Pharrell Williams - Happy

MusicTelevision.Com presents the Pharrell Williams music video for Happy

Whilst this website loves to root for the lesser known underdog artists of substance, one cannot argue with inspired genius generated by well established major artists like Pharrell Williams and material from his latest project. If you don't love this video below, you might not be happy :( - GC

Pharrell Williams - Happy

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Ayo - Life Is Real

MusicTelevision.Com, Ayo music video, song titled Life Is Real,

Sweet and now classic song by the beautiful sensitive songwriter, guitarist and sweet voiced singer named Ayo. The video was shot in Lagos Nigeria a long while ago back in time. A true gift to the world of music, Ayo has released so much great music since this time too! - Be sure to turn up the volume on this video, for the mastering is/was not the best, but the song content makes up for it :) - GC

Ayo - Life is Real (2006-2007)

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Saucy Monky - Do I Have Your Attention

MusicTelevision.Com presents Saucy Monky
Saucy Monky photo by Carrie Gifford
Just received this e-mail announcement from one of the greatest garage bands in the world known as Saucy Monky, introducing their latest video featured below.  Be sure to catch them live if you can, you won't be disappointed. - GC
Hi everyone!

We are SOOOOO excited to announce the release of our brand new video for "DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?". It's a follow up to our award winning music video for AWKWARD. "Do I Have Your Attention?" depicts the story of a woman who feels rejected by her lover. Watch her as she walkes through a range of emotions from melancholia to rage & revenge. It was shot on a fancy RED camera and directed by Justin Burquist from In Vitro Films. It made its premiere today on and you can buy the song on iTunes HERE.


In other news, check out THIS LINK to view 10 Rejection Letters To Famous People, such as U2, Andy Warhol and Madonna. I guess it proves the point that if you believe in your art, you shouldn't listen to the nay-sayers.

Have a great week everyone!!


Annmarie, Cynthia, Steve and Alexa