Moreland & Arbuckle - Just A Dream (Music Video)

Legendary guitarist Steve Cropper makes guest appearance on Moreland & Arbuckle's album titled Just A Dream, scheduled for release on August 23, 2011. Enjoy this video, also titled Just a Dream - GC

Moreland & Arbuckle - Just A Dream

Pickwick - Awesome Live Performances on KEXP Seattle

I love this radio station, KEXP, out of Seattle. They consistently invite great bands into their studio to film and capture great audio recordings of the performances.

Just below is a most excellent Seattle band known as Pickwick performing raw and live in the KEXP studio. Enjoy! GC

Here is Pickwick and their track entitled Window Sill.

Here is Pickwick performing their track entitled The Round

Pickwick and their song entitled Up All Night

Pickwick and their song entitled Hacienda Motel

Recorded 7/20/11.
Host: John Richards
Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editing: Jim Beckmann

The Continuing Adventures of Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett

Thanks to the Jazz Video Guy on YouTube for another great classic video from 1971 featuring Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett on Keys, Gary Bartz on sax, Michael Henderson on bass, Ndugu Chancler on drums and Don Alias on percussion.

What Did Keith Jarrett Say to Miles Davis?

Loheem - COLORFIELD - Musique Pub Mercurochrome (acoustic version)


Jason Derulo - Don't Wanna Go Home

Buy Jason Derulo's latest music:

Gaea - Simple Man (Live in Venice Beach)

I caught and filmed this unique duo while passing through the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Southern California. Saw them again a few weeks later and the news is that they are in the studio with one of the members of the Foo Fighters at the controls. They are unique, raw and real. Enjoy! GC

Gaea - Simple Man (Live in Venice Beach)

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Björk: Crystalline

MusicTelevision presents Björk: Crystalline
The Björk album cover for Crystalline

Enjoy these various takes of Björk's latest creation titled Crystalline.

Björk: Crystalline
Video directed by Michel Gondry.

Björk: Road to Crystalline

Björk: Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)

Al Jarreau - Look To The Rainbow Album: Live In Europe - A Flashback to 1976

Finding these vintage 1976 live films of Al Jarreau is reason for celebration. These are gems.

In 1977, my mom bought this 2 record set on vinyl when it came out and we must have played it hundreds of times. It was a style of jazz that seemed really fresh. I was exposed to all kinds of music, but this record was really different. Had never heard anybody scat sing like this, blending lyrics and scat with such fluid soul with super burning jazz groove band. Real players, no bullshit.

The album was titled "Look To The Rainbow: Live in Europe". This album took a long time to explore in all of it's intricacies and just loved listening to it really loud, which drove the crotchety old people across the street, Herbie and Irene, nuts. They loved to come bang on our front door yelling "turn it off!".

Al Jarreau album cover to Look To The Rainbow: Live in Europe

The record was recorded and was shot live in Hamburg, Germany in 1976. The musicians featured are Tom Canning on keys, Jerome Rimson on bass guitar and Nigel Wilkinson on drums.

One of the most popular songs on the record was Jarreau's unique version of the Paul Desmond classic, Take 5, that was already famous as it recorded by The Dave Brubeck Quartet on their 1959 album Time Out. Jarreau's take on the song was a major departure, like a blast off to another planet. Be patient, the song does not really take off until the 2:20 point of the first video below. Enjoy! GC

Al Jarreau - Take Five (live)

Al Jarreau - Letter Perfect

Al Jarreau - We Got By

Al Jarreau - You Don't See Me

Al Jarreau - Lock All The Gates

Al Jarreau - Your Song

Connect direct with Al Jarreau at AlJarreau.Com and and at

Al Jarreau's past catalogue is with Rhino Records/Warner Bros. Records

Presently, Al Jarreau is signed to the Concord Music Group, home to numerous historical and current imprints/labels, and home to hundreds and hundreds of the most legendary established and well picked emerging artists, groups and songwriters.

