Nneka - Book Of Job

MusicTelevision.Com presents Nneka and songs from her album titled My Fairy Tales

For regular visitors to these pages, Nneka needs no introduction. She is one of the heaviest global artists of substance to keep an eye and your ear on. She and her music personifies the spirit where the humanitarian meets political messages of Bob Marley, Nina Simone, John Lennon, Fela Kuti and Michael Jackson when they were alive and in their primes.

Below is the music video to one of Nneka's songs titled Book of Job which will be off a full album titled My Fairy Tales, due out in March 2015. Visit Nneka's site referenced below for details on pre-order perks and worldwide concert dates. Enjoy! GC

Nneka - Book of Job

Hear and see Nneka's other single and music video titled My Love, My Love from her My Fairy Tales album at MusicLoad.Com - http://www.musicload.com/2015/01/nneka-my-love-my-love.html

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, Instagram.com/nnekaworld and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld


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Cobe Obeah - True Colors (featuring Nneka)

Music Television presents Nneka with Cobe Obeah

One artist who has been stumping for the common man in her native Nigeria and others around the world who feel marginalized by the various Police States around the globe that exist, is a wonderfully deep prolific recording artist named Nneka.

On her own, Nneka is a powerful voice, who occasionally collaborates and lends herself to others who have something important to say.

Nneka wrote this about one such song, featured below, which she participated in: "TRUE COLORS... the new Video by COBE OBEAH feat. NNEKA inspired by the american police, upcoming elections in Nigeria, hate, Boko haram, War, breakups, and love..."

While the industry is applauding D'Angelo for his recent release, Black Messiah, we hope that the industry also embraces other artists of deep substance like Nneka, who has been in the trenches, fighting the fight non-stop since she first hit the scene, slightly more than a decade ago. This woman embodies the activist spirit of those like Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Fela Kuti and John Lennon. She is the real deal. Her friend Cobe Obeah may just be another artist of substance to keep on our radar. GC

Cobe Obeah - True Colors (featuring Nneka)

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See more videos by Nneka at: http://www.musicload.com/2013/09/nneka-lost-souls-live-in-philly.html and musictelevision.com/2012/03/nneka.html

A Christmas song by Tim Minchin

MusicTelevision.Com presents Tim Minchin

This morning, Gaby Moreno shared a note with her friends that read: "Last night I saw Tim Minchin performing at Largo. He played this song. Can't tell you how much it moved me..such a beautiful Christmas song from an "non religion" perspective..."

Tim Minchin wrote the following about his song:  "A sentimental song about Christmas. This version is taken from the Australian 'Ready For This?' DVD. As in previous years, all proceeds from the sale of this song during the months of November, December and January will go to the National Autistic Society (NAS)."

Tim Minchin - White Wine In The Sun

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Gaby Moreno and her Christmas Album

MusicTelevision.Com presents Gaby Moreno
Photograph of a well grounded Gaby Moreno shot by Gaby's dear friend and bassist, Leslie Lowe
Below is the music video from Gaby Moreno to her song titled El Primer Noel from her Christmas Album titled Posada. Billboard Magazine's Judy Cantor-Navas recently dubbed Posada "An Instant Latin Christmas Classic".

This is what Gaby wrote to describe her record: "Posada" is a collection of traditional Christmas songs, recalling the years when I was a young girl living in Guatemala and singing in my church choir. These are the songs we would sing during the month of December at church on Sundays, at Advent family gatherings and for the traditional Latin American celebration "Las Posadas" which begin on Dec. 16th - Gaby Moreno

A meaningful description using words is way too elusive for me, but my brain fogs up with love and tears of joy fill my eyes when I listen to songs from Gaby's Christmas record. Fortunately, Gaby's authentic essence and the unmanufactured beauty of her music does just fine speaking for itself. GC

Gaby Moreno - El Primer Noel - Directed by Carlos Lara and Tita Moreno

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com, Facebook.com/gabymorenoband, Twitter.com/gaby_moreno, and on Instagram.com/gaby_moreno

Gaby Moreno Christmas Album: Posada
Album cover to Gaby Moreno's Christmas Album titled Posada

Enjoy these additional Gaby Moreno performances, filmed live with excellence:

Gaby Moreno performing live in Paris

Gaby Moreno performs on Treble Clef Live :)

Gaby Moreno performs a live take of Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

Gaby Moreno plays songs from her Illustrated Songs album, live.

