Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco - No Mercedes

I heard about his totally great video from Mike Finnigan, via his Facebook page.

Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco perform No Mercedes

I always enjoy Mike Finnigan's music picks. He is one of the most prolific bloggers I know of. And, he is more widely known as one of music's greatest behind the scenes rock, blues & soul legends. He ridicules politicians he does not like, non-stop, with video posts and links to other stories.

He is famous as a Hammond B3 Organ and piano/keyboard player. He played with Jimi Hendrix on Electric Ladyland and played practically everyday for his whole life with countless other legendary artists and bands.

I had the pleasure of filming him jam every few weeks, when I filmed the legendary China Club Pro Jams in LA, for about ten years when he was in town and not on a world tour with a long list of legendary artists & bands. I knew nothing about him during any of those jams. He was just as humble as humble gets. He was in a band known as The Jones Boys, a group of recoverers (I am not sure if it was from drugs or alcohol or both). Their name was appropriate, if you know what it means to be jonesing.

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