Trixie Whitley - Music Videos

Although Trixie Whitley is associated with some pretty heavy music people and a major label group, she's not manufactured and certainly not hyped. Trixie Whitley walks the walk of the real independent artist. And this song of hers is still amazing, even after 1000 plays :) It's the ultimate song for the just the right film soundtrack. Any music supervisors listening? GC

Trixie Whitley - Breathe You In My Dreams

And this song from the Daniel Lanois project known as Black Dub keeps getting replayed, even though it's been several years since this single camera, no edit film was made. Trixie shines in this and the end of the video is cool when Trixie hops on the second drum kit and starts singing.

Black Dub - Nomad

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Live From Daryl's House

Daryl Hall of the legendary group Hall & Oats hosts various artists in his living room to play. Below are a few handpicked sessions.

For younger people who may not be familiar with the first guest, Jose Feliciano, he happens to be blind. His rich vocal sound and super tasty guitar work has not changed since 1968 when he first covered Light My Fire, which was originally written and put out by The Doors just one year before in January 1967.

Jose Feliciano - Light My Fire

Finger Eleven - Ain't No Sunshine

CeeLo Green - I Can't Go For That

Train - Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

Train - Soul Sister

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Desert Noises

This song is still fun to take for a spin. Heard about this young group for the first time about a year ago from the @charlottemusic page on Twitter out of North Carolina. Thanks Charlotte Music! GC

Desert Noises - Oak Tree

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Jeff Beck with Tal Wilkenfeld (Live at Crossroads Guitar Festival)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld - Photo by Mandy Hall

Music Television is proud to present a tasty live filmed performance of Jeff Beck and the awesome young female bassist Tal Wilkenfeld, along with keyboardist Jason Rebello and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta.

The performance took place in 2007 at Eric Clapton's semiannual Crossroads Guitar Festival to benefit the charity Clapton created that provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation to locals as well as visitors on the Island of Antigua. The centre is called Crossroads Antigua.

It was a big deal for many new fans who were blown away at noticing and hearing the playing of Wilkenfeld for their first time. She blew fresh air into the world of bass playing. GC

Jeff Beck with Tal Wilkenfeld - Cause We've Ended As Lovers (Written by Stevie Wonder)

Here is a little more on Tal Wilkenfeld from Australian TV :)

Tal Wilkenfeld - Serindipity

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Bill Withers Classics

Classic live takes of Bill Withers on Old Grey Whistle Test, a show way back in the day in the UK, with a band of cats who were as funky as it gets and cool as cucumbers at the same time. The drummer is James Gadson. Soul at it's finest. GC

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

Bill Withers - Use Me

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Imelda May

Imedla May - Johnny Got A Boom Boom

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Jessie Harris - I Won't Wait

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Janet Jackson

Some things NEVER get old :) GC

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes

Janet Jackson, Happy New Year

Janet Jackson - All For You

Janet Jackson - Let's Wait Awhile

Janet Jackson - I Get Lonely

Janet Jackson - If

Janet Jackson - So Excited

Janet Jackson - You Want This

Janet Jackson - Twenty Foreplay

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David Bowie - Where Are We Now?

David Bowie celebrates his 66th birthday with this single release to his upcoming album titled The Next Day. The song is everything Bowie fans could ever want and the video is classic Bowiesque. A great gift to music lovers. Bowie still has "it". GC

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Wake Up... You're Not The Only Boy

This may not be a hit song in the manufactured mainstream world of Idol Bullshitville, but the story of Ruby Jane Smith matters in this place where Music is the Only Reality. GC

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Bad Company - Ready For Love (Live)

Music Television presents Bad Company and a live filmed performance of their classic song titled Ready For Love.

Bad Company - Ready For Love

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