One Love - Bob Marley - Fan Made Music Video Contest Winners

Music Television presents Bob Marley One Love Video Contest Winner

Bob Marley's spirit lives on, as his fans and a very active network Marley family enterprises are constantly engaging in new ways of spreading Bob's music and message.

In the summer of 2014, in association with Ben & Jerry's and Tongal, a music video making contest for Bob Marley's song One Love was announced.

The video contest was started over the summer as a celebration of the new limited edition, Marley-inspired, Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor 'Satisfy My Bowl'. Proceeds from the sale of this flavor is going to support the 1Love Foundation and PYE, who have come together and created a new youth empowerment camp for underserved children in Jamaica.

The videos of the winning production team and the runner up are featured below. Enjoy! GC

The first video below is from the winning team known as "Painting In Pictures". A Big Congratulations!

The video below was the runner up in the contest and was directed by Lavado Stubbs - A Big Congratulations!

Bob Marley - One Love (Official Music Video)

And, we cannot forget the original official video...

Connect direct with official legacy website for Bob Marley at BobMarley.Com

Lianne La Havas - Don't Wake Me Up - Live

MusicTelevision.Com presents Lianne La Havas

If you are a fan of Lianne La Havas, you know track #1 from her debut album, pictured above, is titled Don't Wake Me Up. Just below is a live version of that song when Lianne performed at The Slaughtered Lamb pub in London.

Lianne La Havas - Don't Wake Me Up

Connect direct with Lianne La Havas at LianneLaHavas.Com, Facebook.Com/LianneLaHavas, Twitter.Com/LianneLaHavas and Instagram.Com/LianneLaHavas

Hear/See several more tasty handpicked Lianne La Havas songs and music videos here.

Ayọ - Life Is Real

Music Television presents the music video for Life is Real by Ayo

Here is one that is destined to be a classic, if it isn't already. It's an earlier work by a wonderful sensitive songwriter and recording artist who is known as Ayọ. She was born in Germany as Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin to a Roma gypsy mother and Nigerian father.

This video below to Ayo's song titled Life Is Real and it was filmed in Lagos, Nigeria. Enjoy! GC

Ayọ - Life Is Real

Connect direct with Ayo at AyoMusic.com, Facebook.com/AyoMusicOfficial, Instagram.com/AyoMusic and Twitter.com/AyoMusic


See and hear more Ayo at the following links:

Ayo's cover of the Jackson 5 hit song I Want You Back, plus her original song titled I'm Gonna Dance:

Hear Ayo in a filmed live unplugged performance of a song titled Black Spoon:

See live film of Ayo perform A Change is Gonna Come with Gary Dourdan

And a few more excellent live takes of Ayo & Friends:

Stu Larsen - King Street

MusicTelevision.Com presents Stu Larsen Vagabond

Thanks to Laurie Spinelli Koster, a mover & shaker on the Charlotte, North Carolina music scene, for pointing this song out today.

This is a beautifully done song by Stu Larson, that shows he is most definitely a songwriter's kind of songwriter. GC

Stu Larsen - King Street (from his album titled Vagabond)

Connect direct with Stu Larsen at StuLarsen.Com


PURPLE - The 99 Second Song

Music Television presents Purple
Presently playing several sold out shows in Europe, fresh out of Beaumont Texas is a hard rocking trio named Purple. The members are Joe "Prankster" Cannariato on bass, Taylor Busby on guitar & vocals and Hanna Brewer on drums and vocals.

This group happens to be one of our very favorite emerging rock bands whose three best videos we featured on September 20, 2014. (Click here to watch those videos.)

Purple isn't likely to be a band that is going to heal the world or anything, but the fact that they really know how to have fun is what is so admirable. Big fat kudos for that in this world where too many artists seem to dilute their sound and sell their soul before they have any fun or rock the way they want to.

An old real deal rock star once said, "You can't be a rock star without contempt... Without contempt, you'll be a pop star at best". And yes, there is a difference! For instance, acts who bend their sound to the whims or wants of others such as label heads, supposed producers or the self-proclaimed Moral Majority, have no contempt. Is there a real deal rock star worthy streak of contempt flowing through the veins of this group, especially Hanna Brewer, that is pushing them to stretch into their own unknown depths of letting loose, turning up the amps and screaming? It's a strong possibility.

One of the lines in the song is: Give me the love, but not the disease! If that's not a rock star mantra...

