'm excited to share new music with you! I started writing these two songs a few weeks back and wanted to get them out to you straight away. I feel a slight throwback to a time when you could be a bit more free and easy by recording and putting it out there immediately. Enjoy them. MJ"
The two song EP is titled Gotta Get A Grip / England Lost.

Music Television is very proud to present both music videos directed by Saam Farahmand.

Mick Jagger - Gotta Get A Grip

Mick Jagger - England Lost

Connect direct with Mick Jaggar at MickJagger.com, Facebook.com/mickjaggerofficial, Twitter.com/MickJagger and at Instagram.com/MickJagger

Director: Saam Farahmand
Creative Direction: Roxanne Farahmand
Executive Producer: Semera Khan, Dan Keefe, Anthony Austin
Production Company: Black Sheep Studios
Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings
Line Producer: Javier Alejandro
Production Manager: Nailah Blissett
Art Director: Chloe Brady
Concept Art: Temple Clark
BG Casting Director: Kharmel Cochrane
Director of Photography: Steven Annis
Focus Puller: Eira Wyn Jones
Costume Designer: Jeanie Annan-lewin
Makeup Artist: Michelle Boggs, Lisa Mustafa
Hair Stylist: Cathy Ennis
1st AD: Rory Shaw

Editor: Julia Knight @ Work Editorial
Colour: Mark Gethin @ MPC LA
VFX Leads: Alex Gabucci & Franck Lambertz @ MPC
VFX Leads: Cynthia Lee and Morten Vinther @ MPC LA
VFX Artists: Krista Rowland, Dan Benjamin, Alex Snookes @ MPC
Sound: Joe Wilkinson & Mike Bamford @ String and Tins
Post Producer: Thom Godsill

Special Thanks to Semera Khan, Jemima Kirke, Laura Holmes Production, Rob Semmer, Diane McArter, Neil Cooper, Orla Lee-Fisher, Winnie & Louise @ Work Editorial, Luke Raffety, Leianna Campbell, Meghan Lang @ MPC, Matej Oreskovic @ String & Tins, Charlie Gatsky @ BBH, Ali Cooper, Michelle Hagen & Rouku Sanassy @ Black Sheep Studios, Sean Bidder @ Vinyl Factory, Aidan Clark
Director: Saam Farahmand
Executive Producer: Semera Khan, Dan Keefe, Anthony Austin
Production Company: Black Sheep Studios
Producer: Amber Millington
Casting Director: Hammond Cox Casting
Director of Photography: Steven Annis
Focus Puller: Eira Wyn Jones
Concept Art: Temple Clark
1st AD: Ed Bellamy
Production Manager: Mavreen Brown
Production Assistant: Olivia Mee
Location Manager: Taylan Rutherford and Ross Kirkman
Hair and Make Up: Lisa Mustafa
Costume Designer: Emily-Rose Yiaxis
Assistant Costume Designer: Charlie Gillies
Tailor: Marvyn Marques
Art Director: Chloe Brady

Editor: David Stevens @ The Assembly Rooms
Colour: Seamus O'Kane @ the Mill
2D Lead Artist: Stefan Susemihl @ The Mill
2D Artists: Declan Andrews, Jose Caballero, Theajo Dharan, George Cressey, Charles Dockerill @ The Mill
Grade and VFX Producer: Jomana Ayoub @ the Mill
Sound: Mark Hellaby @ 750mph
Post Producer: Thom Godsill

Special Thanks to Semera Khan, Luke Evans, Rob Semmer, Diane McArter, Neil Cooper, Orla Lee-Fisher, Polly Kemp @ The Assembly Rooms, Reece Ewing @ The Mill, Mary-Ann Cruz and Antonia Vlasto @ 750mph, Ali Cooper, Michelle Hagen & Rouku Sanassy @ Black Sheep Studios, Mirasol Fugueras, Syed Hussein, Aidan Clark.

alt-J - In Cold Blood (w/ narration by Iggy Pop)

The Infectious Music & Atlantic Records act known as alt-J has developed a reputation for creative music videos. This video is something like National Geographic or Wild Kingdom meets The Sopranos, so caution: THIS MUSIC VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT.

The song is titled In Cold Blood from alt-J's latest album titled Relaxer. The music video was directed by Caspar Balslev. Iggy Pop narrates.

alt-J - In Cold Blood

Connect direct with alt-J at altjband.com, Facebook.com/altJ.band, Twitter.com/alt_J and on Instagram.com/unrealaltj


Music Television presents Superfruit and their dance music videos to their songs titled Worth It and Bad 4 Us.

Music Television is proud to present two dance music videos by Superfruit from their RCA Records release titled Future Friends - Part One. Superfruit consists of two comedians, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, who have vlogged their comedy bits as Superfruit, but who are also acapella singers in a group known as Pentronix. They added music to their Superfruit comedy brand and recently released the two dance inspired music videos below.

The first video is titled Worth It. It was directed by Colin H. Duffy, Lindsey Blaufarb and Craig Hollamon. The talented young dancers featured are Kaycee Rice and Sage Rosen.

