Stevie Nicks - Moonlight

Stevie Nicks needs no introduction. Here is the video to her song entitled Moonlight from her latest 2011 album, In Your Dreams.

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Mary J. Blige - Just Fine

Groovin' for days and days, Mary J. Blige' classic song from 2007 entitled Just Fine will get you up and out of your seat thinking you are Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson or even MJB. Turn it up and dance!

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John Lennon - Power to the People :)

Cecilia Noel & The Wild Clams - The Queen of Funky Latin Salsa Jazz

MusicTelevision.Com presents Cecilia Noel

I've been following Cecilia Noel since the mid 1990's when her ex-husband Tris Imboden (famous for drumming for Chicago and a great California surf inspired band known as Honk in his earliest years) saw me filming the China Club ProJam and asked me to shoot some live music concerts of his then wife when she had just been signed to Sony Music.

The A&R guy, Kenny Komisar, who signed Cecilia Noel to Sony was way ahead of his time. Komisar signed Cecilia just before the beginning of the Latin/Pop explosion that Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez were part of. The band that Cecilia Noel put together as Cecilia Noel & The Wild Clams was a magnificent undeniable organic cuban inflused latin flavor that killed.  I am talking real burning hot unmanufactured blazing funky assed latin music! The record label, at large, however, just did not get Cecilia Noel at that time, and accidentally let her go, releasing her from her recording contract. Just a couple of years later, that Latin scene exploded.

However, none of that bad timing ever got in the way of Cecilia's burning desire for the show to go on. She built a independent movement on her own. She worked hard, playing tons of shows has toured to every continent and numerous countries.

Always known for having the creme of the crop session musicians in her band, not to mention to sexy Wild Clam singers, Cecilia Noel has staked her claim as one of the truest Latin/Funk/Jazz Salsa Queens the world has ever seen. Look at the size of her band, and the quality of the artists and it's easy to calculate the amount of people power it takes to run such a tight ship. This is a great example of what real music from real musicians is all about! Enjoy! GC

Please click the play button of the first video below and choose the high-resolution & full screen options.  When the first music video ends, it will automatically be followed by the rest of Cecilia's videos, and  them several more hours of excellent music videos. Press forward to skip any video or click the reverse button to replay or return to previous songs, or exit the fullscreen mode to choose a new video.

Dip It - Live - June 2009

La Culebra - Live in Hollywood - March 2011

Pronto Salsa - Live - July 2009

Slam The Clam - Live - June 2009

Mambo - Live - July 2009

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TANX - Come Down (Music Video)

TANX is a band from Slovakia. Below is the music video for their song titled Come Down. It was directed by Martin Hasák with camera operation by Laco Janošťák and editing by Peter Magát.

TANX - Come Down (Music Video)

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Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Back in the so called good old days, Warner Bros. Records was one place I relied on for a never ending flow of the greatest artists, bands, songs and related music videos. I am talking about back in the Mo Ostin days.

It made me feel better about Warner Bros. Records today, when I caught wind of a new Warner Bros Records Australia artist known as Kimbra. Kimbra, who is actually a New Zealander, is unique, has passion and that "it" thing. GC

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

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Nina Simone was the first ever to perform Plain Gold Ring, written by George Stone, on her debut album Little Girl Blue

Nina Simone - Plain Gold Ring

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn (Music Video)

Just realized that I've never posted Brother Ali to this blog, although this song was once featured on the front page of MusicTelevision.Com for a period in the past.

Brother Ali is controversial to some people. I've heard people argue whether he was black, white or Albino. I always think, "who fucking cares?". And, when an acquaintance brought up the video you are about to see a few days after he saw it, he tried to tell me it had white supremacist tones, as if Brother Ali was connected to that sort of thing. He is most certainly not.

People really drive me nuts for they are either not paying attention, have some sort of attention deficit or are just plain ignorant. Ignorant is something Brother Ali is not. He has a basic sense of U.S. history in a reality based sense that is not the candy coated version that is spoon fed to kids in school. He seems to be putting into words what should be obvious to American's regarding the game that is being played against them by the powers that be. Wake up America!

This democracy smells like hypocrisy and those who are part of it with their occupy Wall Street class war, just worried about your way of life. Where were you when the U.S. was dropping the bombs, in the longest U.S. war in history (that's not really a war, but a slaughterhouse and occupation for resources). That fact is the true reason the U.S. is beyond bankrupt. The Occupy Wall Street crowd should be change their theme to Occupy DC, where the enablers of the wars and the crony capitalism in Congress and The White House are supposed to be working for us, but aren't. They are the real demons and we shalt not take our eye off the ball like this. 1% of Wall Street was involved in the destruction of the dollar and the U.S. and global economies. However, 98% of Congress was involved in supporting these wars, out of control spending on every level, catering to that 1% of Wall Street, bailing out corporations who should have gone through bankruptcy and so much more.

It's hard to argue with Brother Ali's song. "Welcome to the United Snakes, Home of the thief, Home of the slave..." is how rapper Brother Ali starts off the beginning of his portrayal of a flawed electorate and the related truths of U.S. Government Policy. Think! GC

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn

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And... the Nina Simone song that influenced Brother Ali and Uncle Sam Goddamn:

Nina Simone performing Mississippi Goddam

Three Dog Night - Live with Tennessee Symphony Orchestra

Music Television presents five handpicked live performances Three Dog Night in 2002, followed by two more live performances thirty years earlier, from 1974 and 1972.


Easy to be Hard


Liar performed live in 1974

Eli's Coming - as opening song of a TV special called "Three Dog Night..Night" in 1972

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Mugison - I Want You (Live)

Made in mid 2009, this is a raw video of the Icelandic musician and singer known Mugison while on his 5 boroughs 1 day tour performing his song entitled I Want You. The performance was filmed live by film maker Scott Fine inside the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art in Staten Island, New York, in front of a small group.

Mugison - I Want You

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Níobeth - Dreaming

Thank you to Melissa Hearns for requesting this video out of Spain by Niobeth to the band's song entitled Dreaming.

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CRYSALYS - The Awakening of Gaia

Thank you to Valentina Reyes from Bogota Colombia for requesting this song by the Italian metal/goth/glam band Crysalys, entitled The Awakening of Gaia. It's a heavy metal opera.

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