Purple is an old Rolling Stones song: "I know, it's only rock & roll, but I like it, like it, yes I do..."

Below is Purple's latest video to their song titled Thirteen from their debut album named 409. Very interesting how the whole song and video is only 99 seconds long, and it's not one of those teaser videos. Enjoy! GC

Purple - Thirteen

Connect direct with Purple at PurpleTexasMusic.Com or at Facebook.Com/PurpleTexasMusic or at Twitter.Com/Purpletxmusic


Lee Fields - Don't Leave Me This Way (filmed live on the streets of Paris by La Blogotheque)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Lee Fields

The amazing soul man, Lee Fields, is on a international tour and he has been getting major love in France this last week.

The acclaimed Paris France based music video productions of La Blogotheque have been featured on our network before, and we are proud to present Lee Fields, an artist we have also featured here before. La Blogotheque's typical style of filming is to capture artists performing in crowded streets and public places, usually in an around Paris. Here, they capture Lee Fields and a guitarist named Vinny performing on The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts, a pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River.  Enjoy! GC

Lee Fields - Don't Leave Me This Way

Connect direct with Lee Fields at LeeFieldsAndTheExpressions.Com

Click here for another video of Lee Fields and his song titled You're The Kind of Girl



Warning: This video may induce nightmares, scary twisted dreams and un-pure thoughts. It contains foul language and if you are under 18, your mommy might not want you to watch this.

MusicTelevision presents Die Antwoord - Ugly Boy

Here is the latest song and music video by the always provocative and one of a kind South African duo known as Die Antwoord. This is another excellent one, with too many cameos to list. This act is visionary genius on so many levels, not just music, that they defy description. Absolutely love Yolandi and Ninja. Enjoy! GC


Connect direct with Die Antwoord at DieAntwoord.Com, Facebook.com/DieAntwoord, Twitter.com/dieantwoord and on Instagram.com/dieantwoord

See & hear the first post we made of Die Antwoord back in November 2012 here, that featured their song titled Enter The Ninja

And watch four more Die Antwoord videos from our sister site The Indies, here.

The Main Squeeze - Message to the Lonely

MusicTelevision.Com presents The Main Squeeze

Here is a very groovin' track by The Main Squeeze. The lead vocalist, Jeremiah Hunt, might just be the long lost son of the legendary late great Buddy Miles, or else he is just channeling that special Buddy Miles sound that you are going to love. This is real music. Enjoy! GC

The Main Squeeze - Message to the Lonely

Connect direct with The Main Squeeze at MainSqueezeMusic.Com

SHEL - When The Sky Fell

This worthy repost featuring the group known as SHEL was originally made on MusicTelevision.Com sister site, MusicLoad.Com, on March 12, 2014.

MusicTelevision.Com presents SHEL
Photo by Taylor Ballantyne - All rights reserved - TaylorBallantyne.Com
Left to Right - Liza, Hannah, Sarah, Eva
Just below is a song of sonic bliss with a music video from a very amazing organic group known as SHEL from Fort Collins, Colorado. Their organic artistry, writing, singing and true instrumentalist skills are well honed and unmanufacted by the machine.  They are the real deal, live or in the studio, but especially live where you realize their studio versions do not differ from their live abilities.  SHEL = Sarah (violin & vocals), Hannah (keys, squeezebox & vocals), Eva (mandolin and lead vocals) and Liza (drums, percussion and vocals). Enjoy! GC

SHEL - When The Sky Fell

Connect direct with SHEL at SHELmusic.Com, Facebook.Com/ILoveSHELMusic, Instagram.com/iloveshelmusic and Twitter.com/iloveshelmusic

See more SHEL videos from previous posts on MusicLoad:






OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

Music Television presents OK Go and the music video for their song titled I Won't Let You Down

Here is another excellent One Shot Music Video from OK Go.  The band has a long and highly creative history that stretches back to 1998, which can is meticulously laid out on their Wikipedia page, so won't bore you with too many details here.  It is their one shot music videos, that were first noticed here back in March of 2010 with This Too Shall Pass, that makes OK Go so interesting.  Additional music videos, all the way up until this most present one, have also been "one shot videos" that give these guys so much credibility in the creative planning side.  The videos take dozens and dozens of tries to get it in one shot, with tons of work going into every move in their videos. When you mix in all the other  elements of their music and business dealings, the realization that they are a real organization and not just a band comes into focus. GC

OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

Connect direct with OK Go at OKGo.Net

See a previous OK Go One Shot music video and other One Shot Hall of Famers here.

