Queen of the one take music video: Lisa Loeb and her song eititled Stay

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain for MUSIC TELEVISION

I was always impressed with Lisa Loeb's video for the song entitled Stay that launched her career. The video impressed me becuase it was shot in one take and had no edits when everyone else was cutting their videos as if cuts were all that mattered.

If Lisa Loeb is the queen of one take music videos, then Actor, Ethan Hawke is the king. Hawke was the one who actually directed this great gem of a video.

The song got it's chance when Hawke had given a demo for Stay to Ben Stiller, who used it in the end credits for the film, Reality Bites. It eneded up on the soundtrack for the film and then on the #1 position of the HOT 100 chart, making Loeb the only person to top that coveted position without a record contract. Hawk then made the video which basically had no budget and shot it in one take, the biggest reason I like this video.