Nina Simone - Revolution

Nina Simone on MusicTelevision.Com
Painting of Nina Simone by a fan named Paintedgrass
In a time when few artists and bands have anything meaningful to say with regard to bringing about revolutionary change, it does not hurt to flash back to actual changemakers and revolutionaries who would be raising hell if they were still here today. GC

Nina Simone - (Live at Harlem Cultural Festival - 1969)

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Chicago - America (Music Video)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Chicago and the music video to the song America

The man who is probably the most powerful player in the music business, Irving Azoff, re-tweeted: "Dear Congress, it's not just Chicago sayin' it...". The tweet was originally from the band Chicago who recently released a new song called America. In a time when too few artists and bands are attempting to embarrass politicians who have been fucking up our once great country that has become a arrogant war mongering, currency diluting, drone using, bomb dropping, paranoid, spying police state, it is great too see any attempt whatsoever to embarrass the culprits and encourage American people to actually do something. GC

Chicago - America

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Sia Tolno - Odju Watcha (Music Video)

Music Television music video by Sia Tolno for her song titled Odju Watcha

In 2011, Sia Tolno broke out with her record titled My Life. The song below was released in advance of the full record. It is a political song that talks about the political depression in her native Africa. This lady can really sing and is full of passion! GC

Sia Tolno - Odju Watcha

Below is a short video of Sia discussing her life, where she is from and details about her music & songs.

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Never get enough of Trixie Whitley

Trixie Whitley music video for Never Enough. Photo of Trixie Whitley by Greg Chamberlain at

Music Television is pleased to present Trixie Whitley and the music video for Never Enough, which is the 2nd track from her 11 song album titled Forth Corner.

Her recordings contain all sorts of interesting electric guitar sounds with an underlying intrinsic etherealness to it that is all her own. Bubbling & brewing at the roots of the songwriting seems to be a soulfulness with a real syncopated funk with minimalist beats.

Whitley is a true original with integrity, not clawing for fame, just keeping it real. She has the kind of songs that grow on you, not always upon first listen. Her songs are like da kine creeper, meaning the more you listen, the more you get it and like it :) GC

Trixie Whitley - Never Enough

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More Trixie Whitley Videos:
Includes song 6. Breathe You In My Dreams, Song 4. Need Your Love and and a live take of Silent Rebel (Part2), the 5th song from Forth Corner.
Stripped down version of Trixie performing Need Your Love live on a Dutch-speaking radio station in Belgium
Early takes from previous album as well as work she did with Black Dub :)

Trixie Whitley photo by Greg Chamberlain at Twitter.Com/GregChamberlain

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