See OK Go's One Shot music video to their song titled End Love, here.

Here is a video about the making of the I Won't Let You Down music video:

Foo Fighters with Zac Brown perform "War Pigs" on Letterman

MusicTelevision.Com presents Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters upcoming album cover for Sonic Highways
Foo Fighters is out promoting their upcoming record titled Sonic Highways, due out in November 2014.  Here is a great live take from David Letterman of the Foo Fighters with Zac Brown performing the 1970 classic song by Black Sabbath titled "War Pigs" off their Paranoid Album.  This song is very appropriate at this time when the powers that be in Washington and in the PR corridors of Madison Avenue are ramping up war and regime change propoganda under the watch of a Nobel Peace Prize president. Kudos! GC

Foo Fighters w/ Zac Brown - "War Pigs" (Live on David Letterman)

Connect direct with the Foo Fighters at FooFighters.Com

Connect direct with Zac Brown at ZacBrown.Com

Go here to see the latest music videos for track #1 and #2 off the upcoming Foo Fighters album titled Sonic Highways, due out November 10, 2014.


Purple (Music Videos)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Purple

This rocking trio is named Purple. They are from Beaumont, Texas. Hanna Brewer is on drums and vocals, Joe "Prankser" Cannariato is on bass guitar and Taylor Busby on guitar and vocals. This first song below is titled Wallflower. They have a fantasticly true rock & roll attitude. Enjoy! GC

Purple - Wallflower

Just below is their most recent video (August 2014) to their song titled Leche Loco.

Purple - Leche Loco

And one more song for the road that seems to ramble on so nicely... It's titled Long Way.

Purple - Long Way

Connect direct with Purple at PurpleTexasMusic.Com or at Facebook.Com/PurpleTexasMusic or at Twitter.Com/Purpletxmusic


Did Pharrell Williams borrow the idea for "Happy" from C2C?

Music Television presents music video from C2C

There is a question that has been burning in my mind ever since I became aware of a team of four DJ's/Beatmaster/Performance Artists known as C2C out of France. C2C came up with their own original song titled "Happy", as original as DJ's can be of course, as they sample other peoples songs into their own. Their music video for the song features some amazing dancing, and similarly to Pharrel's release, there was even a contest to involve fans from around the world. This immediately got me wondering after I heard it and saw the video below... Did Pharrell Williams ever hear/watch this C2C version of Happy before he penned his own song titled Happy, complete with dance video and contest? C2C released their own Happy song in December 2012 and Pharrell Williams released his version of Happy in November 2013, nearly one year later than C2C.  Perhaps it does not matter, for there is nothing new under the sun.  Regardless, C2C deserves some love, for they are a very talented group of guys who know how to muster up excellent music video producers as well. GC

UPDATE/ANSWER TO THIS POST/QUESTION: A poster on Reddit known as GTAVSUCKS wrote that he thought Pharrell had once admitted that Ce Lo Green wrote the song for Pharrell. However, after doing some research, was led to a story about the history of the song at Contact Music that states:  
 "In an interview with Howard Stern for his US radio show, Pharrell said: ''[Cee Lo Green] wanted to do it .. and he did do it. He sounded amazing on it. He burns my version! But ... how do I say this diplomatically? The powers that be, at the time, did not see it fit for him. Some folks on his team just felt that the priority should be on [Cee Lo's] album at the time [2012's 'Cee Lo's Magic Moment'], so they elected not to do that song."

C2C - Happy

Here is one more very cool song titled Delta :)

C2C - Delta

and maybe the coolest of their songs, maybe.... (because they are all pretty grooving)

Down The Road (staring Richie Jackson)

Connect direct with C2C at c2cmusic.fr, Facebook.com/C2Cofficial, Twitter.com/C2Cdjs and Soundcloud.com/c2cdjs/tracks

Birdy - Not About Angels (Music Video)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Birdy's song Not About Angeles

The first time we featured Birdy and four of her videos was back in a March of 2012 post where we wrote: "The songs below are by a gifted girl who can sit down at the piano and sing her ass off with no pomp or circumstance and deliver the goods with exceptional perfection. Her sensitive and emotionally driven angelic voice is mind alteringly beautiful."  

