PURPLE - The 99 Second Song

Music Television presents Purple
Presently playing several sold out shows in Europe, fresh out of Beaumont Texas is a hard rocking trio named Purple. The members are Joe "Prankster" Cannariato on bass, Taylor Busby on guitar & vocals and Hanna Brewer on drums and vocals.

This group happens to be one of our very favorite emerging rock bands whose three best videos we featured on September 20, 2014. (click here to view that post)

Purple doesn't seem like a band that is going to change the world or anything, but the fact that they really know how to have fun is what is so admirable. Big fat kudos for that in this world where too many artists seem to dilute their sound and sell their soul before they have any fun or rock the way they want to.

An old rock star once said, "You can't be a rock star without contempt... Without contempt, you'll be a pop star at best". And yes, there is a difference!  Is there a rock star worthy streak of contempt flowing through the veins of the drummer/lead singer that might be what is pushing them to stretch into their own unknown depths of letting loose, turning up the amps and screaming? It's a strong possibility.

Purple is an old Rolling Stones song: "I know, it's only rock & roll, but I like it, like it, yes I do..."

Below is Purple's latest video to their song titled Thirteen from their debut album named 409. Very interesting how the whole song and video is only 99 seconds long, and it's not one of those teaser videos. Enjoy! GC

Purple - Thirteen

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Lee Fields - Don't Leave Me This Way (filmed live on the streets of Paris by La Blogotheque)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Lee Fields

The amazing soul man, Lee Fields, is on a international tour and he has been getting major love in France this last week.

The acclaimed Paris France based music video productions of La Blogotheque have been featured on our network before, and we are proud to present Lee Fields, an artist we have also featured here before. La Blogotheque's typical style of filming is to capture artists performing in crowded streets and public places, usually in an around Paris. Here, they capture Lee Fields and a guitarist named Vinny performing on The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts, a pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River.  Enjoy! GC

Lee Fields - Don't Leave Me This Way

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Click here for another video of Lee Fields and his song titled You're The Kind of Girl



Warning: This video may induce nightmares, scary twisted dreams and un-pure thoughts. It contains foul language and if you are under 18, your mommy might not want you to watch this.

MusicTelevision presents Die Antwoord - Ugly Boy

Here is the latest song and music video by the always provocative and one of a kind South African duo known as Die Antwoord.


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See & hear the first post we made of Die Antwoord back in November 2012 here, that featured their song titled Enter The Ninja

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The Main Squeeze - Message to the Lonely

MusicTelevision.Com presents The Main Squeeze

Here is a very groovin' track by The Main Squeeze. The lead vocalist, Jeremiah Hunt, might just be the long lost son of the legendary late great Buddy Miles, or else he is just channeling that special Buddy Miles sound that you are going to love. This is real music. Enjoy! GC

The Main Squeeze - Message to the Lonely

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SHEL - When The Sky Fell

This worthy repost featuring the group known as SHEL was originally made on MusicTelevision.Com sister site, MusicLoad.Com, on March 12, 2014.

MusicTelevision.Com presents SHEL
Photo by Taylor Ballantyne - All rights reserved - TaylorBallantyne.Com
Left to Right - Liza, Hannah, Sarah, Eva
Just below is a song of sonic bliss with a music video from a very amazing organic group known as SHEL from Fort Collins, Colorado. Their organic artistry, writing, singing and true instrumentalist skills are well honed and unmanufacted by the machine.  They are the real deal, live or in the studio, but especially live where you realize their studio versions do not differ from their live abilities.  SHEL = Sarah (violin & vocals), Hannah (keys, squeezebox & vocals), Eva (mandolin and lead vocals) and Liza (drums, percussion and vocals). Enjoy! GC

SHEL - When The Sky Fell

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OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

MusicTelevision presents the latest from OK Go

Here is another excellent One Shot Music Video from OK Go.  The band has a long and highly creative history that stretches back to 1998, which can is meticulously laid out on their Wikipedia page, so won't bore you with too many details here.  It is their one shot music videos, that were first noticed here back in March of 2010 with This Too Shall Pass, that makes OK Go so interesting.  Additional music videos, all the way up until this most present one, have also been "one shot videos" that give these guys so much credibility in the creative planning side.  The videos take dozens and dozens of tries to get it in one shot, with tons of work going into every move in their videos. When you mix in all the other  elements of their music and business dealings, the realization that they are a real organization and not just a band comes into focus. GC

OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

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Here is a video about the making of the I Won't Let You Down music video:

Foo Fighters with Zac Brown perform "War Pigs" on Letterman

MusicTelevision.Com presents Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters upcoming album cover for Sonic Highways

Foo Fighters is out promoting their upcoming record titled Sonic Highways, due out in November 2014.  Here is a great live take from David Letterman of the Foo Fighters with Zac Brown performing the 1970 classic song by Black Sabbath titled "War Pigs" off their Paranoid Album.  This song is very appropriate at this time when the powers that be in Washington and in the PR corridors of Madison Avenue are ramping up war and regime change propoganda under the watch of a Nobel Peace Prize president. Kudos! GC

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Go here to see the latest music videos for track #1 and #2 off the upcoming Foo Fighters album titled Sonic Highways, due out November 10, 2014.