Jarle Bernhoft - Cmon Talk + Choices + So Many Faces + Since I Was A Little Kid (Music Videos)

Bernhoft music videos on Music-Television and The-Indies-Network

Music Television is pleased to present Jarle Bernhoft, one of the freshest, most organic and unmanufactured emerging musical artists on the scene.

A little research uncovered that "Bernhoft", as he is known, has been emerging for years and is signed to Universal Music Norge of Norway. Mike Finnigan, the legendary hammond player and keyboardist extraordinaire who recently did another world tour with Joe Cocker, informed me that Berhoft opened for several Joe Cocker shows in Europe recently.

Bernhoft is a self contained unit, a one man band, that relies on loops he lays down with his voice and with instruments as he goes. His soulful and deliberate croon is contagious and entertaining.

Bernhoft - Cmon Talk

Bernhoft - Choices

Bernhoft - So Many Faces

Berhoft - Since I was a Little Kid

Connect with Bernhoft at Bernhoft.Org, Facebook.com/jarlebernhoft, Instagram.com/jarlebernhoft and Twitter.com/bernhoft

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