Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong

Music Television presents Nico & Vinz and their music video to Am I Wrong

It's fun to come across an international act that I've never heard of, but is bigger than big with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. This is one of those acts out of Oslo, Norway. This track titled Am I Wrong by Warner Bros. Records record artist's, Nico & Vinz, kind of reminds me of The Police and their song from 1979 titled "Message In A Bottle"  This breakthrough song for the act, featured below, is track two off their album titled Black Star Elephant. Enjoy! GC

Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong

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The Police - Message In A Bottle

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The Kings of Rock & Roll - Anybody Seen My Baby

Music Television presents The Rolling Stones

Directed by Sam Bayer, a director with one of the longest resumes in music video history, just below is the music video for The Rolling Stones' single titled Anybody Seen My Baby.

It was the first single from the Bridges To Babylon album released in 1997. The song was written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, KD Lang and Ben Mink. The role of Baby in the video was performed by Angelina Jolie. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

The Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby

She confessed her love to me
Then she vanished
On the breeze
Trying to hold on to that
Was just impossible

She was more than beautiful
Closer to ethereal
With a kind of
Down to earth flavor

Close my eyes
It's three in the afternoon
Then I realize
That she's really
Gone for good

Anybody seen my baby
Anybody seen her around
Love has gone
And made me blind
I've looked but I just can't find
She has gotten lost
In the crowd

Eddie Van Halen's Story - The Smithsonian Talk

Music Television presents Eddie Van Halen's Smithsonian Talk

Music Television is primarily focused on the actual music, rather than talking too much about it, so this post is a rare exception.

Just below is pioneering rock & roll king and guitar legend Eddie Van Halen sitting down for a talk with a Smithsonian Talks series called "What It Means To Be American".  The discussion lasts almost one hour. Eddie covers his own and his family's life from when he and his brother, Alex, were little, before his family took a boat to America. His father was a musician who was able to pay their way over to America by performing on the boat that brought them. Perhaps, that was his brother Alex and Eddie's first real paying gig, on piano, when their father had them sit in one night. That's just the beginning of a great story that most have never heard, until now. Enjoy! GC

Back in the day before Eddie Van Halen was famous, when kids were learning how to play guitar or bass, one of the first songs learned was Deep Purple's song Smoke On The Water.  These days, kids like Tina S., a gifted young female guitarist in France, strive to master Eddie Van Halen's song Eruption.

Just below is some classic live concert footage of Van Halen from 1982 and one of their songs titled Eruption. Turn it way up.

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Friends - I'm His Girl

Music Television presents Friends and their music video for I'm His Girl

Here is a cool song from a band called Friends off their debut album titled Manifest!. Enjoy! GC

Friends - I'm His Girl

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Space Capone - You'll Just Wanna Dance

Music Television presents Space Capone and their song titled I Just Wanna Dance

Out of Nashville is a cool funky soul/r&b, disco act named Space Capone. This is one of their tracks from a few years ago that still feels good. Turn it up & dance! GC

Space Capone - I Just Wanna Dance

Just so you don't think this is a DJ thing, here is the full group:

Space Capone - P.F.O. (Peach Flavored Optimo)

And, just one more bonus track titled Booty

Space Capone - Booty

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The Movement of Jah People Celebrates #Marley70

The Music Television network of sites spent this entire week celebrating the lead up to Bob Marley's birthday, which arrived today, February 6th, 2015. The humble legend would be 70 years old today if he were physically alive.

His music will live forever and his soul lives on in the Movement of Jah people's hearts towards peace, love and positive vibrations for all around the world.  He was the ultimate activist for human rights, freedom and liberty around the world, and for legalization of an herb that has made great headway as of recent.

Just below and throughout each site in the network, we are grateful to the photographers and artists who granted use of their portraits and unique handpicked clips, films, full concerts, remixes, demo tapes, cover songs by others and more. Don't forget to turn it up and enjoy! GC

MusicTelevision.Com celebrates Bob Marley's 70th Birthday - Art by NipRogers.Com
Bob Marley art courtesy of Nip Rogers

His message was Peace, Love, Music and Liberty...

Bob Marley - Africa Unite (Live)

He sang "lively up yourself and don't be no drag"

Bob Marley - Lively Up Yourself (Live in London - 1977)

For real fans, this next film is spine tingling

Bob Marley & The Wailers - No Woman No Cry (Live in 1979)

After two Bob Marley Santa Barbara Bowl shows in 1976 and 1978, in 1979 they filmed the November 25th event, that was the final time Bob played Santa Barbara.

Bob Marley - Full Concert, Live in Santa Barbara (1979)

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A big thank you to artist Nip Rogers for permission to use his excellent piece of Bob Marley art. Connect direct with Nip at NipRogers.Com or at Facebook.Com/rogers.nip