Muse - Defector and Psycho (Music Videos)

Music Television presents MUSE and a song from their new album titled Drones

Music Television is pleased to present Muse and their video to their song titled Defector, a single from album titled Drones.

Muse has taken off in a new direction with another fresh approach. Their last two albums were self produced.  This time they collaborated with legendary producer Mutt Lange. If you are not familiar with Mutt, here is a listing of his top 10 albums according to Eduardo Rivadavia of UltimateClassicRock.Com.

Muse - Defector

Just in case you missed it, here is one other single/music-video titled Psycho from the upcoming Drones album. This song could not more perfectly frame how our military molds the minds of kids who enroll.

Muse - Psycho

Connect direct with Muse at Muse.Mu and at Twitter.Com/Music and at Facebook.Com/Muse

Muse has been featured on our network two other times in the past. Long ago at this link, we featured a nice live take at filmed at Wembly of the group performing the Nina Simone classic titled Feeling Good, where the audience was singing along. That was heavy. And, in October 2012 on our sister site TheIndies.Com, we featured one of their music videos titled Madness.

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