Gaga Performs on Howard Stern Show

I've always avoided even listening to Lady Gaga, let alone looking at her. I was the Anti-Gaga. What felt like overly manufactured music and the slutty whore vibe disgusted me. The pictures of her floating around the Internet pretending to be eating another woman's vagina might have been the catalyst for that way of thinking about her. Besides that, I always thought she was a media slut, packaged by public relations people with no integrity. Hated all the hype. It's just the way I am, for I rarely liked what the masses like in terms of manufactured music. Hated Britney Spears. Hated The Backstreet Boys.... I'd rather be condemned to silence. However, I just got a e-mail from Bob Leftsetz' blog regarding Lady Gaga and her performance on Howard Stern and for once, I was intrigued enough to go listen to the performance. Bob Lefsetz, by the way, is one of my favorite daily reads. The ultimate contrarian thinker on everything music and so much more. He has flipped my way of thinking on so many levels, so many times.

So, I read Lefsetz e-mail entitled "Gaga on Stern". You can read it at and I had to go listen to the Gaga performances Bob references. I closed my eyes, as to not taint the listen with the imagery that has repulsed me for so long. And the result was that I loved it. Gaga's performance on Stern reminded me of what I like about Sara Bareilles, as well as a unknown featured on MusicTelevision.Com named Susan Calloway and her track Chasin' The Sun Why would I say this? Because Gaga just sat at the piano and delivered the goods with no pomp or circumstance, if you don't count the fact that the performance was on Howard Stern. She didn't need a wanked out costume, funny hair or makeup. She just sang her ass off. For the first time, I finally thought, WOW! Lady Gaga whose real name is Stefani, is the real deal. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta sang from the heart, I felt it and for the first time I believed her. If you have not been a Lady Gaga fan in the past, please, click play on the videos below and close your eyes and just listen. Enjoy! GC

Stefani (Lady Gaga) performed her song entitled The Edge of Glory

And, Stefani (Lady Gaga) performed her song entitled Hair

After listening to Stefanie play like this, perhaps it might be a good idea for her to make a entire record striped raw of the typical glam and overproduction and simply just sit at the piano and sing. That might be something just as big as what she has been doing, and possibly better.