Ibeyi - Stranger / Lover

musictelevision.com presents Ibeyi

Here is a good music video from the debut album of an act off the XL Recordings label that consists of twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz, who named their act Ibeyi. The video was directed by Léo Bigiaoui and Maxime Baudin. Enjoy! GC

Ibeyi - Stranger / Lover

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Lianne La Havas - Green & Gold (Music Video)

Music Television presents the music video to the Lianne La Havas song Green & Gold

From the Lianne La Havas album titled Blood, just below is the latest music video to track #2 titled Green & Gold. The song was written and produced collectively by Lianne La Havas, Jamie Lidell and Matt Hales.

Lianne La Havas - Green & Gold

Connect direct with Lianne La Havas at LianneLaHavas.Com, Facebook.Com/LianneLaHavas, Twitter.Com/LianneLaHavas and Instagram.Com/LianneLaHavas

If you are not yet familiar with the stellar repertoire of music as well as the many beautifully filmed videos that go along with many of her songs, please visit the following links:




Ravyn Lenae

MusicTelevision.Com presents Ravyn Lenae

Here is a young artist, who at 16 years old, recently released her first indie album. Just below are her first two music videos. Another young artist, a very busy 24 year old videographer, shot the videos.

Ravyn Lenae - Blossom Dearie

Ravyn Lenae - Greetings

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The latest from Jack and Jack - Groove

Music Television presents the Jack and Jack music video for their song titled Groove

Groove is the latest single released by the comedy duo (Nerd Vandals) turned music duo known as Jack and Jack. Still in their teens, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky's bond and friendship dates all the way back to the first day of kindergarten.

They have released several single songs. In 2014, their single titled Wild Life (2nd video below) hit #2 on iTunes and #87 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Groove seems to have various quintessential contagious hit pop song qualities going for it and it does indeed groove hard enough that it might just deserve to surpass their previous chart records. The video for the song, below, was directed and edited by Andre LaDon. For those interested, LaDon was kind enough to share the details of how he used used a green screen along with which effects and backgrounds he used to finish the video.

Jack and Jack - Groove

Jack and Jack - Wild Life

Connect direct with Jack and Jack at jackandjackofficial.com, and twitter.com/jackandjack

Connect direct with director Andre LaDon at Twitter.Com/AndreLaDon

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Muse - Defector and Psycho (Music Videos)

Music Television presents MUSE and a song from their new album titled Drones

Music Television is pleased to present Muse and their video to their song titled Defector, a single from album titled Drones.

Muse has taken off in a new direction with another fresh approach. Their last two albums were self produced.  This time they collaborated with legendary producer Mutt Lange. If you are not familiar with Mutt, here is a listing of his top 10 albums according to Eduardo Rivadavia of UltimateClassicRock.Com.

Muse - Defector

Just in case you missed it, here is one other single/music-video titled Psycho from the upcoming Drones album. This song could not more perfectly frame how our military molds the minds of kids who enroll.

Muse - Psycho

Connect direct with Muse at Muse.Mu and at Twitter.Com/Music and at Facebook.Com/Muse

Muse has been featured on our network two other times in the past. Long ago at this link, we featured a nice live take at filmed at Wembly of the group performing the Nina Simone classic titled Feeling Good, where the audience was singing along. That was heavy. And, in October 2012 on our sister site TheIndies.Com, we featured one of their music videos titled Madness.

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Kraak & Smaak - All I Want Is You - featuring Keyhole

MusicTelevision.Com presents Kraak & Smaak featuring Keyhole

Just below is the latest song and music video from the electronic production trio which sister site MusicLoad featured here back in February 2012.

Kraak & Smaak's core trio members are Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug. They are based in the Netherlands. The guest vocalist, falsetto and all, is known as Keyhole.

This most excellent music video comes complete with a set up story to read before commencing to watch:
On the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles, a lovelorn young gentleman lets an opportunity to chat with a fancy dame slip. In his moment of dismay, he's taken under the wing of a swag-tastic homeless man who teaches him the power of dance to Kraak & Smaak's classy disco tune. 
Flash forward a chorus or two and homeboy's got moves like Prince and is downing strange chemicals in the LA river. By the time he runs into the object of his affections again, he's a crotch-thrusting lothario and she can't resist the power of his discotheque maneuvers. That is, until she gets swooped by the homeless guy.

