Lianne La Havas

MusicTelevision.Com presents music videos by Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas will be performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival on Tuesday July 4, 2017 in Montreux, Switzerland at Auditorium Stravinski.

Music Television is pleased to present more from Lianne La Havas.

This first tune below is a cover of Aretha Franklin's song titled I Say A Little Prayer (For You), filmed live at Studio Brussel, a radio station in Belgium that always beautifully captures in studio performances of many great acts.

Lianne La Havas - I Say A Little Prayer

The second presentation below is one of Lianne's official music videos to her song titled What You Don't Do from her most recent album titled Blood. This video was directed by Leila & Damien De Blinkk and produced by Abi Hodson at Wanda Productions.

Lianne La Havas – What You Don't Do (Official Video)

See one more official video from Blood in a previous post on this network, here:

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Sevdaliza - Amandine Insensible

Below is the latest music video by Sevdaliza, a recording artist based in the Netherlands. The music video was directed by directed by Piet Langeveld and is to the titled Amandine Insensible from Sevdaliza's EP titled Children of Silk.

Sevdaliza - Amandine Insensible

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POLARITY - Skeptic (Interactive 360 Degree Monoscopic Video)

MusicTelevision.Com presents POLARITY and their music video for their song Skeptic

Here is a really good hard rock band out of Toronto, Canada called POLARITY. This song and music video below titled Skeptic is extremely cool, especially because the interactive video was shot in 360 Degree Monoscopic. The band says this is best viewed via mobile phone, Oculus Rift or Chrome browser. But it still works for some other desktop and laptop computers too! If your cursor becomes a hand when hovering over the video, you may manipulate or drag the video where you want it. Enjoy! GC

POLARITY - Skeptic (360 Degree Monoscopic)

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Produced by Barking Mad Media, Firesight Films & Polarity
Director - Jeff Ridout & Matt Hamilton
DOP - Jeff Ridout
Editor - Matt Hamilton

With a special thanks from the band and crew to David Journeaux, Dimitris Mastroyiannis, Ashley Viera, Michael Burak, Yoshi Koga, Diggie and Team Distractional!


Gaby Moreno - Love is Gone (Se Apagó) from her Ilúsion album

Music Television presents Gaby Moreno and a song from her album titled Ilusion

It was just over ten years ago in August of 2006 when I heard Gaby Moreno for the first time. She covered Aretha Franklin, but very much with her own style of soul. After following her more closely, I learned she was much more multifaceted than I imagined. Her songs can be in either English, Spanish or mixed Spanglish and she is a true multi genre artist who mixes fusions of Latin, soul, R&B, blues and jazz that goes into a pop direction or dive into classical & folk Spanish styles depending upon her song or the mood that she decides to set.

In August of 2006 right I after I heard her and went out of my way to meet her, I relentlessly called her, not knowing enough about her story, hoping I could help her some how. Her career didn't seem to have broken through yet. There wasn't much information about her on the Internet at the time. I eventually got a return call and spoke to her and learned she had been through the mill, having been through deals with some major label people and things just hadn't clicked, yet. As people in the music industry have always known, one act out of dozens of signings might break through, if they are lucky!

There was something about Gaby that was so special. Not just musically special, but there was a distinct determination that she humbly had. The substance of her music and desire to play a lot of gigs and make more appearances than most acts is what ultimately set her apart from the competition, in my opinion. Her history is not a quick rise to fame story. But it is story of real soul from a unique artist who has worked long and hard to hone her craft and always grow new music that is always different from her last thing.

Her commitment to the craft of writing great songs and also her own excellent ability to curate collaborators, musicians, gear, wardrobe, a vibe and overall sound, has given her the kind of credibility that not all artists have.

After a lot of hard work, in 2013 she was not only nominated, but actually won in the Latin Grammy Award's category for Best New Artist. That was for the Spanish speaking Latin Grammy, which is separate from the English speaking Grammy organization. They are two separate worlds. I had hoped and predicted that after she won the Latin Grammy award, that she would go on to participate in the American or English speaking Grammy Awards. And finally in 2017, she achieved her first ever nomination for the American/English speaking Grammy awards for the Best Latin Pop category for her most recent (and fifth) album titled Ilúsion.

