Rihanna - You Da One

Rihanna - You Da One

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Rollings Stones - Gimme Shelter - Live

This is the official promo for the Rolling Stones' 1998 single 'Gimme Shelter', a live version of their 1969 studio recorded release.

The video was filmed live at the Trans World Dome, St Louis, Missouri, on December 12 1997, on the Bridges To Babylon tour, and features long-term Stones backing singer Lisa Fischer on co-lead vocals.

'Gimme Shelter' was originally featured on the 1969 album Let It Bleed and was composed by Jagger/ Richards.

This version features Mick Jagger and Lisa Fischer on lead vocals, Keith Richards on guitar, Charlie Watts on drums, Ronnie Wood on guitar, Darryl Jones on bass, Chuck Leavell on piano, Bernard Fowler on backing vocals, Blondie Chaplin on backing vocals and percussion, Bobby Keys and Tim Ries on saxophone, Michael Davis and Kent Smith on horns.

Rolling Stones - 1997 Live Performance of Gimme Shelter

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Bob Marley - live at Amandla Music Festival

Music Television presents Bob Marley at the Amandla Festival 1979

Amandla - Festival of Unity, was a music festival held July 21, 1979, at Harvard Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts. The theme and unity was between those who supported and celebrated the liberation of South Africa and also those who supported the on-going efforts of people in Boston to end racism locally, on the streets, within schools, places of work and within families.

This performance of Bob Marley and The Wailers is fantastic! There is a introduction by activist, Dick Gregory, that is peppered with political and social talk regarding issues of that moment in time. It's a piece of history that is classic if you are one of Dick Gregory's many fans. The music starts at the 15 minute 33 Second point. Turn it up, think, groove and enjoy! GC

Bob Marley & The Wailers - FULL CONCERT: 1 hour and 49 minutes

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Imagine | Playing For Change

A Message from our friends at Playing for Change:

In the beginning of 2010 the Playing For Change crew began work on a new Song Around the World, John Lennon's "Imagine." It has been an amazing year of production, taking the crew from the favelas of Brazil to the shrines of southern India, from villages in Nepal to the glittering urban landscape of Tokyo and New York, and beyond.

This song is the Playing For Change Foundation's gift to the world. The Playing For Change Foundation feels honored to have the blessing and generous support of Yoko Ono as music lovers around the world join together to launch the Power to the People campaign. The campaign seeks to advance John Lennon's vision of peace by engaging artists and audiences to contribute to music education programs worldwide. Proceeds raised will help build music schools, support teachers and music programs, purchase instruments, and connect schools for cross-cultural learning and conflict resolution across borders. Music IS the power: Power to the People.

To learn more about the PFC Foundation, the schools they are building, the lives they are touching, and how you can participate, please visit the Playing For Change Foundation's website at http://playingforchange.org/

Hear more songs from Playing for Change II and get some MP3 downloads or the entire album :)

World Praying for Etta James

The most under rated soul singer in the world, Etta James, is very ill with a combination of leukemia, Hepatitis C and other condition. Doctors have labeled her condition as terminal.

Fans from around the world are saying their prayers in hopes of a miracle that can turn her health around.

Every time I hear her voice, it kills me. Songs like "I'd Rather Go Blind" is so superb that there are few words or descriptions that can do her work justice. Her brand of soul is pure perfection and raw emotion. GC

Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind

And, At Last. One of the greatest songs of all time, without a doubt.

Etta James - At Last (Live)

Glenn Fredly feat. Endah n Rhesa & Sandhy Sondoro - Let's Say Love

Sandhy Sondoro, who is just one of the performers on this track and video is one of the most soulful Indonesian artists I have ever found. With a rich sounding voice similar to Michael McDonald with a little John Mellencamp mixed in, Sandhy is a brilliant love song writer who delivers tasty soul/pop performances all by himself with a guitar. Very happy to have come across this song this morning with some other Indo collaborators who are equally fantastic. Enjoy! GC

Connect direct with Sandhy Sondoro at SondoroMusic.com, Facebook.com/sondoromusic, Instagram.com/sandhysondoro_official, Twitter.com/sondoromusic

Black Dub - Live Filmed Performances

Black Dub is a musical collaboration that consists of soul girl Trixie Whitley on vocals and occasional guitar & piano, Brian Blade on drums, Daryl Johnson on bass, and the instigator of the project and the fantastic Daniel Lanois who writes the songs and plays guitar & piano.