Kraak & Smaak - All I Want Is You - (featuring Keyhole)

Connect direct with Kraak & Smaak at KraakSmaak.Com, on Facebook.com/KraakAndSmaak and on Twitter.Com/KraakSmaak

Connect direct with Keyhole at KEYHOLETheMusic.Com, at Facebook.Com/KEYHOLETheMusic and at Twitter.Com/KEYHOLETheMusic

The above music video was released in association with Thump, which is part of the edgy media group known as VICE. Thank you to both for making the above video available.

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Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me (Music Video)

Music Television presents Kraak & Smaak and their music video for Squeeze Me

From the town of Leiden in the Netherlands, Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug make up a music production trio known as Kraak & Smaak. This song below is one of their many mixes and creative music videos from several years ago that still has legs. It features the vocals of Ben Westbeech. Enjoy!

Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me

Connect direct with Kraak & Smaak at KraakSmaak.Com, on Facebook.com/KraakAndSmaak and on Twitter.Com/KraakSmaak

In February 2012, the above music video with three additional songs was originally featured Music Television's sister site, MusicLoad at this link.

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Pops Staples - Don't Lose This

Music Television presents Pop Staples - Don't Lose This

Can't not post this video of Mavis Staples telling a little bit of the story about her father's final record titled Don't Lose This.

She tells about how Pops asked to hear the recordings when he was not feeling good near the end of his life, months after they recorded it. She took it up to his room and he heard it, smiled and said "... don't lose that". It was the final recording that the Staple Singers ever recorded together with Pops in 1998 through mid 1999. Unfortunately, Robuck "Pops" Staples died in December of 2000 after a concussion he had suffered from a fall in his home. This was a very emotional project for Mavis to help complete, as you will see. But she finds joy in it all.

The album is a true delight and should be enjoyed with the volume turned up enough to hear more of the detail and intricacies of Pops technique. It was recorded in 1998 at the Hinge Recording Studio & The Loft in Chicago, Illinois. But, on some of the songs there is some additional production that was recently added by Jeff Tweedy of the band Wilco. Lucky guy got the gig because he had worked well with Mavis on her solo albums.

The entire record is brilliantly minimalist, so soulful and funky in mostly a subtle way. It's old school. Absolutely love track 3: No News is Good News and track 7: The Lady's Letter, but all the songs are a real good dose of authentic from a true pioneer.

Thank you to Anti- Records, a division of the indie label known as Epitaph Records for providing the Full Album Stream featured below.

Connect direct with the Staples' family legacy through Mavis Staple's website at MavisStaples.Com

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Dylan re-interprets Sinatra hits

Music Television presents Bob Dylan's re-interpretation of The Night We Called It A Day

Just below is Bob Dylan's latest music video directed by Nash Edgerton (see full video production credits at bottom of post). The video is to Dylan's recording of The Night We Called It A Day. The song was written by Matt Dennis and Tom Adair in 1941 and covered by numerous artists including Frank Sinatra.  All the songs on Dylan's most recent ten song album titled Shadows In The Night were songs handpicked by Dylan as a tribute to Sinatra and songs he had recorded at some point in his career.  This extraordinary video for The Night We Called It A Day is more like a classic gangster film, than a music video, depicting the genre films from a period in the Sinatra era. It's the kind of work that music lovers expect from greatness, and no less. Enjoy! GC

Bob Dylan - The Night We Called It A Day

Connect direct with Bob Dylan at BobDylan.Com and Facebook.Com/BobDylan and Twitter.Com/BobDylan

Just below is a nice interview of one of the most legendary music engineers of all time, Al Schmitt. He had the privilege of working on this Dylan project and talks about how it came together and how it was recorded. Music producer and journalist Stephen Peeples is the host of the interview.

Full Credit List for Production of Music Video for The Night We Called It A Day
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Director: Nash Edgerton
Executive Producer: Sue Yeon Ahn
Producer: Benjamin Gilovitz & Kimberly Stuckwisch
Commissioner: Bryan Younce
Director of Photography: Morgan Susser
Production Designer: Toby Corbett
Stylist: Francis & Pereira
Editor: Luke Doolan & Nash Edgerton
VFX Artist: Denis Sharabarin
VFX Producer: Kevin Cornish
Color & Conform: Bonch
Colorist: Bill Pollock
Cast: Bob Dylan, Robert Davi & Tracy Phillips.

