Wynonna & The Big Noise

Music Television presents Wynonna & The Big Noise

Curb Records recording artist Wynonna Judd is a historic country music figure whose latest record, based on the number of YouTube views, seems kind of under the radar for an artist of such legendary status. But it's certainly not for a lack of soulful country character.

This album is a very big deal for Wynonna and her husband, drummer, bandmate and the album's producer, Cactus Moser. Cactus spent a long time recovering from a motorcycle crash that occurred in 2012 shortly after they were married. The crash left him with an amputated leg and a shattered hand. He recovered well enough to be back playing, as well as producing, solidly.

It has been 13 years since Wynonna recorded a record of non cover songs. She managed to avoid doing the new record to match the supposed tastes of today's demographics, but instead writing and singing songs that are honest reflections of her place in life with all of the ups and downs she has experienced.

The recordings, as well as the music videos, are wonderfully organic with old school written all over them. It was recorded live in her home/farm studio with all vintage gear, her regular band (not session musicians) and it's worthy of garnering lots of love from fans who manage to hear it.

Fans will want to grab tickets to her domestic U.S. shows stretching from May through December 2016 by visiting her tour page. Enjoy! GC

Wynonna & The Big Noise - Ain't No Thing (Track #1)

Wynonna & The Big Noise - Things That I Lean On (#Track #3)

Wynonna & The Big Noise - You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast (Track #4)

Wynonna & The Big Noise - Jesus And A Jukebox (Track #7)

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SHEL - Rooftop

MusicTelevision.Com presents SHEL

Literally, one of the most dynamic, original and organic groups on the planet is this quartet of ladies known as SHEL.

Down below is their latest music video to their song titled Rooftop which is part of their upcoming 2016 album titled Just Crazy Enough.

Music Television presents SHEL - Just Crazy Enough

For those not yet familiar with SHEL, it's a group a four sisters (Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza) who long ago tapped into their individual musical genius and then onto their collective genius' as they began to create a great organic band with real instrumentation and sweet voices and brilliant harmonies (with no auto-tune and very little (if any) production necessary) backed by their impeccable musical poetry and arranging skills. Their studio recordings are in direct alignment as to how they sound when they perform live. And they nail their stuff live, as is evidenced in earlier live and studio recordings which you will find at the links at the bottom of this page. They are truly badass!

I first heard the group by way of Eva who had made a friend request on Ron Paul's official MySpace page during the 2007-2008 presidential election cycle. I personally ran the page on Congressman Paul's behalf and when I noticed Eva's friend request accompanied by a photo of her leaning on a musical instrument case in a Chaplinesque pose, there was something about her... that little thing that made me go "hmmmm?"

I browsed her page and quickly learned that she was a truly inspired artist with this amazing sense of light as if she were the world's greatest photographer with this grand sense of poetry, irony, tragedy mixed into all the mediums she works in.

After doing a little digging, I ended up on the telephone with Eva's mother from their farm in Colorado and before I knew it I was having a conversation with Eva and getting emails from her with mp3's of some amazing music that she personally wrote. Not long after that I learned that she was part of something bigger! And that was and still is SHEL.  At the time (2007-2008), I was the sole overseer of Eric Clapton's official MySpace page, and I had the priviledge of organizing Clapton's Top Friends List. Next to various legends, I would handpick and feature young lesser known acts of substance to try to give them a little exposure. I added SHEL to the list. Fans picked up on it and loved them to the max :)

It is now almost a decade later and the group is still constantly creating and traveling in non-stop work mode. They write, they record, they gig, they tour and they shoot and ultimately tell stories through their always evolving music video repertoire. In their own original way, they seem to be influenced by and often seem to be channeling energy from T.S. Elliot and greats like Charlie Chaplin and groups like Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin. Their videos which are more like little films put them into a category that transcends music and catapults them into being more like multi-media artists, actors and filmmakers. They are the real deal, the genuine article. Although they had an amazing sound and vision 8 years ago and I still love hearing and seeing their earliest work, where they are now did not happen overnight. These are four ladies who have really been paying their dues for a major portion of their lives and it shows in everything they do. Enjoy! GC

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More of Ibeyi - Live on Le Ring

MusicTelevision.Com presents Ibeyi

Le Ring, by the French television programmer France Ô, is a series of live music recordings filmed at a boxing ring in France with live audiences. This particular episode of Le Ring below features Ibeyi, a duo of twin sisters on the XL Recordings label whose stellar music video to their song titled "Stranger / Lover" we previously featured here. Enjoy! GC

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Ibeyi - Cuban and US Tour Dates May -August 2016

Ibeyi Concert Dates

Rosa Pullman

MusicTelevision.Com presents Rosa Pullman

Last month on our sister site, TheIndies.Com, we featured an audio only recording of a Rosa Pullman song titled Daydreaming. I referred to her as "a real deal indie girl musician, songwriter and soul sister". That's exactly what she is!

Today, we are happy to feature a one shot music video and audio recording filmed by single handheld camera operator named Carla Werner, all while Rosa croons out an inspired soulful vocal and tasty swamp guitar feel to her original titled The Drop. Rosa has stated, "I don't always do the pretty tunes... sometimes I've got to play the blues". Turn it up and enjoy! GC

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Esperanza Spalding's alter ego project - Emily's D+Evolution

The fantastic bassist-singer-songwriter-arranger-teacher-insprier, Esperanza Spalding whose middle name is Emily, has a new project and album due out March 4, 2016, which she calls Emily's D+Evolution. She takes on a new freshness and transforms, yet again, the way her music and message always evolves. Fans will not want to miss the early opportunity now to acquire tickets to her upcoming March and April U.S. shows listed here.

Just below is the first music video for the project and the album's opening track titled Good Lava. Enjoy! GC

Just below is the recent one minute trailer where she explains in her own words what Emily's D+Evolution album means to her.

She has been doing some Emily's D+Evolution shows in Europe as well as some appearances that have been filmed. The best filmed takes so far, featured below, have come from her hometown radio station in Portland Oregon: KINK-FM 101.9 in association with and sponsored by Skype Live Studio.

Earth to Heaven

Unconditional Love


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Get in on pre-sale CD, Deluxe CD and Vinyl Record pre-release specials at this link

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Asta - Dynamite (featuring Allday)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Asta

Just below is Tasmanian artist Asta's latest music video to her song titled Dynamite featuring the Australian rapper known as Allday.

Asta - Dynamite (featuring Allday)

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