Aloe Blacc - Live My Life (Music Video)

Live My Life song by Aloe Blacc, Music Video on Music Television

Congratulations to Aloe Blacc, whose music video for his song titled I Need A Dollar was first featured here in 2011. The congratulations is for the fact that he has a role in a upcoming IMAX feature film titled America's Musical Journey by MacGillivray Freeman Films (RIP Jim Freeman). MacGillivray Freeman made the 1970's cult classic music surf film, Five Summer Stories, followed by numerous great films ever since. Plese see links below for details on America's Musical Journey, to be released in February 2018.

Just below is a very moving song and music video by Aloe Blacc to his song titled Live My Life. The song which was released last year as it's own single, is not part of any particular album.

Aloe Blacc - Live My Life

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See the Aloe Blacc music video to his classic song titled I Need A Dollar on our channel, here:

Learn about America's Musical Journey, the IMAX film here:

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Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz - It Only Takes A Taste

Music Television, Sara Bareilles Jason Mraz duet, song It Only Takes A Taste, Waitress The Musical

A very happy birthday wish to Sara Bareilles today. (December 7). MusicTelevision.Com is proud to present Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz singing "It Only Takes A Taste" from Waitress The Musical!

Sara Bareilles is picking up a second shift in Waitress The Musical starting January 16th for 6 weeks only! She'll be joining Jason Mraz for 2 weeks before she takes on the role of Jenna for 4 more weeks! Tickets available at

Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz - It Only Takes A Taste

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Trump vs Talking Heads - Music Video Mashup by Swedemason

Swedemason Trump vs. Talking Heads, Music Video, Mashup, Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com

No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, you will love this music video mashup by a mashup artist known as Swedemason. It's titled Trump vs. Talking Heads.

The original song that the video is mashed up to, also featured below, is by David Byrne with the band he founded known as Talking Heads and it's classic song titled Once In A Lifetime. Enjoy! MLV

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Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Official Music Video)

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Sam Smith - One Last Song (Music Video)

Music Video for Sam Smith song titled One Last Song on MusicTelevision.Com - Album title The Thrill Of It All

Music Television is proud to present Sam Smith and the music video for One Last Song, which is track #3 from his album titled The Thrill Of It All. The video was shot on 35mm film and was directed by Joe Connor. It was filmed in one take from the stage and thoughtout the hallways and onto the roof of the London Palladium. It is a music video that will soon added to the Music-Television post: One Take Music Video Hall Of Famers.

Sam Smith - One Last Song (Official Video)

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See the music video for track #1 from Sam Smith's The Thrill Of It All featured on Music Television titled Too Good At Goodbyes, at the following link:

This network was digging Sam Smith way back in the day when on September 8, 2012, we spotted him singing with Disclosure on Latch and put the following track on our sister site, MusicLoad:

And!, we were digging him on May 16, 2014 when we were proud to post this: