The Avalanches

MusicTelevision.Com presents music videos by The Avalanches album titled Wildflower

Just below are the two most recent music videos by the Australian group known as The Avalanches from their second studio album titled Wildflower.

The first song below is titled Because I'm Me. It's a skit, almost like some Michael Jackson videos, as much as it's a song or just another music video. When the rap came in, it's almost sounded like Brother Ali, but research proved otherwise and it turns out The Avalanches are featuring the rap/hip-hop duo known as Camp Lo.

The Avalanches - Because I'm Me

The Avalanches - Subway

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More music videos from Ravyn Lenae

MusicTelevision.Com presents the latest music videos from Ravyn Lenae

MusicTelevision.Com featured the first Ravyn Lenae music videos here on July 20, 2015. She was 16 years old had just released her first indie album. Today, she is no longer indie. She was signed to Atlantic Records who recently released her second EP titled Midnight Moonlight on March 3, 2017.

Although this unique artist has yet to release any new videos for that latest album, stay tuned! We are pleased to present a few music videos released since our last post. Enjoy! MLV

Ravyn Lenae - Alive

Ravyn Lenae - Sleep Talking (From her debut EP titled Moon Shoes)

Ravyn Lenae - Free Room feat. Appleby

Ravyn Lenae - Everything Above

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Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

MusicTelevision.Com presents Ed Sheeran and his Shape of You music video

Just below is the latest music video from Ed Sheeran's infectious hit song titled Shape Of You.

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

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Music Video Production Credits:
Director|DOP: Jason Koenig
Producer: Honna Kimmerer
Production company: Anonymous Content
Exec Producer: Nina Soriano

Cinematography: Johnny Valencia, Ryan Haug
Edited by: Johnny Valencia, Jason Koenig
Commissioner: Dan Curwin

Jennie Pegouskie

David Bowie - No Plan and I Can't Give Everything Away (Music Videos)

MusicTelevision music videos by David Bowie for his songs titled No Plan and I Can't Give Everything Away

Below are two more David Bowie songs with music videos that were not out when we posted the music videos of his songs Blackstar and Lazarus, here, just after his death. Enjoy! GC

David Bowie - No Plan (from his four song EP titled No Plan)

David Bowie - I Can't Give Everything Away (from his album titled Blackstar)

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