Black Honey - Bad Friends (Music Video)

Music Television music video by Black Honey for their song titled Bad Friends

Music Television is very pleased to present the Brighton England based rock act known as Black Honey, whose members are lead vocalist Izzy B. Phillips, guitarist, songwriter and producer Chris Ostler, bassist Tommy Taylor and drummer Tom Dewhurst.

In a June 7 Tweet on the bands Twitter feed, Izzy referred to the bands genre as "Twin Peaks Emo".

The music video featured belowm for their song titled Bad Friends, is the first single for their debut album. The band posted the following text about how they made the video:
"We wanted to explore how widespread feelings of loneliness can be with this video. The women in the video are all self-directed, there was no brief and everything was their own artistic interpretation of the song. I chose women I found online I find interesting and beautiful in their own artistic way. I wanted to celebrate the insides of women minds – explore their relationships with their own reflection."
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Black Honey - Bad Friends

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