Issa Bogayogo - Toroya

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*The Indies Network and MusicTelevision.Com is sad to report that Issa Bogayogo passed away on October 10, 2016, almost six years since we originally created this post.

The video below was made by a big fan of Issa Bogayogo whose YouTube handle is GuestFromTheWest. His story of why and how he made this video is below the video along with the meaning and Malian to English translation of the lyrics.

The song is titled Toroya and is track #5 from Issa's album titled Timbuktu, released by Six Degrees Records in 2002.

Issa Bogayogo - Toroya

Visit the Issa Bogayogo page at Six Degrees Records, the record label where Issa was signed to:

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Guest From The West's Story on the why and how he made the video:
I was searching for a video to the song "Toroya" by Issa Bagayogo but couldn't find any. Therefore I sat down and after a complete night of fighting with Windows Movie Maker and a poor laptop I managed to get this together for all of you out there who like his music. Nothing special, just nice pictures of Africa.
I often go home by bike in the night after being in town and lately I've been putting on this song a lot while doing so. It's almost magic how the darkness around you can change just due to this song and how calm and relaxed one can feel. A big thanks goes out to you Issa for making all this beautiful music. When you're in my town show me up for a drink or two. My treat! ;)
If you like this song and/or want to support Issa go to his website which I added at the end of the video.
I finally stumbled over the lyrics and the meaning of Toroya. Toroya apparently means "suffering" in the Malian language and following is the English translation of the song itself.
The Malian to English Lyrics for Toroya
Toroya = Suffering
You only get out what you put in,
only work frees a person,
So, it is worth paying tribute,
to Malian artists,
to Malian youths,
to Malian women,
to Malian men who strive to improve their living condition
You only get out what you put in,
Work takes away from us vice, need and worries
You only get out what you put in,
let's pay tribute,
to the youths of Wassoulou,
to the youths of Karadougou,
to the youths of Briko,
to the youths of Ganadougou
You only get out what you put in,
welcome Moussa Koné,
welcome my charming guitarist Boua,
welcome Sidibé Mamou,
welcome Issa from Korin
A restless worker is always rewarded,
you only get out what you put in,
the sun shines again after the rain
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