Nina Simone (live in 1965 - Antibes Jazz Festival)

Classic footage of Nina Simone at the Antibes Jazz Festival in the South of France in 1965.

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Nina Simone - Suzanne (Live in Rome in 1969)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Nina Simone
Nina Simone - Fan art by Paintedgrass
Thanks to the beautiful blissful soul, Ava in Venice, for this song pick :) Happy Thanksgiving and Peace to all :) GC

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Kids These Days

Music Television presents Kids These Days

Thanks to one of the most inspired soul/r&b artists on the planet, Nicole Renee, we heard about Kids These Days this morning. This is a very creative group. Enjoy!

Kids These Days - Darling

Kids These Days - Don't Harsh My Mellow

Kids These Days - Flashing Lights

Kids These Days - Summerscent

Kids These Days - Clear Eyes

Kids These Days - Hard Times

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Nneka is one of the most important rising artists to hear and watch, now and into the future. In having conversations with her once when she was in LA, came to realize how deeply thoughtful Nneka is in terms of truth, love, justice for all mankind from heavy issues like political corruption, crony capitalism that exposes itself as corporatist ruination of resource centers. Nneka being from Lagos, Nigeria in the oil rich Niger Delta region of Africa, is all to familiar with life's harsh realities for those in her homeland. The gulf of Mexico oil spill the U.S. faced in 2010 is really, truly nothing.... compared to decades of such never ending raping and pillaging of the Lagos region by global energy cartels.

Nneka never names names of the crooks, the corrupt politicians that she often alludes to in her music. But if one digs deep into her music and play her songs dozens of times, like true fans do, one peels off the layers that exposes Nneka's depth.

She is only one of a small handful of artists with a most powerful global sound who sings about many things important. That's why she is one to watch, for those who seek to think for revolutionary change for the betterment of not only one's own country, but the world. GC

Nneka - Soul is Heavy

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Off the label/artist collective INGRID is the first video from SMILE with their track Clean Gloves Dirty Hands. Smile is the collaboration of Björn Yttling, a writer, producer and bassist of the international indie-pop group Peter Björn and John, and Joakim Åhlund of bear-masked electro outfit Teddybears. Enjoy! GC

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You're in for a Big Surprise - feat. Donna McElroy

The legendary keyboardist/Hammond B3 player and soul vocalist Mike Finnigan wrote: "A performance from a Berklee College of Music tribute to Ray Charles. My good friend, Darell Katz, wrote this wonderful arrangement...". This song features the vocals of Donna McElroy. Enjoy! gc


DIE ANTWOORD - Enter The Ninja

MusicTelevision.Com presents Die Antwoord

DIE ANTWOORD procalims itself as a "futuristic rap-rave crew" from South Africa who represents what they say is fresh new style the called "ZEF" or ZEF SOUNDS.

Underneath it all is some real deal music, avant garde photography and a lot of work that delivers something that is one of a kind. GC

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Hear and see their latest song and music video to their November 2014 release of their song titled Ugly Boy, here.

And, watch four more Die Antwoord videos from our sister site The Indies, here.

Peter Bjorn And John - Nothing To Worry About

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Brandon Realmonte

Shades of Grey by Brandon Realmonte is a great track about racism and society. This gentleman is really onto something big. GC

Brandon Realmonte - Shades of Grey

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Sade - Live films from the "Bring Me Home" Tour

Sade, Films from Bring Me Home Tour, Music-Television on MusicTelevision.Com

Music Television is proud to present the live films from Sade and her Bring Me Home Tour.

Soldier of Love

Your Love Is King


Kiss Of Life

Love is Found

In Another Time

Smooth Operator


Bring Me Home

Is It A Crime

Love Is Stronger Than Pride

All About Our Love


Nothing Can Come Between Us

Morning Bird

King of Sorrow

The Sweetest Taboo

The Moon and The Sky


No Ordinary Love

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Mumford & Sons latest video - Lover Of The Light

Song taken off latest Mumford & Sons album titled Babel. Video directed by Idris Elba and Dan Cadan.

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Theresa Andersson - Inspired loop genius and much more...

This first song is the one that put Theresa Andersson on the MusicTelevision.Com map several years ago. Using creative techniques to loop her voice into layers of harmonies along with drum and guitar sounds, Ms. Andersson and her one woman band has an inspired & contagious sound that transcends this grainy fixed angle webcam style video & low-fi audio recording. This is all live, with no overdubs or post production... right in her own New Orleans kitchen. Enjoy! GC

Theresa Andersson - Birds Fly Away

Theresa's latest 2012 album departs from the above style of loops. In the video below, a woman receives a mysterious invitation to an enchanted music box. It was filmed in the upper 9th ward/Bywater Neighborhood and at Dithyrambalina, New Orleans LA.

Theresa Andersson - Street Parade

And below are more inspired performances of Theresa and her one woman band, live at Le Petit Theatre in the French Quarter, New Orleans. A very entertaining DVD of the entire night's performance is available at this link inside her website.

Theresa Andersson - Blue Skies

Theresa Andersson - Oh Mary

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