Gaby Moreno - The music films from her album titled Postales

MusicTelevision.Com presents music videos from Gaby Moreno's album titled Postales

Just in case you missed Gaby Moreno's third album titled Postales, which proceeded her Christmas album, just below are the four official films from that record, one being an animation, which led up to her winning the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Gaby is not really new to me.  I felt that she was the best new artist around about seven years earlier than the academy, but they got the Best Artist part right.

She has been at it for quite a while, in a way worthy of respect for her ethic and determination. She has paid her dues the old fashioned way.

Whilst these four songs featured below are all in Spanish, and might make you want to learn the language if you don't already know it,  do not pigeon hole Gaby Moreno as a strictly Latin or Spanish singing artist.

Much of her earliest material was in English, and it is fantastic with a timeless quality. She has made some real serious English language ethereal rock, such as with a earlier song of hers titled Bella. And, then she went on to write and record a vast body of blues/rock songs, which were in mostly in English. She will no doubt release more English speaking music as she has done in the past.

It would restore my faith in the music industry if Gaby were to win traditional English language Grammys in the future.  Regardless of awards, Gaby Moreno is one of the most grounded, authentic, uncontrived international artists of substance out there who needs no pomp, pump, slick tricks or smoke & mirrors to make her point.

Please click the play button on the first video, choose the high-resolution & fullscreen option, sit back and enjoy. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th videos as well as other tasty handpicked music videos will continue playing automatically. Enjoy!

Gaby Moreno - Valle de Magnolias (track #6 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - Qué Voy a Hacer (track #8 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - Juegos y Miedos (track #7 on Postales)

Gaby Moreno - No Estoy Tan Mal (track #1 on Postales)

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