Standing by our previous statement, we are proud to present the latest single from Birdy titled Not About Angels from The Fault In Our Stars film soundtrack.  Enjoy! GC

Birdy - Not About Angels

Connect direct with Birdy at OfficialBirdy.Com, Facebook.com/BirdyMusic, Instagram.com/birdyinstagram and Twitter.com/birdy

One more from Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name

Michael Jackson on Music Television

Just below is the latest and very beautiful music video from Michael Jackson's posthumous album titled XSCAPE, an album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs. The album was produced and curated by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid, who retooled the production to add a fresh, contemporary sound that retains Jackson's essence and integrity. It's a process Reid calls "contemporizing." The list of producers include global hitmakers Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, and John McClain.

Connect direct with the official Michael Jackson legacy website at MichaelJackson.Com


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The beautiful music of London Grammar

MusicTelevision.Com proudly presents London Grammer

Music Television is very pleased to share these music videos here for those who have not yet heard the trio known as London Grammar and songs from their debut album titled If You Wait.

The thing that is so impressive about this group is their lack of attempting to impress with anything other than the elegance of their music. The music is minimalist, yet rich. The group's vocalist, Hannah Reid, exudes a certain stillness, focus and control. Her voice is deliciously lush, which is all she needs as she simply stands in front of a microphone and delivers. Enjoy! GC

London Grammar - Hey Now

London Grammar - Sights

London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years

London Grammar - Strong

Connect direct with London Grammar at LondonGrammar.Com, Facebook.com/londongrammar, Twitter.com/londongrammar, Instagram.com/londongrammar and Soundcloud.com/londongrammar

The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury 2013

MusicTelevision.Com presents the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury

The Rolling Stones YouTube feed is great. They work hard to always post more content.

Enjoy the Concert!

Connect direct with The Rolling Stones at Rolling Stones

Bobby Womack Has Left The Room

A fond farewell to one of the world's great soul artists.

Just got word (Friday June 28, 2014) from a Rolling Stone feed moments ago that Bobby Womack has passed away at age 70.

RIP Bobby Womack

If you missed this recent 2013 BBC documentary on the life of Bobby Womack titled Across A 110th Street, this is it below. It's filled with great stories, music and too many great artists to even mention.

Below is a tasty classic track from 1988 by Womack & Womack titled Teardrops

Just below is an old school Todd Rungren video with Bobby and many others helping Todd make a recording with a full band of real players,w strings, horns and all. This video is filled with sweet candid footage from the actual recording session for Rundgren's 1989 record titled Nearly Human.

Todd Rundgren - Want Of A Nail (featuring Bobby Womack)

The Rolling Stones paid tribute to Bobby Womack, who wrote one of their songs from 1964 titled It's All Over Now.

Connect direct with the official Bobby Womack website at BobbyWomack.Com

One Shot Music Video Hall of Famers - OK Go's latest video + those by others

Anybody who has attempted to make any video in one shot with no edits, just sheer good planning, knows how difficult the task is. Throughout music video history, there have been numerous noteworthy videos in this growing category. Here are just a few, starting with the latest addition to the list that was just released today by OK Go. According to Rolling Stone, the video took "... nearly three weeks to assemble and 50 takes to get right".

OK Go - The Writing's On the Wall

Recently, Kiesza released a this video below, which our sister site The-Indies calls a "One Take Hall of Famer"

Kiesza - Hideaway

Here is one that is amongst the most basic one shot music videos, but a cool indie band worthy of a listen.

Cut Capers - Say What

Here is a classic one with the backstory by those who were there:

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Home Sick Blues

Lisa Loeb - Stay

Janet Jackson - Rock With U

Lucas - Lucas With The Lid Off (Directed by Michel Gondry)


More from Michael Jackson - (The Hologram Video that isn't really a hologram)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Michael Jackson Slave To The Rhythm

Just below is the latest most excellent video for The King of Pop's Xscape album, featuring the now famous Michael Jackson posthumous live performance that many have called a hologram. However, it has been confirmed that the illusion that took months of planning, was really not a hologram at all...

Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm

Connect direct to Michael Jackson's official website at MichaelJackson.Com


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French Cassettes - Mouth Drum

MusicTelevision.Com presents French Cassettes
French Cassettes latest album cover

This recording/video has been around for two years, but that does not take away from the smell of a potentially very big hit song here...