Black Dub - I'd Rather Go Blind

Black Dub - Surely

Black Dub - I Believe In You

Connect direct with Black Dub at BlackDub.Com

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Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain (rare recording)

This fantastic song written by Ann Peebles and her husband Don Bryant, has been covered by many greats. Here is one of the early live recordings of the song which was made during the making of her album titled Full Time Love.

Howard "Bulldog" Grimes was on Drums, Thomas Bingham on Guitar and Don Bryant on the Wurlitzer keyboard.

Black Stone Cherry - Blame It On The Boom Boom

Black Stone Cherry - Blame It On The Boom Boom

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Nneka featuring Ziggy Marley & Eeday

Music Television, MusicTelevision.Com, Nneka, Gregory J. Chamberlain

Anyone who has read from this blog, or the archive, knows of Nneka. Here is a track not available on iTunes U.S., but is available on iTunes in other markets. The track entitled "Express Yourself" features features Ziggy Marley & Eeday.

Last year, Nneka toured the U.S. opening for Ziggy Marley's brother Damian Marley. It's great to see the Marley clan has embraced Nneka's music. I feel that Bob Marley would surely appreciate Nneka for the messages she puts forth in most, if not all, of her songs. She is one of my top 5 favorite artists since I first heard her music! gc

Hear more Nneka songs/videos at MusicLoad.Com/2013/02/more-nneka.html

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, Instagram.com/nnekaworld and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

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Music Television, MusicTelevision.Com, Nneka,
Where MUSIC is the only REALITY 

Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer

MusicTelevision.Com presents Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer

Fanfuckingtastic! That's all I have to say. GC

Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer (Official Mix)

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♥♥♥♥♥ Rating

P.S. - If you find your cannot get enough of this song, you will enjoy this remix :)

Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer (Jack The Video Ripper vs Manhattan Clique Remix)

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Nneka - THIS IS "IT"

Photo of Nneka by Gregory Chamberlain twitter.com/GregChamberlain for Music Television

There is no better way to describe Nneka than to simply say she has "it".

Her songs are and lyrics are deep and complicated. They personify an independent voice and rebel spirit that challenges the status quo where greed and corruption in her native Nigeria and throughout the world is rampant. Right out of the box, in the feel and groove department, she has that "it" thing too. It's one of the main ingredients.

What separates Nneka from most of the rest in the supposed top tier is that her songs dig hard to say something important. This leads me to wonder why she is not in the top tier, yet.  I long for the day that she and artists like her are the top tier that exists. Perhaps in due time, substance will trump bling.

Her songs weave in and out from what seem like love songs at first, into geopolitical humanitarian statements often pointed at unnamed political leaders. At least her songs naturally conjure thoughts of certain leaders without even mentioning their names. Her songs make those who listen think. Nneka really reaches deep for truth which she considers to be real love.

This first song below is one of my all time favorites. It is a beautiful and timeless recording, as is the music video, and it is a very heavy and sad statement about the state of affairs in many parts of Africa and where she originates in Lagos Nigeria, where this video was filmed.

Nneka - Africans (originally released in Europe 2007)

This is an amazing live take of Nneka performing one of her signature songs titled Heartbeat. The studio version of this song (second one down from here) is the very first song I ever heard of Nneka's years ago. And, it did not sink in at first listen. It took a few listens to interpret the meaning of her lyrics clearly, but when I did I felt her depth and it had impact. The song is screaming at political leaders questioning if they hear the heartbeat of their electorate or in the case of dictatorships, the people they rule. I like the interview that follows live take in the video below. It's a tiny window of insight into Nneka. I have had a few chances to speak with her in person and I came away feeling her authenticity is genuine.

Nneka - Heartbeat (live in France with French/English Subtitle after song - 2009)

Nneka is some sort of female Bob Marley in terms of that activist spirit as she stumps for a conscious state.

She has a new record out for late 2011 titled Soul Is Heavy. It has not yet been released in America, but Amazon is offering up expensive import CD's. No idea why Sony Music is withholding the U.S. release, but they making a big mistake, in my humble opinion. Nneka is the kind of artist who deserves development and big pushes in the marketplaces of the world, everywhere.

This next track kills me. I love the live one, that is first below, as well as the next one which is the studio version. The song seems to be about politicians who make promises, but who fail to remember or live up to their promises, but it could be interpreted many different ways.

Nneka - Do You Love Me Now - Live On The Streets of Paris.

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, Instagram.com/nnekaworld and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

Gregory Chamberlain shot the photograph at the top of this post, and later on November 7, 2011, created this post, followed by subsequent edits and mobile friendly updates by Mariana L. Villanueva for The Indies Network.