My favorite memory of Amy Winehouse - Stronger Than Me

This first song I ever heard Amy Winehouse do was Stronger Than Me. It was offered as free promotional download on in 2002/2003 and was a rougher demo version than the album version. It was so beautiful, I melted each time I listened and must of played it hundreds of times. Been digging through my old drives looking for that old version.

This video below is the best version of this song I could find so far, thanks to one of the best music shows on the planet, Later with Jools Holland out of the U.K. on the BBC. Jools is a former member of Squeeze. Remember Squeeze's song titled Pulling Muscles from a Shell?

I love this recording, below, very much. It was early in Winehouse's career before she got carried away with tattoos, the drugs and the booze. She stands there, sexy as can be, delivering the goods, singing her ass off and nailing some very sweet guitar voicings on her Stratocaster. It was obvious genius in the making. Enjoy!  GC

Connect direct with the official Amy Winehouse legacy website at AmyWinehouse.Com

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Amy Winehouse died in her London home

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

I am so sad to have just read the story on the news wire that recording artist Amy Winehouse has passed away. Her music may never die. She had that "it" thing that I loved the first time I ever heard her music. Words cannot express my saddness at this time. She was a real true original.

Amy Winehouse performed Back to Black on BBC Sessions

Gaga Performs on Howard Stern Show

I've always avoided even listening to Lady Gaga, let alone looking at her. I was the Anti-Gaga. What felt like overly manufactured music and the slutty whore vibe disgusted me. The pictures of her floating around the Internet pretending to be eating another woman's vagina might have been the catalyst for that way of thinking about her. Besides that, I always thought she was a media slut, packaged by public relations people with no integrity. Hated all the hype. It's just the way I am, for I rarely liked what the masses like in terms of manufactured music. Hated Britney Spears. Hated The Backstreet Boys.... I'd rather be condemned to silence. However, I just got a e-mail from Bob Leftsetz' blog regarding Lady Gaga and her performance on Howard Stern and for once, I was intrigued enough to go listen to the performance. Bob Lefsetz, by the way, is one of my favorite daily reads. The ultimate contrarian thinker on everything music and so much more. He has flipped my way of thinking on so many levels, so many times.

So, I read Lefsetz e-mail entitled "Gaga on Stern". You can read it at and I had to go listen to the Gaga performances Bob references. I closed my eyes, as to not taint the listen with the imagery that has repulsed me for so long. And the result was that I loved it. Gaga's performance on Stern reminded me of what I like about Sara Bareilles, as well as a unknown featured on MusicTelevision.Com named Susan Calloway and her track Chasin' The Sun Why would I say this? Because Gaga just sat at the piano and delivered the goods with no pomp or circumstance, if you don't count the fact that the performance was on Howard Stern. She didn't need a wanked out costume, funny hair or makeup. She just sang her ass off. For the first time, I finally thought, WOW! Lady Gaga whose real name is Stefani, is the real deal. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta sang from the heart, I felt it and for the first time I believed her. If you have not been a Lady Gaga fan in the past, please, click play on the videos below and close your eyes and just listen. Enjoy! GC

Stefani (Lady Gaga) performed her song entitled The Edge of Glory

And, Stefani (Lady Gaga) performed her song entitled Hair

After listening to Stefanie play like this, perhaps it might be a good idea for her to make a entire record striped raw of the typical glam and overproduction and simply just sit at the piano and sing. That might be something just as big as what she has been doing, and possibly better.

SuperHeavy - In The Studio

This SuperHeavy project featuring Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, AR Rahman, Damian Marley and Dave Stewart is something I have been waiting for. Here is just a tiny taste with much more coming soon. But I must say, it's disturbing that there are so many teaser reels on YouTube with little substance. There are tweenagers on yourube pumping out full tracks, with videos and all on a daily and weekly basis and these legends are taking their sweet fucking time with teaser reels. It's starting to piss me off just a little bit. But try to enjoy being teased, none the less.