Alex Nester - Show A Little Love

Music Television presents Alex Nester - No Auto Tune

Tonight I was walking down the street and heard a very beautiful and soulful voice and a piano emanating from an outdoor restaurant and just had to walk in to figure out who it was.

Her name is Alex Nester. When I got home I looked her up. I learned that, besides the fact that she has been honing her craft and paying her musical dues for quite a while, at age 16 she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma, but overcame it all and is now cancer free.

The song I heard tonight that brought me in off the street was one that sounds like it was just meant for Joss Stone to cover. Ms. Nester said it had not been recorded, yet.

As I was browsing through her websites looking for a music video to feature here, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw her "No Auto-Tune" logo posted on much of her promotional material.

I found this song below that is obviously sung from the heart of a girl who overcame what was most likely assumed an early death. Kudos to you, Alex Nester, for staying in the game and keeping it 100% organic. GC

Alex Nester - Show A Little Love

Connect direct with Alex Nester at AlexNester.Com and Facebook.Com/AlexNesterFan and Twitter.Com/Squeelo

Bob Marley – Cool amateur film from Easy Skanking show in Boston, 1978

Music Television presents Bob Marley from Easy Skanking in Boston '78

In 1978, legendary Boston concert booker, Fred Taylor (read the Music Museum of New England biographies on his life here and here) and his company H-T Productions, were doing one-off shows at the Music Hall in Boston.  They booked Bob Marley & The Wailers during the period that the group was promoting it's Kaya album and tour. This show in Boston was dubbed Easy Skanking in Boston '78.  Filmed by a solo hombre with the audio beautifully captured, it was recently released from the Marley family vault and made available in February 2015 for the first time.

Just below is the recently released video of I Shot The Sheriff from this show. What I really love about it is that it was shot by a solo hombre, meaning there was only one camera operator and he used film! It's cool hand-held footage, from one perspective in the front row of the event, and as enjoyable as many professionally filmed concerts that switch back and forth to additional cameras. A animation house, known as S77, filled in some blanks on this production, with some nice transitions, perhaps to cover gaps during the periods when the camera man was switching out rolls of film in his camera. Turn it up & enjoy! GC

Bob Marley – "I Shot The Sheriff" (live) | Easy Skanking In Boston '78

And we found one more clip from this wonderful release that is a song that captures the essence of Bob's fight for the underdogs of the world in a quest for liberty and freedom, that is not reserved only for the privileged. When Bob Marley proclaims: "Yeah, Rastafari. Until the philosophy which hold one race as superior and another inferior, is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned", one should know what song is coming. WAR

Bob Marley - War (live) | Easy Skanking In Boston '78

Review the full array of digital, DVD/BluRay and Vinyl offerings related to this recent February 2015 release. here.

Connect direct with the offical Bob Marley website at BobMarley.Com, on Facebook.Com/BobMarley and Twitter.Com/BobMarley

Connect direct with the record label Bob Marley founded, known as Tuff Gong, with daughter Cedella Marley as current CEO, at TuffGong.Com and Facebook.com/tuffgonginternational  and Twitter.com/tuffgongstudio

Just below is a photo of the original handbill, now considered collector's item. Wolfgang's Vault has one for sale. Click here to view the item.

Bob Marley handbill for Easy Skanking Show, Boston 1978

Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (Music Video)

Music Television presents Nico & Vinz and their music video to Am I Wrong

It's fun to come across an international act that I've never heard of, but is bigger than big with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. This is one of those acts out of Oslo, Norway. This track titled Am I Wrong by Warner Bros. Records record artist's, Nico & Vinz, kind of reminds me of The Police and their song from 1979 titled "Message In A Bottle"  This breakthrough song for the act, featured below, is track two off their album titled Black Star Elephant. Enjoy! GC

Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong

Connect direct with Nico & Vinz at nicoandvinz.com, facebook.com/nicoandvinz and twitter.com/nicoandvinz

The Police - Message In A Bottle

Connect direct with The Police at ThePolice.Com

The Kings of Rock & Roll - Anybody Seen My Baby

Music Television presents The Rolling Stones

Directed by Sam Bayer, a director with one of the longest resumes in music video history, just below is the music video for The Rolling Stones' single titled Anybody Seen My Baby.

It was the first single from the Bridges To Babylon album released in 1997. The song was written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, KD Lang and Ben Mink. The role of Baby in the video was performed by Angelina Jolie. Turn it up and enjoy!

The Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby

She confessed her love to me
Then she vanished
On the breeze
Trying to hold on to that
Was just impossible

She was more than beautiful
Closer to ethereal
With a kind of
Down to earth flavor

Close my eyes
It's three in the afternoon
Then I realize
That she's really
Gone for good

Anybody seen my baby
Anybody seen her around
Love has gone
And made me blind
I've looked but I just can't find
She has gotten lost
In the crowd

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Eddie Van Halen's Story - The Smithsonian Talk

Music Television presents Eddie Van Halen's Smithsonian Talk

Music Television is primarily focused on the actual music, rather than talking too much about it, so this post is a rare exception.

Just below is pioneering rock & roll king and guitar legend Eddie Van Halen sitting down for a talk with a Smithsonian Talks series called "What It Means To Be American".  The discussion lasts almost one hour. Eddie covers his own and his family's life from when he and his brother, Alex, were little, before his family took a boat to America. His father was a musician who was able to pay their way over to America by performing on the boat that brought them. Perhaps, that was his brother Alex and Eddie's first real paying gig, on piano, when their father had them sit in one night. That's just the beginning of a great story that most have never heard, until now. Enjoy! GC

Back in the day before Eddie Van Halen was famous, when kids were learning how to play guitar or bass, one of the first songs learned was Deep Purple's song Smoke On The Water.  These days, kids like Tina S., a gifted young female guitarist in France, strive to master Eddie Van Halen's song Eruption.

Just below is some classic live concert footage of Van Halen from 1982 and one of their songs titled Eruption. Turn it way up.

Van Halen - Eruption

Connect direct with Eddie Van Halen twitter.com/eddievanhalen and facebook.com/eddievanhalen

Connect with Eddie's Gear Company at evhgear.com

Connect direct with Smithsonian Talks at whatitmeanstobeamerican.org

Friends - I'm His Girl

Music Television presents Friends and their music video for I'm His Girl

Here is a cool song from a band called Friends off their debut album titled Manifest!. Enjoy! GC

Friends - I'm His Girl

Connect direct with Friends at aFriendsZone.com and facebook.com/sdneirfbackwards and twitter.com/afriendszone

Space Capone - You'll Just Wanna Dance

Music Television presents Space Capone and their song titled I Just Wanna Dance

Out of Nashville is a cool funky soul/r&b, disco act named Space Capone. This is one of their tracks from a few years ago that still feels good. Turn it up & dance! GC

Space Capone - I Just Wanna Dance

Just so you don't think this is a DJ thing, here is the full group:

Space Capone - P.F.O. (Peach Flavored Optimo)

And, just one more bonus track titled Booty

Space Capone - Booty

Connect direct with Space Capone at facebook.com/spacecaponemusic

The Movement of Jah People Celebrates #Marley70

The Music Television network of sites spent this entire week celebrating the lead up to Bob Marley's birthday, which arrived today, February 6th, 2015. The humble legend would be 70 years old today if he were physically alive.

His music will live forever and his soul lives on in the Movement of Jah people's hearts towards peace, love and positive vibrations for all around the world.  He was the ultimate activist for human rights, freedom and liberty around the world, and for legalization of an herb that has made great headway as of recent.

Just below and throughout each site in the network, we are grateful to the photographers and artists who granted use of their portraits and unique handpicked clips, films, full concerts, remixes, demo tapes, cover songs by others and more. Don't forget to turn it up and enjoy! GC

MusicTelevision.Com celebrates Bob Marley's 70th Birthday - Art by NipRogers.Com
Bob Marley art courtesy of Nip Rogers

His message was Peace, Love, Music and Liberty...

Bob Marley - Africa Unite (Live)

He sang "lively up yourself and don't be no drag"

Bob Marley - Lively Up Yourself (Live in London - 1977)

For real fans, this next film is spine tingling

Bob Marley & The Wailers - No Woman No Cry (Live in 1979)

Bob Marley - Full Concert, Live (1979)

Connect direct with the official website for Bob Marley at BobMarley.Com, or follow on Facebook.Com/BobMarley and Twitter.Com/BobMarley


A big thank you to artist Nip Rogers for permission to use his excellent piece of Bob Marley art. Connect direct with Nip at NipRogers.Com or at Facebook.Com/rogers.nip

Clapton covers Marley - I Shot The Sheriff

Music Television presents Eric Clapton covering Bob Marley's song I Shot The Sheriff

In honor of Bob Marley's 70th birthday on Friday, February 6, 2015, the Music Television family of sites has been featuring the music and remembering the very humble, yet powerful activist and human rights leader whose music inspired many other great artists to achieve higher highs in their lives and careers. Such was the case with Eric Clapton, who covered Bob Marley's song titled I Shot The Sheriff, just about one year after Bob Marley & The Wailers' released it on their 1973 album titled Burnin'.

