Pops Staples - Don't Lose This

Music Television presents Pop Staples - Don't Lose This

Can't not post this video of Mavis Staples telling a little bit of the story about her father's final record titled Don't Lose This.

She tells about how Pops asked to hear the recordings when he was not feeling good near the end of his life, months after they recorded it. She took it up to his room and he heard it, smiled and said "... don't lose that". It was the final recording that the Staple Singers ever recorded together with Pops in 1998 through mid 1999. Unfortunately, Robuck "Pops" Staples died in December of 2000 after a concussion he had suffered from a fall in his home. This was a very emotional project for Mavis to help complete, as you will see. But she finds joy in it all.

The album is a true delight and should be enjoyed with the volume turned up enough to hear more of the detail and intricacies of Pops technique. It was recorded in 1998 at the Hinge Recording Studio & The Loft in Chicago, Illinois. But, on some of the songs there is some additional production that was recently added by Jeff Tweedy of the band Wilco. Lucky guy got the gig because he had worked well with Mavis on her solo albums.

The entire record is brilliantly minimalist, so soulful and funky in mostly a subtle way. It's old school. Absolutely love track 3: No News is Good News and track 7: The Lady's Letter, but all the songs are a real good dose of authentic from a true pioneer.

Thank you to Anti- Records, a division of the indie label known as Epitaph Records for providing the Full Album Stream featured below.

Connect direct with the Staples' family legacy through Mavis Staple's website at MavisStaples.Com

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