Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer

Music Television presents Fiona Apple and the music video to her song titled Shadowboxer

The song titled Shadowboxer by the real life eccentric, Fiona Apple, is a forever cool song, and so is the music video.

The song was track #3 on her debut album titled Tidal, which earned three time platinum status in the United States. The song and the haunting voice of Fiona Apple still stops radio dials in their tracks.

Fiona Apple - Shadow Boxer

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Lyrics to Fiona Apple Shadowboxer
Once my lover
Now my friend
What a cruel thing
To pretend
What a cunning way
To condescend
Once my lover and
Now my friend
Oh, you creep up
Like the clouds
And you set my soul at ease
Then you let
Your love abound
And you bring me
To my knees
Oh, it's evil, babe
The way you let
Your grace enrapture me
When will you know
I'd be insane
To ever let that
Dirty game recapture me

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