Norah Jones - Tryin' To Keep It Together + I'm Alive (Music Videos)

Music Television music videos by Norah Jones for her songs titled Tryin' To Keep It Together and I'm Alive, from her album titled Pick Me Up Off The Floor. #Norah Jones #MusicTelevision #FreeV #MusicTV #PoweredByFreeV

Music Television is very pleased to present Norah Jones and two music videos from her album titled Pick Me Up Off The Floor.

The first song below is titled Tryin' To Keep It Together, followed by the song titled I’m Alive, a collaboration between Norah Jones and Jeff Tweedy.

Please click the play button of the first video below and choose the high-resolution & screen options.  When the first music video ends, it will automatically be followed by the other videos below, followed by several more hours of excellent music videos if you choose to let it roll. Press forward to skip any video or click the reverse button to replay or return to previous songs, or exit the fullscreen mode to choose a new video.

Norah Jones - Tryin' To Keep It Together (Official Music Video)

Norah Jones - I'm Alive (Official Music Video)

Connect direct with Norah Jones at NorahJones.Com, X.Com/NorahJones, Instagram.Com/NorahJones and Facebook.Com/NorahJones

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