KAMAUU - TRANSPARENCY + Howie and the Howl (Music Videos)

Music Television presents KAMAUU and the music videos for his songs titled TRANSPARENCY and Howie and the Howl. #KAMAUU #TRANSPARENCY #HowieAndTheHowl #MusicVideos #MusicTelevision #SoundItOutMusic Television is very pleased to once again feature the unique artist in a league of his own, known as KAMAUU. Below two music videos for his songs titled TRANSPARANCY and Howie and the Howl. 

The music video for TRANSPARENCY was directed by Michael Marantz. KAMAUU wrote the following about TRANSPARANCY: 

"In the dark silence, scentless, and numb: In the absence of memory: Are we without texture? Do we wither and vanish beyond the boundaries of our responses, or are we more? If so...what?

Being transparent with ones self has proven, to me, to be most elusive game to hunt. This may be because I, like most of us, believed that it was as simple as looking at, and seeing ones self. (I later learned that to look and see are two very different things. To look is merely pointing the eyes, while to see is to discern and/or identify; to begin to understand). The quality of seeing, and understanding what has been seen, is improved through study and research. Furthermore, transparency requires more that just being, gazing into a mirror, and reporting an observation. Transparency requires the admittance of a terrifying truth. That we must deeply study ourselves. We must study because there is a seemingly infinite amount of information inside of every little thing, and we are made of a multiverses worth of little things. Every single one of those things is affected by every single moment of life and has the potential to change as a result of the effect. With all of that happening, allll of the time, who are we to say that we really know ourselves? (know- [verb] to be aware of the factuality of/ fact- [noun] objective information that is indisputable, based on empirical research and quantifiable measures). Do we really just, without intentional study, know ourselves? Or are we often just familiar? I urge us to compare the quality of honesty and transparency based on familiarity vs that which is based on knowledge.

I believe and conclude that honesty and transparency exist on spectrum of levels of quality based on study and research. I also conclude that self study and knowing, are not destinations, but a road; an infinite one."

Please click the play button of the first video below and choose the high-resolution & screen options.  When the first music video ends, it will automatically be followed by the second video, followed by several more hours of excellent music videos if you choose to let it roll. Press forward to skip any video or click the reverse button to replay or return to previous songs, or exit the fullscreen mode to choose a new video.

KAMAUU - TRANSPARENCY + Howie and the Howl (Official Music Video)

KAMAUU wrote the following about his song Howie and the Howl

"It's a pleasure to present, "Howie and the Howl" for #SoundItOut, a new national campaign that uses the power and soul of music to help parents and caregivers better support their middle schooler’s emotional wellness. I'm excited and honored to present this work with the intention to spotlight the importance of Mental Health, Family, Children, Fathers, Mothers, Caregivers, and Community. It takes a village. Learn more at: SoundItOutTogether.Org"

KAMAUU - Howie and the Howl (Official Music Video)

Watch one more music excellent video by KAMAUU on our network, here: MusicTelevision.Com/2020/11/kamauu-with-adeline-mango-music-video.html

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