The MusicTelevision.Com front page has changed :)

Before switching to this latest page format for MusicTelevision.Com, this handpicked playlist below was featured. Enjoy! It's mostly filled with favorite emerging artists from 2010 through early 2011.

Song #25 - Holly Smith - Will You Be The One

Song #24 - Ikira Baru - Besame Mucho

Song #23 - Avery Sunshine - Live at The Blue Note, NYC

Song @22 - Lowkey - Terrorist

Song #21 - Lowkey - Obamanation

Song #20 - Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Song #19 - Malcolm Holcombe - Sittin' Sad - Backstage: Tennessee Shines

Song #18 - Blind Faith - A 1969 live perforance of Can't Find My Way Home not long after the song had been written. It features Steve Winwood on organ and cocals, Eric Clapton on guitar, Ginger Baker on drums and Ric Grech on bass.

Song #17 - Steve Winwood - Acoustic version of Can't Fine My Way Home

Song #16 - Unkle - The Answer

Song #15 - The Shapeshifters - Helter Skelter

Song #14 - Shauna Brittenham - When I'm Pretty

Song #13 - Solomon Burke (Tribute Video)

Song #12 - Hollie Smith - Philosophy of Soul

Song #11 - Avery Sunshine - I've Got Sunshine

Song #10 - Hollorado - Americanarama

Song #9 - Cree Summer - Savior Self
Cree Summer - Savior Self (Music Video)

Song #8 - Nina Simone - Ain't Got No... I've Got Life

Song #7 - Esperanza Spalding - I Know You Know

Song #6 - Nneka - Africans

Song #4 - Karima Francis - Use Somebody (live) (Originally performed by Kings of Leon)

Song #3 - Susan Colloway - Chasin' The Sun

Song #2 - SHEL - The Latest Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band

Song #1 - Ayo - Life is Real


Bliz - Transition - (Rap - Warning: Explicit Content)

Heard the rapper known as Bliz for the first time, yesterday, after becoming acquainted with Redd Pen Media after they introduced themselves. Dug through Redd Penn's numerous music videos and when I heard this Bliz track entitled Transition. The song made me think hard about life's harsh realities and wonder how life can end up that way. Bliz lays down so many rhymes that are so true, such as "Guess you can't say if you ain't never been, man..."

It's a testiment to the reality of thug life and the prison industrial complex. I can't help but think and feel: "There for but the grace of God go I" when I hear a rap like this. It's thought provoking, but hopefully not provoking kids to reach for this. Enough of that already! Kudos to Bliz for his well done delivery. Hopefully he's just acting. Kudos to the director, Juan Ortiz, for the outstanding light & photography. - GC

Stevie Nicks - Moonlight

Stevie Nicks needs no introduction. Here is the video to her song entitled Moonlight from her latest 2011 album, In Your Dreams.

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Get in on the special edition album being released by Warner Bros. at http://stevienicks.warnerreprise.com.


Mary J. Blige - Just Fine

Groovin' for days and days, Mary J. Blige' classic song from 2007 entitled Just Fine will get you up and out of your seat thinking you are Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson or even MJB. Turn it up and dance!

Connect direct with Mary J. Blige at MaryJBlige.Com

John Lennon - Power to the People :)

Cecilia Noel & The Wild Clams - A Queen of Funky Latin Salsa Jazz

MusicTelevision.Com presents Cecilia Noel

I've been following Cecilia Noel since the mid 1990's when her ex-husband Tris Imboden (famous for drumming for Chicago and a great California surf inspired band known as Honk in his earliest years) saw me filming the China Club ProJam and asked me to shoot some live music concerts of his then wife when she had just been signed to Sony Music.

The A&R guy, Kenny Komisar, who signed Cecilia Noel to Sony was way ahead of his time. Komisar signed Cecilia just before the beginning of the Latin/Pop explosion that Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez were part of. The band that Cecilia Noel put together as Cecilia Noel & The Wild Clams was a magnificent undeniable organic cuban inflused latin flavor that killed.  I am talking real burning hot unmanufactured blazing funky assed latin music! The record label, at large, however, just did not get Cecilia Noel at that time, and accidentally let her go, releasing her from her recording contract. Just a couple of years later, that Latin scene exploded.

However, none of that bad timing ever got in the way of Cecilia's burning desire for the show to go on. She built a independent movement on her own. She worked hard, playing tons of shows has toured to every continent and numerous countries.

