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Nneka is a underappreciated rising artist to keep your eye and ear tuned to. She generally sings about important and deeply thoughtful issues in terms of truth, love and justice for all mankind and how that is connected to heavy issues like political corruption, crony capitalism and those insiders benefiting from the ruination of resource centers.

Nneka being from Lagos, Nigeria in the oil rich Niger Delta region of Africa, is all to familiar with life's harsh realities for those in her homeland. The gulf of Mexico oil spill is really, truly nothing.... compared to decades of such never ending raping and pillaging of the Lagos region by global energy cartels.

When Nneka sings, she is singing about real hard core issues, hidden in what often seem like love songs, at first.

At times, a humanitarian voice with the vocal phrasing & articulation of Michael Jackson comes out of Nneka at times. It's likely not a conscious thing, but it's beautiful to witness.

It's never like she is copying anybody. She is a true original and most certainly the real deal on many levels.

Nneka is only one of a small handful of artists with a most powerful sound, who also sings about many things important. That's why she is one to watch, for those who seek revolutionary change for the better.

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Nneka - Africans (2007)

Heartbeat (2007)

Come with Me - (live unplugged in France on madmoiZelle TV)

Soul is Heavy (Title track from Nneka's latest 2011-2012 release)

Do You Love Me Now - (Stellar live acoustic version with Nneka speaking about her backstory :)

Nneka feat. Ziggy Marley & Eeday - Express Yourself
Soundtrack from the 2011 hip-hop feature film titled Beat The World

Bantu feat. Nneka "I'm Waiting"
Soundtrack from the film titled Relentless

God of Mercy (Live in France at Vieilles Charrues Festival - 2009)

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