Ayo and her song titled Life is Real captivated me the moment I heard her for the first time in 2007.

After digging deeper into her repertoire, I learned that in most of her earlier work she pours her heart out and exposes her deep vulnerabilities in her songwriting and performs them with the sweetest voice. In her latest track titled, I Wanna Dance, she departs the sweet vulnerable side like a liberated girl who wants to have fun. Kudos to Ayo! GC

Ayo - I'm Gonna Dance (French Release 2011)

Here is that vulnerable side of Ayo
Ayo - Love and Hate (LIVE @ New Pop Festival in 2007 in Baden-Baden, Germany)

Ayo - Down on My Knees (Live with full band) (host speaks until 2 minute point - scroll past if you don't speak French)

This was the track that originally captivated me
(Be sure to turn up the volume on this video and fatten up the tone knobs, for the mastering is/was not the best)
Ayo - Life is Real (from 2006-2007 European release)

Ayo, performing her song entitled Black Spoon, for the French website madmoiZelle.com that has featured many unique artist presentations over the years.
Ayo - Black Spoon (Live Acoustic)

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