French Cassettes - Mouth Drum

Connect direct with French Cassettes at FrenchCassettes.Net


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Janelle Monáe - Heroes (Filmtrack by The Young Astronauts)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Janelle Monáe music video of Heroes, for Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game

This music video below is part of the offficial soundtrack and film from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game. The song was performed by Janelle Monáe and written by David Bowie and Brian Eno.

Connect direct with Janelle Monáe at jmonae.com, Facebook.com/janellemonae, Instagram.com/janellemonae, Soundcloud.com/janelle-monae and Twitter.com/janellemonae

Sam Smith is onto something good!

MusicTelevision.Com presents Sam Smith and his song Stay With Me

Back on September 8, 2012 our sister site MusicLoad.Com plugged Disclosure - Latch about a month before it was released, which Sam Smith was the featured vocalist on. Nearly two years later, that Disclosure song has still has legs and is presently in the Top 10 most searched songs on Shazam this week.

After a nice run of singing on other people's projects, Sam has ventured out on his own and it's pretty darned good! This song below is just one of his tracks titled Stay With Me off his upcoming album titled The Lonely Hour. It's a total rip off of Tom Petty's song I Won’t Back Down, but it's a undeniable hit.

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Connect direct with Sam Smith at SamSmithWorld.Com


Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (featuring Justin Timberlake)

Music Television presents Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson

The King of Pop lives on, as the executors for the Estate of Michael Jackson have dug into his archives of unreleased songs to bring Michael back to life through his latest album titled Xscape.

Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (featuring Justin Timberlake)

Connect direct to Michael Jackson's official website at MichaelJackson.Com


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Lianne La Havas - Forget (Music Video)

Lianne La Havas presently holds two spots on the MusicTelevision.Com Top 10 Most Viewed chart on the right side of this page because her music is that good!

Lianne La Havas - Forget

Like it? Click the following link to hear and see our handpicked list of more excellent Lianne La Havas music videos: MusicTelevision.Com/2014/02/lianne-la-havas-long-list-of-tasty.html

Connect direct with Lianne La Havas at LianneLaHavas.Com, Facebook.Com/LianneLaHavas, Twitter.Com/LianneLaHavas and Instagram.Com/LianneLaHavas

The latest from The Black Keys

MusicTelevision.Com presents The Black Keys and their song Fever
The Black Keys latest album cover for Turn Blue

Just below is the latest video from The Black Keys for their song titled Fever, directed by Theo Wenner. The album is due out May 13, 2014.

Connect direct with The Black Keys at TheBlackKeys.Com

See more videos of The Black Keys from these two previous MusicTelevision.Com posts:
1. MusicTelevision.com/2012/01/great-french-music-tv-show-on-arte-one.html
2. MusicTelevision.com/2012/01/black-keys-lonely-boy-first-listen.html

Sara Barilles - I Choose You (The Music Videos)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Sara Bareilles and a live filmed take of her song I Choose You
Album cover to Sara Bareilles record titled The Blessed Unrest
Music Television is pleased to present Sara Bareilles. Most of all, we like her authenticism. She is completely unmanufactured and a really grounded and down to earth human being who deserves all the success that can go to a star.

This video is just another tiny example of the things she does for fans and just one glimpse of her kind heartedness. GC

Sara Bareilles - I Choose You

Just below is a live take of the song that is brilliant! It shows how beautiful her music typically is live, in a minimalist setting with no real pomp or circumstance needed, in her true element.

Sara Bareilles - I Choose You (Live at Mandalay Bay)

Connect direct with Sara Bareilles at SaraBMusic.ComFacebook.com/sarabareilles, Instagram.com/sarabareilles, and Twitter.com/SaraBareilles

Kim Churchill - Window To The Sky (Music Video)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Kim Churchill and his music video for Window To The Sky - Photo by Sam Atkinson
International Recording/Touring Artist, Kim Churchill - Photo by Sam Atkinson
Music Television is proud to present this incredibly humble, cool and hard working artist who at a young age went straight for what it is he loves: Being a traveling and surfing musician.