Yohann Malory - Entre toi et moi

Fresh out of France, lyrics in French :)

OK Go, This Too Shall Pass at MOOG SOUND LAB

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Many may remember Ok Go as we posted their amazing conceptual video to their song entitled This Too Shall Pass here back in March 2010. Click the following link to see their original conceptual video to this great song:

Right here, however, OK Go performs an all MOOG version of their song "This Too Shall Pass" from the 2010 album "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky" down at The MOOG Sound Lab.

The mood and tempo are set by Andy Ross via the Little Phatty's arpeggiator and staccato sound creating the perfect MOOG canvas for Damian and Tim.

Damian Kulash discovers the wonder of Full Sustain mode on the Moog guitar. Because of this, he was able to create a flowing violin esque melody and feel with little need for picking or strumming.

Tim Nordwind fills it all out with the Taurus 3 in Hand Mode. It's massive low register sound creates the perfect tone and ambience to pull the instruments together in this unique rendition of "This Too Shall Pass".


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TWO SPOT GOBI - Simon's Song (Alright)

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Came across a very tasty band known as Two Spot Gobi and their track entitled Simon's Song from their album entitled The Sun Will Rise. The song was recorded in the home studio of Jason Mraz. The terrific video features Olympic fencers Laurence Halsted and Ed Jefferies. Video by Eightythree/84... was directed Benjamin Slade, director of photography Luke Jefferson, edited by Oliver Harborth and the colourist was Jack McGinity.


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Crescendo Mafia - Baby Lies

Gregory J. Chamberlain

Crescendo Mafia and their very cool video to their tasty track entitled Baby Lies.

Opshop - Madness and Other Allergies

Music Television presents Opshop and the music video to their song titled Madness and Other Allergies

Opshop - Madness and Other Allergies

Phil Stoodley - Waiting for Thursday

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

New Zealand artist who has been around for a while and has a large body of work with prolific music videos behind many of his songs. Also had a band called Stoods that was pretty cool.

Dawn Mitschele - Once and Again Friend

Dawn Mitschele - Anchor

Directed by Andrew R. Jandt, edited by Mike Hacker


Danse Macabre - Camille Saint-Saëns - a 1980s cartoon adaption

Gregory J. Chamberlain

This video is another example of why I love YouTube so much. Always find the most obscure and wonderful videos.

This originally aired on PBS in the 1980s featuring a poorly made up vampire host to introduce and discuss. Might be one of the best short length Halloween animations ever created. Terrific illustrations.

About the song: Danse macabre, by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, was an art song for voice and piano (first performed in 1872) with a French text by the poet Henri Cazalis which is based in an old French superstition. Two years later, the composer expanded and reworked the piece into a tone poem for orchestra, replacing the vocal line with a solo violin. The rest, they say, is history. Enjoy!

Atmosphere - The Last To Say

Buy the latest Atmosphere record entitled The Family Sign

Dead Sara - The Weatherman - Live at Sunset Sessions

Here is a great LA band known as Dead Sara. Love the authentic rockin' nature of this group live. Also love their studio recordings. They pretty much kick ass. Enjoy!

Dead Sara - The Weatherman - LIVE at SUNSET SESSIONS

Dead Sara - The Weatherman - STUDIO VERSION
Connect direct with Dead Sara at DeadSara.Com

Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter (1974)

This is Ronnie Montrose and his band known as Montrose, circa 1974, that included Sammy Hagar at the time.