Always known for having the creme of the crop session musicians in her band, not to mention to sexy Wild Clam singers, Cecilia Noel has staked her claim as one of the truest Latin/Funk/Jazz Salsa Queens the world has ever seen. Look at the size of her band, and the quality of the artists and it's easy to calculate the amount of people power it takes to run such a tight ship. This is a great example of what real music from real musicians is all about! Enjoy! GC

Click the play button on the first video, go hi-res & fullscreen and the rest of the music videos will continue automatically. Enjoy!

Dip It - Live - June 2009

La Culebra - Live in Hollywood - March 2011

Pronto Salsa - Live - July 2009

Slam The Clam - Live - June 2009

Mambo - Live - July 2009

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TANX - Come Down (Music Video)

TANX is a band from Slovakia. Below is the music video for their song titled Come Down. It was directed by Martin Hasák with camera operation by Laco Janošťák and editing by Peter Magát.

TANX - Come Down (Music Video)

Connect direct with TANX at YouTube.com/user/TANXband

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Back in the so called good old days, Warner Bros. Records was one place I relied on for a never ending flow of the greatest artists, bands, songs and related music videos. I am talking about back in the Mo Ostin days.

It made me feel better about Warner Bros. Records today, when I caught wind of a new Warner Bros Records Australia artist known as Kimbra. Kimbra, who is actually a New Zealander, is unique, has passion and that "it" thing. GC

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Connect direct with Kimbra at KimbraMusic.Com, Facebook.com/kimbramusic, Instagram.com/kimbramusic, and Twitter.com/KimbraMusic

Nina Simone was the first ever to perform Plain Gold Ring, written by George Stone, on her debut album Little Girl Blue

Nina Simone - Plain Gold Ring

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn (Music Video)

Just realized that I've never posted Brother Ali to this blog, although this song was once featured on the front page of MusicTelevision.Com for a period in the past.

Brother Ali is controversial to some people. I've heard people argue whether he was black, white or Albino. I always think, "who fucking cares?". And, when an acquaintance brought up the video you are about to see a few days after he saw it, he tried to tell me it had white supremacist tones, as if Brother Ali was connected to that sort of thing. He is most certainly not.

People really drive me nuts for they are either not paying attention, have some sort of attention deficit or are just plain ignorant. Ignorant is something Brother Ali is not. He has a basic sense of U.S. history in a reality based sense that is not the candy coated version that is spoon fed to kids in school. He seems to be putting into words what should be obvious to American's regarding the game that is being played against them by the powers that be. Wake up America!

This democracy smells like hypocrisy and those who are part of it with their occupy Wall Street class war, just worried about your way of life. Where were you when the U.S. was dropping the bombs, in the longest U.S. war in history (that's not really a war, but a slaughterhouse and occupation for resources). That fact is the true reason the U.S. is beyond bankrupt. The Occupy Wall Street crowd should be change their theme to Occupy DC, where the enablers of the wars and the crony capitalism in Congress and The White House are supposed to be working for us, but aren't. They are the real demons and we shalt not take our eye off the ball like this. 1% of Wall Street was involved in the destruction of the dollar and the U.S. and global economies. However, 98% of Congress was involved in supporting these wars, out of control spending on every level, catering to that 1% of Wall Street, bailing out corporations who should have gone through bankruptcy and so much more.

It's hard to argue with Brother Ali's song. "Welcome to the United Snakes, Home of the thief, Home of the slave..." is how rapper Brother Ali starts off the beginning of his portrayal of a flawed electorate and the related truths of U.S. Government Policy. Think! GC

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn

Connect direct with Brother Ali at BrotherAli.Com, Facebook.Com/BrotherAli, Twitter.com/BrotherAliMpls, and MySpace.Com/BrotherAli

And... the Nina Simone song that influenced Brother Ali and Uncle Sam Goddamn:

Nina Simone performing Mississippi Goddam

Three Dog Night - Live with Tennessee Symphony Orchestra

Music Television presents five handpicked live performances Three Dog Night in 2002, followed by two more live performances thirty years earlier, from 1974 and 1972.


Easy to be Hard


Liar performed live in 1974

Eli's Coming - as opening song of a TV special called "Three Dog Night..Night" in 1972

Connect direct with Three Dog Night at ThreeDogNight.Com, Facebook.com/threedognight, Twitter.com/threedognight, Instagram.com/threedognightofficial, bandsintown.com/a/3153 and imdb.com/name/nm2061571

Mugison - I Want You (Live)

Made in mid 2009, this is a raw video of the Icelandic musician and singer known Mugison while on his 5 boroughs 1 day tour performing his song entitled I Want You. The performance was filmed live by film maker Scott Fine inside the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art in Staten Island, New York, in front of a small group.

