Happy Birthday to Herb Alpert

A Happy Birthday greeting to Herb Alpert. Herb's own music, along with the record company he founded with partner Jerry Moss known as A&M Records (Alpert & Moss) as well as the song publishing powerhouses the two created created, had changed the face of the music industry long before they were eventually sold to growing conglomerates during the consolidation era in the music industry. In 1994, Alpert & Moss started Almo Sounds, a boutique record label which continues until this day. Herb has also gone on to expose his wonderful gift as a abstract painter and visual artist. And, as many know, he is a a great humanitarian and philanthropist via the Herb Alpert Foundation. One of the coolest things he has going is a phenomenal restaurant/jazz club called the Vibrato Grill, a superior top notch West Coast jazz music venue. And... he is so much more to many fans and friends. Peace Love Groove, GC

Herb Alpert - Rise (1979)

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - A Taste of Honey (1966)

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - The Lonely Bull (1962)

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Greatest Medley Live (1969)

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The songs below are by a gifted girl who can sit down at the piano and sing her ass off with no pomp or circumstance and deliver the goods with exceptional perfection. Her sensitive and emotionally driven angelic voice is mind alteringly beautiful. Enjoy! GC

"Without A Word" by Birdy from her self titled debut album

Birdy - 1901

Birdy - Shelter

Birdy - Skinny Love

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Jethro Tull - My God

From the DVD titled Nothing Is Easy 'Live at the Isle Of Wight Festival 1970".
Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Jethro Tull - My God

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Music Television, Jethro Tull, My God, Thick as a Brick
Music Television: Where MUSIC is the ONLY REALITY!

The Beatles - I am the Walrus

A gem from the Magical Mystery Tour

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Kimbra - Two Way Street (live at Sing Sing)

Kimbra, the New Zealand songstress, is exceptional. Especially love this live recording at Sing Sing studios in Melbourne, Australia. Enjoy! GC

Kimbra - Two Way Street (live at Sing Sing Studios)

See six more fantastic videos of Kimbra at: http://www.musicload.com/2012/03/kimbra.html

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Nneka - Heartbeat (version Mouv' Live Show)

"One of the great rising artists of substance anywhere is Nneka." GC

Nneka - Heartbeat (version Mouv' Live Show)

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Bobby Womack

Hours ago, Bootsy Collins posted a message to his Facebook page that soul legend Bobby Womack has been diagnosed with some serious health issues and has been hospitalized for pneumonia. Later after Bootsy spoke with Bobby, Bootsy posted again and wrote: "I JUST SPOKE TO OUR FRIEND BOBBY WOMACK. He Wanted You All to Know That He Loves You & Thxs for the Prayers. Docs Says He Is In 1st Stage of Colon Cancer, He is Very Up Beat About His Future, we laughed & joked before we hung up. Thxs Funkateers, we will get him Back on the One! — with Michael Howard."

Our love and positive vibes go out to you Bobby, for your speedy elimination and full recovery from all of your health issues.

Here is a classic video of Bobby Womack with Todd Rundgren in the studio, via bassist Les July who had posted this to his Facebook page. Enjoy!

Womack & Womack - Teardrops

Click here to listen to a fun track of Bootsy Collins featuring Bobby Womack & Catfish Collins titled Don't Take My Funk Away

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Brother Sal

Heard about Brother Sal via a soulful LA indie artist I follow by the name of Joel Eckels who I originally saw perform in tasty group known as Paper Sun. He also has a project, Joel Eckels & The Wreckards. Both Joel Eckels and Brother Sal are playing March 26th with The Ladies Gun Club at the Room 5 Lounge - 143 N La Brea, Los Angeles CA. Enjoy! - Peace Love Groove, GC

Brother Sal - Scenes On Sunset (from the album Blood and Dust)
Featuring Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker

Brother Sal - Blood & Dust

Brother Sal - Good ol Boys

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Mac Miller - Best Day Ever

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever

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Ayo and her song titled Life is Real captivated me the moment I heard her for the first time in 2007.

After digging deeper into her repertoire, I learned that in most of her earlier work she pours her heart out and exposes her deep vulnerabilities in her songwriting and performs them with the sweetest voice. In her latest track titled, I Wanna Dance, she departs the sweet vulnerable side like a liberated girl who wants to have fun. Kudos to Ayo! GC

Ayo - I'm Gonna Dance (French Release 2011)

Here is that vulnerable side of Ayo
Ayo - Love and Hate (LIVE @ New Pop Festival in 2007 in Baden-Baden, Germany)

Ayo - Down on My Knees (Live with full band) (host speaks until 2 minute point - scroll past if you don't speak French)

This was the track that originally captivated me
(Be sure to turn up the volume on this video and fatten up the tone knobs, for the mastering is/was not the best)
Ayo - Life is Real (from 2006-2007 European release)