Kim Churchill has been featured MusicTelevision.Com and our related family sites several times in the last few years. He recently announced that he signed a deal with Warner Music Australia and is very excited to be releasing his upcoming 'Silence/Win' album on May 23rd, 2014. This video below is the song that will be the second track on that album. Enjoy! GC

Kim Churchill - Window to the Sky

Connect direct with Kim Churchill at KimChurchill.Com, Facebook.com/kimchurchillmusic, Instagram.com/kimchurchill1, Twitter.com/KimChurchill and Soundcloud.com/kim-churchill

Enjoy more from Kim Churchill in this previous MusicTelevision.Com post: MusicTelevision.com/2011/07/kim-churchill-very-soulful-artist-worth.html

This post was created by Greg Chamberlain on April 28, 2018, with subsequent edits and updates by Mariana L. Villanueva for The Indies Network

The raw talent of Bernhoft

MusicTelevision.Com presents Bernhoft

I found out about the fabulous Jarle Bernhoft three years ago. Thanks goes former Exposé vocalist Kelly Moneymaker for the introduction. Bernhoft is fresh, organic and unmanufactured. He has been honing his craft, touring the world and emerging for years.

When Bernhoft isn't just singing in front of a piano like in the first video, he becomes a self contained one man band, that relies on loops he lays down with his voice and with instruments as he goes as narrated in the 2nd and 3rd videos below. His soulful and deliberate croon is contagious and entertaining. Enjoy! GC

Bernhoft - Stay With Me

Bernhoft - Cmon Talk

Bernhoft - Choices

Bernhoft - So Many Faces

Berhoft - Since I was a Little Kid

Connect with Bernhoft at Bernhoft.Org, Facebook.com/jarlebernhoft, Instagram.com/jarlebernhoft and Twitter.com/bernhoft

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Pharrell Williams - Happy

MusicTelevision.Com presents the Pharrell Williams music video for Happy

Whilst this website loves to root for the lesser known underdog artists of substance, one cannot argue with inspired genius generated by well established major artists like Pharrell Williams and material from his latest project. If you don't love this video below, you might not be happy :( - GC

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Connect direct with Pharrell Williams at PharrellWilliams.com

Ayo - Life Is Real

MusicTelevision.Com, Ayo music video, song titled Life Is Real,

Sweet and now classic song by the beautiful sensitive songwriter, guitarist and sweet voiced singer named Ayo. The video was shot in Lagos Nigeria a long while ago back in time. A true gift to the world of music, Ayo has released so much great music since this time too! - Be sure to turn up the volume on this video, for the mastering is/was not the best, but the song content makes up for it :) - GC

Ayo - Life is Real (2006-2007)

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Saucy Monky - Do I Have Your Attention

MusicTelevision.Com presents Saucy Monky
Saucy Monky photo by Carrie Gifford
Just received this e-mail announcement from one of the greatest garage bands in the world known as Saucy Monky, introducing their latest video featured below.  Be sure to catch them live if you can, you won't be disappointed. - GC
Hi everyone!

We are SOOOOO excited to announce the release of our brand new video for "DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?". It's a follow up to our award winning music video for AWKWARD. "Do I Have Your Attention?" depicts the story of a woman who feels rejected by her lover. Watch her as she walkes through a range of emotions from melancholia to rage & revenge. It was shot on a fancy RED camera and directed by Justin Burquist from In Vitro Films. It made its premiere today on OneMoreLesbian.com and you can buy the song on iTunes HERE.


In other news, check out THIS LINK to view 10 Rejection Letters To Famous People, such as U2, Andy Warhol and Madonna. I guess it proves the point that if you believe in your art, you shouldn't listen to the nay-sayers.

Have a great week everyone!!


Annmarie, Cynthia, Steve and Alexa


Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky (Live at Abby Road)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Paolo Nutini

Here is new song deserving of hit status around the world. It's for sure the real deal, the genuine article, no matter where it ends up on the charts. No smoke & mirrors... no pomp & circumstance needed. The song is titled Iron Sky from Scottish artist Paolo Nutini and his soon to be released second album titled 'Caustic Love' on the UK unit of Atlantic Records. Brilliant! - GC

The video was a live version. The upcoming album release will contain the studio version. The album is not yet on pre-sale in the U.S., but it is on pre-sale on Amazon in the U.K. @ Click Here to Pre Order The Studio Version of The Song and Full Album on Amazon UK

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Kim Churchill

Music Television presents Kim Churchill and live filmed performance of his song titled Tides
Australian Surfer and Recording Artist, Kim Churchill
Music Television is proud to present Kim Churchill. Out of all his videos, this particular live performance on a freezing cold balcony in Melbourne Australia still resonates as capturing the true essence of this humble, yet gifted songwriter, soulful crooner and guitarist. Enjoy! GC

Kim Churchill - Tides

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