Mugison - I Want You

Connect direct with Mugison at Mugison.com


Níobeth - Dreaming

Thank you to Melissa Hearns for requesting this video out of Spain by Niobeth to the band's song entitled Dreaming.

Connect direct with Niobeth at Niobeth.com


CRYSALYS - The Awakening of Gaia

Thank you to Valentina Reyes from Bogota Colombia for requesting this song by the Italian metal/goth/glam band Crysalys, entitled The Awakening of Gaia. It's a heavy metal opera.

Connect direct with Crysalys at http://www.youtube.com/user/CRYchannelOfficial

The Flys - Got You (Where I Want You)

Recently, those who were not paying attention in 1998 recently discovered that Katie Holmes did a cameo appearance in The Flys music video, Got You Where I Want You. "Got You (Where I Want You)" was featured on The Flys debut album entitled Holiday Man in 1998 and also appeared on the soundtrack for the 1998 MGM film entitled Disturbing Behavior, which Katie Holmes appeared in as well.

CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) - Hits Me Like A Rock

MusicTelevision.Com presents CSS and their song Hits Me Like A Rock
CSS = Cansei de Ser Sexy
One of my favorite pop groups in the whole wide world is the Sao Paulo, Brazil band, CSS, also known as Cansei de Ser Sexy. Here is their latest video directed by Manuela Martines in Barcelona and produced by Mamma Team. :)

CSS - Hits Me Like A Rock

Just in case you are not familiar with their other more classic tracks and great videos:

CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

CSS- Off The Hook

CSS - Rat is Dead

CSS - Left Behind

CSS - Alala

Connect direct with CSS at their official website: http://csssuxxx.com



Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You (Music Video)

Sara Bareilles is the real deal. She is kind, sweet and humble. Used to see her when she was a waitress at a pioneering craft beer gastropub, long before she got signed to Epic Records. She was a rare exception, for any waitress, in that she never talked desperately about being an artist or trying to make it, unlike many NY/LA waitresses who cannot resist informing everyone. Bump into her now, and she is exactly the same easy going person she always was. That says a lot about her character and it is part of her charm :) As a result, one can't stop loving her and her music. GC

Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You

Connect direct with Sara Bareilles at SaraBMusic.ComFacebook.com/sarabareilles, Instagram.com/sarabareilles, and Twitter.com/SaraBareilles


The Antlers - Live on KEXP Seattle

KEXP FM in Seattle delivers again.  Here is a nice set of live in studio performances of The Antlers.

Putting the Dog To Sleep

I don't Want Love

Rolled Together


Audio: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: William Anthony, Jim Beckmann, Shelly Corbett, Scott Holpainen & Christopher Meister
Edits: Jim Beckmann

Connect Direct with The Antlers at AntlersMusic.Com


Love this unplugged song by a group called Panamah :) Reminds me slightly of Nouvelle Vague. Enjoy! GC

Black Crowes - Jealous Again

Thanks to Barbara Hendrickson for requesting this classic video from Black Crows first album in 1989.

Connect direct with The Black Crowes at BlackCrowes.Com

Deep Purple - Live

Thanks to Bonnie Sanders for the links to these most classic live recordings :)
Deep Purple featuring Jon Lord on Keyboards, Ian Paice on Druns, Ritchie Blackmore on Guitar, Ian Gillan on Vocals and Roger Glover on Bass.

Space Truckin' - Live in New York 1973

Smoke on the Water - Live in New York 1973

Speed King - Live in 1970

Highway Star - Live on Beat Club (German TV) Early 1970's.

Black Milk - Deadly Medley with Royce Da 5'9" & Elzhi (EXPLICIT LYRICS)

Outstanding collaboration between three rappers who are each happening in their own right. Enjoy!



