Nneka - Soul Is Heavy (Music Video)

Nneka is one of the most important rising artists to hear and watch, now and into the future. In having conversations with her once when she was in LA, came to realize how deeply thoughtful Nneka is in terms of truth, love, justice for all mankind from heavy issues like political corruption, crony capitalism that exposes itself as corporatist ruination of resource centers. Nneka being from Lagos, Nigeria in the oil rich Niger Delta region of Africa, is all to familiar with life's harsh realities for those in her homeland. The gulf of Mexico oil spill the U.S. faced in 2010 is really, truly nothing.... compared to decades of such never ending raping and pillaging of the Lagos region by global energy cartels.

Nneka never names names of the crooks, the corrupt politicians that she often alludes to in her music. But if one digs deep into her music and play her songs dozens of times, like true fans do, one peels off the layers that exposes Nneka's depth.

She is only one of a small handful of artists with a most powerful global sound who sings about many things important. That's why she is one to watch, for those who seek to think for revolutionary change for the betterment of not only one's own country, but the world.

Nneka - Soul is Heavy

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