Superfruit - Worth It (Perfect)

The next music video below is titled Bad 4 Us. It was directed by Anthony Sylvester

Superfruit - Bad 4 Us

Connect direct with Superfruit at Superfruit.Co, Facebook.com/Scomiche, Twitter.com/sup3rfruit and Instagram.com/sup3rfruit

The above post was borrowed from MusicTelevision.Com dance inspired website known as Dancentricity, where this post originally appeared on July 15, 2017

Ayo - I'm a Fool (Music Video)

Music Television presents Ayo and her music video to her song titled I'm a Fool

Music Television is proud to present Ayo and the stunning music video to her beautiful love song titled I'm A Fool, which is track #11 from her album titled Ayo.

Ayo - I'm a Fool

Connect direct with Ayo at AyoMusic.com, Facebook.com/AyoMusicOfficial, Instagram.com/AyoMusic and Twitter.com/AyoMusic

Not familiar with Ayo, yet? Hear more handpicked tracks on this network at this link:


SHEL - Stronger Than My Fears

Music Television presents SHEL and their song Stronger Than My Fears - Photo by Joetography

Here is a super beautiful sounding band. They write with poetic lyrics, have stunning harmonies and deliver lush organic instrumental arrangements. It's four sisters: Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. They use the acronym SHEL as the groups name. Together they wrote and recorded the song featured below titled Stronger Than My Fears. The song, not the video, is going to be on So You Think You Can Dance this MONDAY night. Episode 1404 (airdate: 7/10/17). (Above Photo by Joetography)

SHEL - Stronger Than My Fears

Each of the sisters brings something different and utterly charming to the table. Their wide range of songwriting/arranging, instrumental/vocal skills and overall artistic repertoire, filmed/photographed art and sketched art, fashion and their great sense of lighting has tons of substance. Their songs have original lyrics that suck you inside like T. S. Eliot poems. Their music videos are often like the world of Charlie Chaplin. All of their past music going back at more than ten years is worth digging through. (see links at the bottom of this post).

The above video was made not by SHEL, but was a promotional trailer from the Women Sports Film Festival. The video features clips from several entries in the film festival. The video features Olympic Boxer T-Rex (Claressa Shields) and many others, listed below.

Films and Directors
Althea – Rex Miller
An Equal Playing Field – Rebekah Fergusson, Gwendolyn Oxenham
Equal Footing - Dan Holz, Eric Elofson, Kaare Iverson
Inside the Mind of Sachi Cunningham – Beth O’Rourke, Jeff den Broeder
Keepers of the Game – Judd Ehrlich
Lift Like a Girl – Allie Sultan
Light Fly, Fly High – Susann Østigaard, Beathe Hofseth
Luchadora – River FInlay
New Generation Queens – Megan Shutzer
Operation Moffat – Jen Randall, Claire Carter
Speed Sisters – Amber Fares
Strong! – Julie Wyman
T-Rex: Her Fight for Gold – Zackary Canepari, Drea Cooper
The Other Shore – Timothy Wheeler
The Will to Fly – Katie Bender, Leo Baker
Wasfia – Sean Kusanagi
Winners: Ayesha McGowan – BBC World Service

All my fears are running wild
Dragging me mile after mile
Think it’s time I take the reigns
Play the hero for a change

'Cause I’m stronger, I’m stronger than my fears

Over fields of doubt I march
Fighting hard to free my heart
Still I hear my old fears call
“Who are you to stand so tall?”

Well, I‘m stronger, I’m stronger than my fears

Everyday we have a choice
Fear has nothing but a voice
It may whisper it may scream
Well I’m not longer listening

I’m stronger than my fears, than my fears
I’m stronger, I’m stronger than my fears

Written by Sarah Holbrook, Hannah Holbrook, Eva Holbrook and Liza Holbrook

Connect direct with SHEL at SHELmusic.Com, Facebook.Com/ILoveSHELMusic, Instagram.com/iloveshelmusic and Twitter.com/iloveshelmusic

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Gaby Moreno - Oh Me

MusicTelevision.Com presents Gaby Moreno and her music video to her song titled O, Me

Here is the music video by Gaby Moreno to her sorrowful, yet beautiful song titled O, Me. It is the fourth music video from her fifth album titled Ilusión.

Moreno is a Guatemalan artist who discovered blues and became really inspired by the experience on a trip to New York as a youth. She eventually migrated to America, establishing roots there to pursue a music career. While also maintaining her deep ties to Guatemala and her Latin roots, through her music she has traveled far and wide to become a true citizen of the world. Her repertoire is not limited to blues, pop, latin, jazz or soul, nor does she sing exclusively in Spanish or English. Her music and energy is a very inspired mix of multiple influences. Her early music is timelessly exciting and fresh.

Her live performances, especially the more intimate ones in smaller venues, are well worth seeking out. She is playing all over America and Europe this summer.

Gaby Moreno - O, Me

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com, Facebook.com/gabymorenoband, Twitter.com/gaby_moreno, and on Instagram.com/gaby_moreno

Hear the previous videos from the Ilusión album here: MusicTelevision.com/2017/04/gaby-moreno-love-is-gone-se-apago.html

Here is a link to a really tasty live take of a song she wrote in Spanish titled Blues de Mar: MusicLoad.com/2015/01/gaby-moreno-tasty-live-take.html

Here is one more link with more tasty Gaby Moreno songs:  MusicTelevision.com/2016/06/gaby-moreno-new-album-titled-ilusion.html