In 1974, Eric Clapton reluctantly recorded I Shot The Sheriff for his album titled 461 Ocean Boulevard. Clapton was reluctant because he did wish to be unintentionally disrespectful to Marley. However, when he ultimately did record it, rumor has it that Marley was pleased with Clapton's take. The song ended up being Eric Clapton's only #1 hit, yet so far in the U.S. and it reached the #9 position in the United Kingdom. A subsequent windfall of new ears listening to Bob Marley occurred as a wider audience, at the time, became more aware of reggae music and who Bob Marley was.  Clapton's success with the song helped bring Marley more into the mainstream consciousness. In 2003, Clapton's cover of the I Shot The Sheriff was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

There are many versions of Eric Clapton covering the song, both in the studio and live in concert. The filmed performance, just below, was filmed live at a concert at Hyde Park. As if to pay tribute to Marley's passing, the song starts off more gently as a pavane before breaking into the power of the song. Next, is one more version of Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler and lastly, a wonderful live film of Bob Marley performing his song. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

Eric Clapton - I Shot the Sheriff - Hyde Park (Live)

Another great one was filmed live in Tokyo with Mark Knopfler.

Eric Clapton & Mark Knopfler - I Shot The Sheriff (Tokyo, 1988)

Here is a wonderful live take of Bob Marley, performing his song, live in concert.

Bob Marley - I Shot The Sheriff

Connect direct with Eric Clapton at EricClapton.Com, Facebook.Com/EricClapton, Instagram.com/EricClapton and Twitter.com/ericclapton

Connect direct with the official Bob Marley site at BobMarley.Com, Facebook.Com/BobMarley and at Twitter.Com/BobMarley

Notable unofficial remix & video of Bob Marley's Exodus

Music Television presents Captain Tez and his remix/video of Bob Marley's song Exodus

Music Television generally does not feature covers of songs or very many unoffical remixes, however, in honor of Bob Marley's 70th birthday this week, the rules are meant to be broken to show off a remix and video of Bob Marley's legendary song titled Exodus put together by a Captain Tez, who is out of England and who states on his Twitter page that he is "Learning to be a Music Video artist".  We like his work.  Turn it up and enjoy! GC

Bob Marley - Exodus - The Captain Tez Remix

Connect direct with Captain Tez on his Google+ page

Chet Faker - The music videos from his Built on Glass album

MusicTelevision.Com presents videos from Chet Faker's Built on Glass album

Off the independent Future Classic imprint, just below are the music videos from Australian artist Chet Faker and his album titled Built on Glass. Enjoy! GC

Chet Faker - Gold

Chet Faker - 1998

Chet Faker - Talk is Cheap

Connect direct with Chet Faker at ChetFaker.Com


Protoje with Toian - Shot By Love

MusicTelevision.Com presents Protoje and Toian: Shot By Love

As Burt Bacharach once wrote and so brilliantly sang, "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..."

Via a plug by the company founded by Bob Marley known as Tuff Gong, here is a beautiful love song in that spirit, with a lyric infused music video worthy of turning up the volume knob before enjoying the read. Enjoy! GC

Protoje and Toian - Shot By Love

Connect direct with Protoje at Protoje.Com

Connect direct with Toian at itstoian.com

The Captivating Voice of Benjamin Clementine

Music Television presents Benjamin Clementine on A Take Away Show

Bravo and thank you again to La Blogotheque, a series producer of rich cinematic quality music films that they call Take Away Shows, mostly shot on streets and various locations around France. This particular Take Away Show installment features a very captivating new voice that seems to be gaining some traction.

Benjamin Clementine perform his songs titled 'Condolence' and 'St-Clementine-on-Tea-and-Croissants­' in the emptied Sainte Geneviève Library in Paris. This particular Take Away Show helps him put on a mini theatrical opera, that is part of the lead up to his debut album titled At Least For Now.  Click here to preview a music video and a live take of a song from his debut album which is previewable on our sister site, TheRecordStore.Com.

