Cold Specks - Abisto and Bodies At Bay (Music Videos)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Cold Specks music videos off Neuroplasticity album

Off the British label known as Mute is a great Canadian based band known as Cold Specks.  The vocalist and chief organizer is Al Spx.  She and the group have a big rich sound all their own. As you will note if you look at the KEXP-FM recording referenced below, the group is excellent in live settings with no pump or circumstance, and able to cast a spell live that may even surpass the strength of their prolific studio recordings.

These two videos below represent tracks #7 and #2 of their latest (at the time of this January 2015 posting) 10 song album titled Neuroplasticity. This music has it's own mood. This is late night, turn down the lights, turn up the volume music where you can let your mind drift free of everything and reset. GC

Cold Specks - Absisto

Cold Specks - Bodies At Bay

Hear and see more handpicked Cold Specks performances at the two links below:

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