I agree 100% with one of the many comments on YouTube that said this about this song: "This the genuine article. No effects, synth, overdubbing, just great musicians. They didn't even need a second guitar. Kids should watch this so that they know what musicianship really is." Enjoy! GC


And... Miles on 60 Minutes in 1989

Bernhoft - Streetlights

Had to feature just one more from the Universal Music Norge act known as Bernhoft after that earlier post about him in April 2011. Refer to and even more songs on the MusicLoad blog post at

This video was posted to YouTube back in early 2008 and the song might have been produced a year or more before that. It seems to have a timeless sound and feel, showing Bernhoft has that intangible and elusive thing one just has to call "it". Enjoy! GC

Bernhoft - Streetlights

Connect with Bernhoft at Bernhoft.Org,, and

Jules Larson - Silly

Have been following local LA indie artist Jules Larson for quite a while and have been impressed with her latest songs and videos, including, but not limited to her latest song entitled Silly. The video was produced by the excellent Resident Band crew in Los Angeles. GC

See her excellent video entitled "Raise A Little Hell" by clicking over to the MusicLoad blog.

Connect direct to Jules Larson at JulesLarson.Com

N'dambi - Ooo Baby

Stax recording artist N'dambi and her track entitled Ooo Baby is a spine tingling quiet storm soul ballad right out of the box. It is "soulfully sexy" and a great way to create the right mood for love in the late night hours. Enjoy! GC


Patch William - Skinny White Boy

Heard the band Patch William for the first time today. It's a tasty little London basaed British rock band that features Will Adlard (vocals/guitar), Ali Digby (bass/cello), Ed Adlard (drums) and George Eddy (guitar).

This video below was created and produced by DownLow productions and directed by up and coming Italian talent, Karin Capuano. Enjoy! GC

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Dance the Willi Willi by Pati - featuring Rico Rynz and Didi Bonfaya

This video is another example of why I love scouring YouTube, for I never know what I will find just by clicking on random links.

On a random channel of DJ Din got came across the Willi Willi Dance video just now featuring artists from Uganda that are new to me. Pati featuring Didi Bonfaya and Rico Rynz. Enjoy! - GC

Kim Churchill - Tides (Live Music Video)

Wow.... I really like this song by 20 year old Aussie artist, Kim Churchill. Living out of his van and traveling to shows around his native country, this artist is walking the walk of the do it yourself artist as he tours hard to make a name for himself.

Thanks to a Melbourne Australia connection Alastair Burns and Prince Bandroom who produced this raw one take recording with no special effects or overdubs. Enjoy! GC

Connect direct with Kim Churchill at KimChurchill.Com,,, and

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Harlan Pepper - Reefer (live)

Music Television presents Harlan Pepper and the music video to their song titled Reefer.

Harlan Pepper - Reefer

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Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco - No Mercedes

I heard about his totally great video from Mike Finnigan, via his Facebook page.

Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco perform No Mercedes

I always enjoy Mike Finnigan's music picks. He is one of the most prolific bloggers I know of. And, he is more widely known as one of music's greatest behind the scenes rock, blues & soul legends. He ridicules politicians he does not like, non-stop, with video posts and links to other stories.

He is famous as a Hammond B3 Organ and piano/keyboard player. He played with Jimi Hendrix on Electric Ladyland and played practically everyday for his whole life with countless other legendary artists and bands.

I had the pleasure of filming him jam every few weeks, when I filmed the legendary China Club Pro Jams in LA, for about ten years when he was in town and not on a world tour with a long list of legendary artists & bands. I knew nothing about him during any of those jams. He was just as humble as humble gets. He was in a band known as The Jones Boys, a group of recoverers (I am not sure if it was from drugs or alcohol or both). Their name was appropriate, if you know what it means to be jonesing.

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MilkDrive - SoHo (Music Video)

Music Television is pleased to present MilkDrive and the music video to their song titled SoHo. The video was produced and directed by Mike Abb.

MilkDrive - SoHo

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Chaka Khan - Angel (Music Video)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Chaka Khan and her music video for the song titled Angels
Cover to 2007 Album which won two 2008 Grammy Awards
Angel is a beautiful song and music video from Chaka Khan's 2007 release titled Funk This. The album scored two Grammy wins in 2008 for Best R&B Album and Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

Chaka Khan - Angel

Connect direct with Chaka Khan at ChakaKhan.Com, and

Skylar Gray - Dance WIthout You