A Timeless Song and Hidden Gem by Cree Summer

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Cree Summer
The multi talented theatrical artist, voice over artist and recording artist & songwriter named Cree Summer made this song a long time ago. Unfortunately, it never was released by her record label at that time it was made. That song has that elusive "it" thing in my humble opinion and is one of those great timeless hidden gems. Depending upon your mood and life experience, this song may take you up, down or all around. The video, which was made as a film festival submission, is a work of art and one of the finest all around music videos I have ever seen.

Don't know much (but would love to interview her) about the elusive Cree Summers' exact details, except that she is at least partially of North American/Canadian Indian heritage and did grow up for at least some of her life on a Indian Reservation which makes her lyrics authentic, believable and special to ponder. Enjoy! GC

Cree Summer - Savior Self

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