Julian Lennon - Saltwater 25 (Music Video)

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Julian Lennon, the quiet, humble, gentlemanly son of the late great Beatles member John Lennon, wrote this about his re-make of his song titled Saltwater, a song he co-wrote with Mark Spiro and Leslie Spiro and released 25 years ago.
"I felt that after 25 Years of watching what’s been happening to Our Mother & All of Her Children, that I owed it not only to Myself, but to everyone, in many respects, to rerecord this song of sympathy/empathy, this Philanthropic Anthem, for future generations that hadn’t heard it before… And as a Shy & introspective Man myself, who has no political agendas, the only way to make My Voice truly heard in Life’s Arena, was to sing this song again, with a more appropriate, & more modern take on Today’s World, because it seems to me, and many others, that the World is 25 times worse than it was 25 years ago, on a Humanitarian & Environmental level… Hopefully, ‘Saltwater25’ can bring around that awareness of what We’re doing again, and maybe, just maybe, change a few minds into making some major changes, for the betterment of all."
Just below is the animated music video of the remake of Saltwater, this version called Saltwater 25.

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Julian Lennon - Saltwater 25 - (Creo Que Voy a Llorar - I Think I'm Going To Cry)

Connect direct with Julian Lennon at JulianLennon.com, Facebook.com/julianlennonoffical, Instagram.com/julespicturepalace, Twitter.com/julianlennon, https://soundcloud.com/julianlennon, WhiteFeatherFoundation.com and JulianLennon-photography.com

We are a rock revolving
Around a golden sun
We are a billion children rolled into one
So when I hear about the hole in the sky
Creo Que Voy a Llorar

We climb the highest mountain
We'll make the desert bloom
We're so ingenious we can walk the moon
But when I hear of how the forest have died
Creo Que Voy a Llorar

I have lived for love
But now that's not enough
For the world I love is dying And now I'm crying
And time is not a friend (no friend of mine)
As friends we're out of time
And it's slowly passing by ....right before our eyes

We light the deepest ocean
Send photographs of Mars
We're so enchanted my how clever we are
Why should one baby feel so hungry she cries
Creo Que Voy a Llorar
I have lived for love
But now that's not enough
For the…

Music Video Credits
Directed by Layla Atkinson and Jock Mooney
Illustration: Jock Mooney
Animation: Leslie Dart, Rok Predin, Simona Ciraolo, Layla Atkinson
Compositing: Rok Predin
Artworking: Mehmet Ulusahin
Producer: Richard Barnett
Executive Producer: Dick Carruthers

Music Production Credits
Julian Lennon: Vocals, Piano & Percussion
Justin Clayton: Guitars, Keyboards & Programming
Andreas Dahlbäck: Drums

Produced by: Justin Clayton
Mixed by: Andreas Ahlenius
Mastered by: Björn Engelman
Artwork: Julian Lennon & Debora Francis
Executive Producer: Julian Lennon

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