Die Antwoord - Love Drug

Music Television presents Die Antwoord and their music video to their song titled Love Drug

From one of the most creative acts on the Interweb (and everywhere else!), EVER!, here is the latest Die Antwoord music video titled Love Drug. This lyric video was handmade by the dynamic duo that makes up Die Antwoord: Ninja + ¥o-landi. Enter the contest, here, to win one of the pages they created in the video. The contest is over!

Die Antwoord - Love Drug

The group is preparing for it's world tour. See dates here

Connect direct with Die Antwoord at DieAntwoord.Com, Facebook.com/DieAntwoord, Twitter.com/dieantwoord and on Instagram.com/dieantwoord

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Cherry Glazerr - Nuclear Bomb (Music Video)

Music Television presents Cherry Glazerr and the music video to their song titled Nuclear Bomb

Cherry Glazerr is a Los Angeles based American band signed to the indie label, Secretly Canadian. Just below is what is destined to be a timeless Music Television classic: Cherry Glazerr's music video to their song titled Nuclear Bomb from their album titled Apocalipstick.

Cherry Glazerr - Nuclear Bomb

Connect with Cherry Glazerr at Cherry-Glazerr.Com, Facebook.com/CherryGlazerr and on Twitter.com/cherryglazerr

Music Video Credits
Director: White Sitar,
Idea: Clem Creevy,
Pizza: Tabor Allen

Sofi Tukker

Music Television presents Sofi Tukker and their music videos to Drinkee and Awoo
German born Sophie Hawley-Weld and US born Tucker Halpern make up the dynamic duo known as Sofi Tukker that is based presently based out of New York and signed to the Ultra Music independent record label.

Just recently, the Music Television sister site, MusicLoad, featured the latest Sofi Tukker music video to their song titled Johny, directed by Bekka Gunther (aka BEX), who also happened to shoot the above photograph. Watch the video, Johny, at this link here.

Just below we are featuring two more videos from a previous Sofi Tukker EP titled Soft Animals, the first is for their song titled Drinkee.

Sofi Tukker - Drinkee

SOFI TUKKER - Awoo feat. Betta Lemme (Official Video)

Click here for Sofi Tukkers tour schedule.

Connect direct with Sofi Tukker at SofiTukker.Com, Facebook.com/sofitukker, Twitter.com/sofitukker, Soundcloud.com/sofitukker and on Instagram.com/sofitukker

Drinkee Video Production Credits
Director & Animator: Sam Mason
Director of Photography: Matt Daniels
Production Company: Walter Pictures
Producer: Macha Tsarenkov
Exec. Producer: Lia Mayer-Sommer
Production Designer: Jessica Kostelnick
Costume Design: Jessica James
Editor: Adam Chitayat
Animation: Roof Studio
VFX Lead: Fred Kim
Compositor: John Harrison
Color Correction: The Mill
Colorist: Josh Bohoskey
Color Producer: Natalie Westerfield

Awoo Video Production Credits
Director & Animator: Sam Mason
Director of Photography: Sharon Meir
Production Company: Walter Pictures
Producer: Macha Tsarenkov and Adam Tate
Exec. Producer: Lia Mayer-Sommer
Costume Design: Sara Dinkin
Editor: Derek Beck
Color Correction: Seth & co
Colorist: Seth Ricart
Color Producer: Marcus Lansdell