Ayo, performing her song entitled Black Spoon, for the French website madmoiZelle.com that has featured many unique artist presentations over the years.
Ayo - Black Spoon (Live Acoustic)

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The Persuaders - Thin Line Between Love and Hate

It is a must to pay tribute and love to the godfather of soul music on TV, the late great Don Cornelius. This clip of Mr. Cornelius introducing The Persuaders is as exciting now as it was when it first aired. Many early shows of Soul Train had full bands playing live and other times, vocal groups singing live to pre recorded instrumental tracks. There was much lip sync activity in later years. It appears this may be live vocals to a pre recorded instrumental track. What do you think? Regardless, this is real sweet stuff. - Peace Love Groove, GC

The Persuaders - Thin Line Between Love and Hate

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Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill :: Live at Body and Soul

This is a interesting random find. Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill perform live at the Body and Soul Festival Main Stage while the cameras by Myles O'Reilly & Stephen Mogerley capture the spirit of the festival goers. Enjoy! GC

Song 1. Feabhra by Peadar O'Riada - Song 2. P. Joe's Reel - Song 3. The Mountain Lark - Song 4. Tom Doherty's

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Nneka - (Stellar music videos and live performances)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Nneka (photo by Gregory Chamberlain)
Photo of Nneka at soundcheck at The Troubador, Hollywood
Nneka is a underappreciated rising artist to keep your eye and ear tuned to. She generally sings about important and deeply thoughtful issues in terms of truth, love and justice for all mankind and how that is connected to heavy issues like political corruption, crony capitalism and those insiders benefiting from the ruination of resource centers.

Nneka being from Lagos, Nigeria in the oil rich Niger Delta region of Africa, is all to familiar with life's harsh realities for those in her homeland. The gulf of Mexico oil spill is really, truly nothing.... compared to decades of such never ending raping and pillaging of the Lagos region by global energy cartels.

When Nneka sings, she is singing about real hard core issues, hidden in what often seem like love songs, at first.

At times, a humanitarian voice with the vocal phrasing & articulation of Michael Jackson comes out of Nneka at times. It's likely not a conscious thing, but it's beautiful to witness.

It's never like she is copying anybody. She is a true original and most certainly the real deal on many levels.

Nneka is only one of a small handful of artists with a most powerful sound, who also sings about many things important. That's why she is one to watch, for those who seek revolutionary change for the better. GC

Nneka - Africans (2007)

Heartbeat (2007)

Come with Me - (live unplugged in France on madmoiZelle TV)

Soul is Heavy (Title track from Nneka's latest 2011-2012 release)

Do You Love Me Now - (Stellar live acoustic version with Nneka speaking about her backstory :)

Nneka feat. Ziggy Marley & Eeday - Express Yourself
Soundtrack from the 2011 hip-hop feature film titled Beat The World

Bantu feat. Nneka "I'm Waiting"
Soundtrack from the film titled Relentless

God of Mercy (Live in France at Vieilles Charrues Festival - 2009)

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The Police

Here are a mix of live clips and music videos from one of the greatest rock trios of all time, The Police. Turn it up loud and enjoy! GC

Driven To Tears (Audio begins at 22 second point)

Next to You

When The World Is Running Down

Message In A Bottle

Man In A Suitcase

De do do do, De da da da

So Lonely

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Rest In Peace Ronnie Montrose - 1947-2012

In the early 70's, there were some great rock bands. I was just a kid when I heard one of the baddest cats on the block: guitarist Ronnie Montrose. Sammy Hagar played in Ronnie's band known simply as Montrose. Ronnie had dozens of other collaborations with a very diverse range of artists and bands. Montrose himself, influenced entire legions of guitarists who have come up through the ranks, such as Eddie Van Halen. But, Ronnie and Sammy was the most killer combination that was so out of this world when it first came out, that it put Montrose on the map with this little kid who was living in Irvine, California. Ride that bad motor scooter all the way to rock & roll heaven, Ronnie. Peace Love Groove - GC

Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter featuring Sammy Hagar (Live - 1974)

Montrose - Rock The Nation - featuring Sammy Hagar

Here is some vintage footage of Ronnie without Sammy Hagar, in 1978 :0

Ronnie Montrose - Open Fire (Live - New York City - 1978)

Ronnie Montrose - Mandolina - (Live - New York City - 1978)

Ronnie Montrose - Rocky Road - (Live - New York City - 1978)

Ronnie Montrose - Leo Rising - (Live - New York City - 1978)

Ronnie Montrose - Town Without Pity - (Live - New York City - 1978)

Ronnie Montrose - Starliner - (Live - New York City - 1978)

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Ed Sheeran - The A Team

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Katherine Jenkins - Break It To My Heart

Katherine Jenkins - Break It To My Heart

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