Official Video for AWOLNATION song entitled Sail


Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack" - Music by AWOLNATION

Set to a song titled Sail by the band AWOLNATION, multiple camera angles capture a guy named Jeb Corlis as he flies through the sky in a "wing suit" made for human flying. He does what he calls "flying the crack". This is VERY real folks! Enjoy! GC

Connect direct with the flying man, Jeb Corliss, at jeb.corliss.com

Edited by Gian Autenrieth
cameras by gopro.com
base gear by apexbase.com
wing-suits by tonywingsuits.com
clothing by afflictionclothing.com
helmets by cookiecomposites.com

Connect direct with the band AWOLNATION at AWOLNATIONMUSIC


DJ Shadow - Live At The Shadowsphere - Splendour, Brisbane, Australia

Found these cell phone videos captured by DJ Sheep at a DJ Shadow performance in Australia on July 29, 2011. DJ Sheep wrote, "One of the most amazing live shows I've witnessed from a DJ/producer. Optical illusions at their finest, with some crazy new Shadow material..."

Part I

Part II

Part III

Connect Direct with DJ Shadow at DJ Shadow

Ray Charles- Live In France 1961 (A New Documentary Coming October 25)

A fantastic looking film trailer is getting me exicted about a live concert film of Ray Charles from 1961. The films presenters are hosting a one-time only advanced screening October 20 at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles. The film is to be released straight to DVD, being shipped by retailers to advance buyers beginning October 25.

Lost for 50 years, 1 hour and 45 minutes of newly discovered 16mm concert films with fantastic audio recordings from the 1961 Antibes Jazz Festival in France with Ray Charles in his prime along with the original Raeletts and his band that included David "Fathead" Newman and Hank Crawford.

These were the first concerts Ray Charles had ever done in Europe. A must see!

Click Here to Order Ray Charles - Live in France 1961

The British Invasion: The Hollies- Look Through Any Window 1963-1975

The British Invasion: The Hollies- Look Through Any Window 1963-1975. This first official documentary on the Hollies features 22 complete performances filmed between 1963 and 1975, spanning their entire hit-making career. New interviews with founding members Graham Nash, Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliott tell the fascinating story of this group whose stellar musicianship and beautiful vocals thrilled millions of fans and influenced generations of new bands.

theSlacks - Be Cool

Have been finding so many great hardly known artists out of New Zealand. Here is a fun rock band known as theSlacks. Enjoy! GC

Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng

Music Television presents Femi Kuti

Femi Kuti is a Nigerian musician and the eldest son of the late great Nigerian music king and afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. Femi was born in Lagos, Nigeria, the same place one of my favorite artists, Nneka, is from. The thing these three powerful artists share in common is their songs that exude their strong commitment to social and political causes. The region of Lagos, in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, is a corporatist haven where politicians and the energy companies have cultivated an environment of crony capitalism which has led to the environmental destruction of the region as oil companies rape and pillage both the land, waterways, air and the downtrodden citizens of the region. The kinds of routine oil spills in the Niger Delta make the U.S. Gulf of Mexico oil spill by BP seem like just a little bit of spilled milk.

With that said, this happens to be one song of Femi Kuti's that is not so political. It's pure sexy Cuban infused Nigerian soul that is it's own universal language. Enjoy! GC

Connect Direct with Femi Kuti at FemiaKuti.Com


Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse - Body And Soul

This was the last studio recording Amy Winehouse made before her death.

Click here to make a video request or to share your scoop about a great song, band or artist that should be featured here!

Hear tracks from Tony Bennett's album, Duets II, featuring Amy Winehouse

Nikki Yanofsky

Here is a fantastic young artist on the way up! Enough said. Just enjoy! GC

Nikki Yanofsky - Over the Rainbow

Nikki Yanofsky - Lullaby of Birdland

Nikki Yanofsky - Cool My Heals

Connect direct with Nikki Yanofsky at NikkiYanofsky.Com

Fitz & The Tantrums - Winds Of Change

Directed by Edon & Fitz

Connect direct with Fitz & The Tantrums at fitzandthetantrums.com

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Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man

Thank you Roger from Juno Alaska for requesting Mumford and Sons video for Little Lion Man.

Dance Choreography to Real Love by Regina Spektor

Thank you to Celine Steward for pointing out these fine dancers, choreographed by Kate Jablonski, performing to Regina Spektor's song entitled Real Love. Enjoy! GC

The Black Keys - Heavy Soul (Live)

Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs

Robin Trower: a definite Prince of Blues. Enjoy!

Connect direct with Robin Trower at RobinTrower.Com

A Perfect Circle- Counting Bodies Like Sheep (WARNING: Explicit imagery of war)

In 2004 the hard rock A Perfect Circle released their song Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums.

I particularly like this particular non-official music video made to the song.