She has amassed and maintained a loyal audience with both her English repertoire and her Spanish repertoire. Some of her fan base may be separate, geographically and language wise, for the most part, but in the case of two of her most recent music videos below, she delivered both an English version and Spanish version of the same song and maybe it will help bridge the gap and bring more Spanish and English speaking fans together. Fans (like me) can actually learn the lyrics in both languages, and thus, use them to help us learn and understand a new language :)

The first video below is in English and titled Love Is Gone. It is one of her songs that goes in a style of pop that seems reminiscent of a stage that Elvis hit for a moment in his career. It features an emerging recording artist named Jonny P. The second video down is the Spanish version titled Se Apagó, which in English means "It turned off" or in this case, Love Is Gone. Enjoy! GC

Gaby Moreno - Love is Gone (English Version)

Gaby Moreno - Se Apagó (Spanish Version)

The final video below is to a song titled Estaré which was also on Gaby's Ilúsion album. Gaby wrote the following about the song:
Throughout the recording of my album Illusion, was present at my side, my dog ​​Pepper (Peppy) who after a long illness died in Nov. 2015. Thinking about the idea for the new video of this nice song that I composed with my great friend Tommy Torres, brought me memories of her and I wanted to make a tribute by sharing it with you and your pets. Thanks to all who shared their photos and videos. A kiss to the sky to my Peppy and another one for their pets who show us every day unconditional love.
Gaby Moreno - Estaré (Official Video)

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Julian Lennon - Saltwater 25

MusicTelevision.Com presents the music video for Julian Lennon's song titled Saltwater 25

Julian Lennon, the quiet, humble, gentlemanly son of the late great Beatles member John Lennon, wrote this about his re-make of his song titled Saltwater, a song he co-wrote with Mark Spiro and Leslie Spiro and released 25 years ago.
"I felt that after 25 Years of watching what’s been happening to Our Mother & All of Her Children, that I owed it not only to Myself, but to everyone, in many respects, to rerecord this song of sympathy/empathy, this Philanthropic Anthem, for future generations that hadn’t heard it before… And as a Shy & introspective Man myself, who has no political agendas, the only way to make My Voice truly heard in Life’s Arena, was to sing this song again, with a more appropriate, & more modern take on Today’s World, because it seems to me, and many others, that the World is 25 times worse than it was 25 years ago, on a Humanitarian & Environmental level… Hopefully, ‘Saltwater25’ can bring around that awareness of what We’re doing again, and maybe, just maybe, change a few minds into making some major changes, for the betterment of all."
Just below is the animated music video of the remake of Saltwater, this version called Saltwater 25.

Julian Lennon - Saltwater 25 - (Creo Que Voy a Llorar - I Think I'm Going To Cry)

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We are a rock revolving
Around a golden sun
We are a billion children rolled into one
So when I hear about the hole in the sky
Creo Que Voy a Llorar

We climb the highest mountain
We'll make the desert bloom
We're so ingenious we can walk the moon
But when I hear of how the forest have died
Creo Que Voy a Llorar

I have lived for love
But now that's not enough
For the world I love is dying And now I'm crying
And time is not a friend (no friend of mine)
As friends we're out of time
And it's slowly passing by ....right before our eyes

We light the deepest ocean
Send photographs of Mars
We're so enchanted my how clever we are
Why should one baby feel so hungry she cries
Creo Que Voy a Llorar
I have lived for love
But now that's not enough
For the…

Music Video Credits
Directed by Layla Atkinson and Jock Mooney
Illustration: Jock Mooney
Animation: Leslie Dart, Rok Predin, Simona Ciraolo, Layla Atkinson
Compositing: Rok Predin
Artworking: Mehmet Ulusahin
Producer: Richard Barnett
Executive Producer: Dick Carruthers

Music Production Credits
Julian Lennon: Vocals, Piano & Percussion
Justin Clayton: Guitars, Keyboards & Programming
Andreas Dahlbäck: Drums

Produced by: Justin Clayton
Mixed by: Andreas Ahlenius
Mastered by: Björn Engelman
Artwork: Julian Lennon & Debora Francis
Executive Producer: Julian Lennon

Brother Ali

MusicTelevision.Com presents Brother Ali's videos for Own Light and Pen To Paper

Rhymesayers Entertainment recording artist Brother Ali was featured on these pages here in 2013 and here in 2012 and way back in 2007. Listen to his classic song titled Uncle Sam Goddam (released in 2007) and you may see him as a real soothsayer, not just a rhymesayer.

His latest songs and music videos featured below continues the tradition with lyrical impressiveness and timeliness, besides being totally groovalicious. These songs are from his upcoming May 5, 2017 album release titled All The Beauty In This Whole Life.

These are Brother Ali's own words to describe the first music video below:
Very excited to present the video for Own Light, produced by my friend Dave Wilson. It was filmed in the Pacific Northwest and is dedicated to our recently departed brother and mentor, Jonathan Moore. Thank you to everyone who took part in this project and social thanks to Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah for the introduction and inspiration.

Brother Ali - Own Light (What Hearts Are For) [Official Video]

The next song was written by Brother Ali and produced by Ant. The music video was shot & edited by Maria Juranic and co-produced by Rachel Morgan.

Brother Ali - Pen To Paper

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