This striking artist is unique, in both the way he looks, acts, sounds and carries himself. It is in a way that seems to have have the makings of potential success in not only music, but theatre and film as well.

An interesting clip we found, which we featured on TheIndies.Com yesterday, is a testiment to the fact that he may have been paying his dues for a while. The clip was shot a few years back in 2011, when Benjamin was busking in a Paris subway station and a random commuter filmed him performing Bob Marley's song No Woman No Cry from her Blackberry.  Click here to see that, after you watch this video below. Enjoy! GC

Benjamin Clementine - Condolence and St. Clementine on Tea and Croissants (Live on A Take Away Show)

Connect direct with Benjamin Clementine at BenjaminClementine.Com, Facebook.com/BenjaminClementine, Instagram.com/BenjaminClementine and Twitter.com/mrbclementine

Cheers to the talented La Blogotheque/Take Away Show team that produced this. They are:
Directed by Colin Solal Cardo
Sound by Etienne Pozzo
Mix by Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet
Unit Production Manager : Jean-Baptiste Arbouch
Production managers : Jonathan André & Anousonne Savanchomkeo
Produced by Chryde & Matthieu Buchsenschutz
Focus Puller : Thomas Jacquet
Colorist : Matthieu Toullet (MPC)
Barclay : Pauline Bérenger / Flavie Jaubert
Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève (Paris) : Ismaël Jude-Fercak, Faustine Lejour, Yves Peyré, Chantal Sisti

Gaby Moreno - The music films from her album titled Postales

MusicTelevision.Com presents music videos from Gaby Moreno's album titled Postales

Just in case you missed Gaby Moreno's third album titled Postales, which proceeded her Christmas album, just below are the four official films from that record, one being an animation, which led up to her winning the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Gaby is not really new to me.  I felt that she was the best new artist around about seven years earlier than the academy, but they got the Best Artist part right.

She has been at it for quite a while, in a way worthy of respect for her ethic and determination. She has paid her dues the old fashioned way.

Whilst these four songs featured below are all in Spanish, and might make you want to learn the language if you don't already know it,  do not pigeon hole Gaby Moreno as a strictly Latin or Spanish singing artist.

Much of her earliest material was in English, and it is fantastic with a timeless quality. She has made some real serious English language ethereal rock, such as with a earlier song of hers titled Bella. And, then she went on to write and record a vast body of blues/rock songs, which were in mostly in English. She will no doubt release more English speaking music as she has done in the past.

It would restore my faith in the music industry if Gaby were to win traditional English language Grammys in the future.  Regardless of awards, Gaby Moreno is one of the most grounded, authentic, uncontrived international artists of substance out there who needs no pomp, pump, slick tricks or smoke & mirrors to make her point. GC

Gaby Moreno - Valle de Magnolias (track #6 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - Qué Voy a Hacer (track #8 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - Juegos y Miedos (track #7 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - No Estoy Tan Mal (track #1 on Postales)

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com, Facebook.com/gabymorenoband, Twitter.com/gaby_moreno, and on Instagram.com/gaby_moreno

Hear and see a wonderful live filmed version of Blues de Mar, which was track #6 on Postales, at this link: http://www.musicload.com/2015/01/gaby-moreno-tasty-live-take.html


Cold Specks - Abisto and Bodies At Bay (Music Videos)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Cold Specks music videos off Neuroplasticity album

Off the British label known as Mute is a great Canadian based band known as Cold Specks.  The vocalist and chief organizer is Al Spx.  She and the group have a big rich sound all their own. As you will note if you look at the KEXP-FM recording referenced below, the group is excellent in live settings with no pump or circumstance, and able to cast a spell live that may even surpass the strength of their prolific studio recordings.

These two videos below represent tracks #7 and #2 of their latest (at the time of this January 2015 posting) 10 song album titled Neuroplasticity. This music has it's own mood. This is late night, turn down the lights, turn up the volume music where you can let your mind drift free of everything and reset. GC

Cold Specks - Absisto

Cold Specks - Bodies At Bay

Hear and see more handpicked Cold Specks performances at the two links below:

Connect direct with Cold Specks at ColdSpecks.Com, Facebook.com/ColdSpecks and Instagram.com/coldspecks


This post was original created on January 14, 2015 by Greg Chamberlain and has been subsequently edited and updated by Mariana Villanueva for The Indies Network