Here is the Studio Version - Just the Song, No Video

Listen to songs from A Perfect Circle and their album Thirteenth Step

Lance Lopez Rocks

The first time I heard Lance Lopez, I was immediate fan. The following vintage YouTube video of Lopez in 2001 just came to my attention. Enjoy! GC

Lance Lopez - Mr Rattlesnake (2001 Live Tour)

Hear a few more great handpicked Lance Lopez tracks at: http://blog.musicload.com/2011/09/lance-lopez-real-kick-ass-hard-rocker.html

Connect Direct with Lance Lopez at https://www.facebook.com/pages/LANCE-LOPEZ/164344384973

Planet Asia - Live (Explicit Hip Hop)

If you like DJ backed hip hop rhyme sayers, you might enjoy the sonic combustion and lines of Planet Asia, a young rapper whose crew reached out to the MUSIC TELEVISION YouTube Channel by way of a friend request. Thank you, Planet Asia! Very impressive tracks. GC

Planet Asia - Boiler Makers (Live) Prod. by Madlib
Whistler, B.C Canada
Wandering Worx Entertainment
Garfinkels Night Club and Live Venue

Connect direct with Planet Asia at http://www.youtube.com/user/PlanetAsiaOfficial

Totally Baddass Rock Band - White Bone Rattle

Music Television presents White Bone Rattle

The Maidstone, United Kingdom, based band known as White Bone Rattle, totally kicks ass. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

White Bone Rattle - Rise with the Morning

Rise With The Morning seems to be their first real video. The rest of their songs on YouTube are not really videos, just the songs. There are a few grainy phone cam videos of live shows too. White Bone Rattle is definitely worth a browse because you'll hear some serious hard rock, very organic, that reminds me of where early Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath. For me, it's music from when I was in grade school in the 1970's.

Connect direct to White Bone Rattle at WhiteBoneRattle.Com

Nneka - Do you love me now (live session @ streets of Paris)

Nneka is one of the most inspired artists I've ever met. This is a recent clip that began appearing on YouTube recently. She has a way of taking love song and making them heavy. Enjoy! GC

Nneka - Do you love me now (live session @ streets of Paris)

Her signature songs such as Africans get political and social.

Heartbeat starts out like a love song, but has political undertones woven in the lyrics.

To me, she has got the activist of Bob Marley inside of her. Every day I wish I was finding more artists like her. But, Nneka is rare.... nobody quite like her.

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, Instagram.com/nnekaworld and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

Stefano Giorgini - LA Pop Artist

Was introduced to the music of Stefano Giorgini by way of an incoming friend request on the YouTube Channel. Enjoy! GC

Stefano Giorgini - Text Message

Stefano Giorgini - Somebody Different

Connect direct with Stefano Giorgini at StefanoGiorgini.Com

Lady Gaga - HAUS OF Ü featuring NYMPH

Ever since seeing Lady Gaga on Howard Stern where she sang her ass off, just her and the piano, I finally became a real fan. GC


The Black Keys - Set You Free (Live TV)

Music Television is pleased to present The Black Keys and a filmed live performance of their song titled Set You Free, filmed for Australian television network, V Music and their program entitled The Gig. Enjoy! GC

The Black Keys - Set You Free (Live TV)

The Lady of Rage - Afro Puff featuring Snoop Dog

Robin Yvette Allen is known as The Lady of Rage well known for her work with Death Row Records artists, including but not limited to Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre.

Afro Puff by The Lady of Rage is from the soundtrack record of the 1994 film, Above The Rim

Here more tracks from the Above The Rim movie soundtrack album

Facundo Cabral - Immensely popular Argentine folk artist, murdered in gang hit against manager.

Hated to read the news article of how Facundo Cabral was shot to death by a gang of gunman who were out to kill Cabral's manager, who survived the attack. The Argentinian folk singer, artist and vegabond is loved in throughout Larin America and Mexico. A wikipedia page devoted to his life has grown today and is a very interesting read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facundo_Cabral

Facundo Cabral - No soy de aqui, ni soy de alla

Counterclock - Shake It Like You Want It Stirred

A friend request came in on the MUSIC TELEVISION YouTube Channel from a hard rocking band known as Counterclock. Reminds me of great hair bands from the 80's like RATT. Enjoy! GC

Music Video Directed by SKP Filmz
Join Counterclock at http://counterclockonline.com

Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know

Fleet Foxes is a favorite band of Kerrie from Ithaca, New York.

Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know

Classic Allman Bros. with Duane Allman

The Allman Brothers Band live at Fillmore East 09/23/1970 performing In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Connect direct with the Allman Brothers Band at AllmanBrothersBand.Com, Facebook.com/allmanbrothersband and Twitter.com/allmanbrothers

Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin (Music Video Montage)

The song is a Pretty Lights version of a Led Zeppelin remix. The track samples pieces of 7 Led Zeppelin tracks collaged together and then reflected thru a prism of Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Downtempo, and Dubstep. The video is from a montage from two Colorado shows. Enjoy! GC

Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin

Connect direct with Pretty Lights at prettylightsmusic.com, Twitter.com/PrettyLights, Soundcloud.com/prettylights, Instagram.com/prettylights and Facebook.com/PrettyLights

Hear two more Pretty Lights tracks at: MusicLoad.com/2011/09/pretty-lights-finally-moving-and-i-know.html

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The Dream Rockers - Don't try to fool Me ( house remix ) by Brutus

Here is a great wild remix and music video to a fun song titled Don't Try To Fool Me by The Dream Rockers. Enjoy! GC

CHAPPO - "Come Home"

Connect direct with Chappo at ChappoMusic.Com

Listen to more Chappo from their EP album Plastique Universe

Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton - Live On The Johnny Cash Show

Thank you for the e-mail from Sandy Linderman to post this obscure 1970 flashback video of Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash & Eric Clapton perform Matchbox Blues live On The Johnny Cash Show. Enjoy! GC

Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton - Live On The Johnny Cash Show

Le Butcherettes - Bang

Music Television presents music videos by the band known as Le Butcherettes

Le Butcherettes is a Mexican garage punk band formed in 2007 in Guadalajara by Teri Gender Bender (born Teresa Suaréz).

The first music video below is to their song titled Bang, a punk rock political rant, from their album titled Sin, Sin, Sin. The music video was directed by Hugo Corona de Luna.

Le Butcherettes - Bang

The next music video is to their song titled Henry Don't Get No Love. It was directed By Jesus Rodriguez "Chiva", with photography By Heriberto Acosta.

Le Butcherettes - Henry Don't Get No Love

The final music video is to their song titled I'm Queen. It was directed By Jesus Rodriguez "Chiva", with photography By Heriberto Acosta.

Le Butcherettes - I'm Queen

Connect direct with Le Butcherettes at LeButcherettesOfficial.com, Facebook.com/LeButcherettes, Twitter.com/lebutcherettes and on Instagram.com/lebutcherettes

Feeling Good: Where Muse meets Nina Simone

Go to the following link to hear a pretty great live take of Muse performing the song made famous by Nina Simone titled Feeling Good. It was recorded live at Wembly Stadium in June 2007. After watching, come back here for more :)

They had the whole audience singing along, as better evidenced via this cell phone take from the nosebleed section, which actually captures the essence of the crowd better than the slick version from above. It makes one realize how big of an act Muse really is.

This is the Nina Simone version of Feeling Good which appeared on her 1965 album titled I Put a Spell on You

Listen to Nina Simone songs from her album I Put a Spell on You

Mad Rad - Party Mountain

Mad Rad performs their song titled Party Mountain, live on KEXP from the Bumbershoot Music Lounge.

Mad Rad - Party Mountain

Recorded by KEXP 90.3 FM , Seattle, Washington USA - on the web at kexp.org
Audio: Kevin Suggs, Julian Martlew
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen, Luke Knecht, Cassidy Turner & Jordan Salazar
Edits: Scott Holpainen

Elvis Presley from the film Love Me Tender singing We're Gonna Move

See the Elvis Presley film Love Me Tender

Carolyn Malachi - Beautiful Dreamer

By way of a her friend request on the Music Televison YouTube Channel, we heard Carolyn Malachi and her song entitled Beautiful Dreamer. Enjoy!

Carolyn Malachi - Beautiful Dreamer

The Black Keys - "Grown So Ugly" live @ Grimey's Records Nashville TN

posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Those videos of the fantastic duo known as Hank @ Cupcakes made me think of another great duo, The Black Keys. Here is the Black Keys performing a in store at the world famous Grimey's record store several years back.

The Black Keys - "Grown So Ugly" live @ Grimey's Records Nashville TN (2007 or earlier)

Hear more of The Black Keys from their Brothers album

Pickwick - Hacienda Motel (Live at the Mural)

Pickwick performs "Hacienda Motel" during KEXP & Seattle Center's Concerts at the Mural series at the Mural Amphitheater. Recorded 8/26/11.

Audio: Toby Basiliko Michele Khazak & James Nixon
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen, Luke Knecht & Jordan Salazar
Edits: Jim Beckmann