OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

Music Television presents OK Go and the music video for their song titled I Won't Let You Down

Here is another excellent One Shot Music Video from OK Go.  The band has a long and highly creative history that stretches back to 1998, which can is meticulously laid out on their Wikipedia page, so won't bore you with too many details here.  It is their one shot music videos, that were first noticed here back in March of 2010 with This Too Shall Pass, that makes OK Go so interesting.  Additional music videos, all the way up until this most present one, have also been "one shot videos" that give these guys so much credibility in the creative planning side.  The videos take dozens and dozens of tries to get it in one shot, with tons of work going into every move in their videos. When you mix in all the other  elements of their music and business dealings, the realization that they are a real organization and not just a band comes into focus.

OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

Connect direct with OK Go at OKGo.Net

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Here is a video about the making of the I Won't Let You Down music video:

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