Music Television social media, submissions & contact info

YouTube is the preferred mode of review Music Television for finding music for placesment on MusicTeleivison.Com and it's affiliated music channels that break up into multiple niche genres.

Music Television is lighly active enough to receive submissions via DM, tagging or replying to any of our posts on X.Com/Global_Music_TV which will take you to Twitter.Com/Global_Music_TV

As of February 2024, we still post to Facebook, but do not monitor Facebook or Instagram for direct messages or comments to posts.

If you wish to point out a particular song, music video or artist or band we might not be aware of yet, please send a e-mail with YouTube (other links only if not on youtube already) and relevant names, contact phone number(s), etc:

Please visit the following Music Television sites that include:

The Indies: TheIndies.Com
The Quiet Storm: TheQuietStorm.Com
X Music TV (for mature audiences): XMusicTV.Com
Live Music Television: LiveMusicTelevision.Com
Dancentricity: Dancentricity.Com
Classic Music Television: ClassicMusicTelevision.Com
TV Música (Latin/Spanish Music Videos): TVMusica.Com
MusicLoad: MusicLoad.Com

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