Rosa Pullman - Filmed Live at The Intersection LA

Music Television filmed live takes of Rosa Pullman at The Intersection LA performing her songs titled Ready For You and Walk On.

Last month on our sister site, TheIndies.Com, we featured an audio only recording of a Rosa Pullman song titled Daydreaming. I referred to her as "a real deal indie girl musician, songwriter and soul sister". That's exactly what she is!

Just below is one of our favorite live takes of Rosa. Her song is titled Ready For You. It was filmed in August of 2015 when she performed at The Intersection LA, which is known as a magical little house in Los Feliz/Silverlake, California, where resident and transient Los Angeles artists meet and play music at a new crossroads for musicians and their audience.

Rosa Pullman - Ready For You

And, here is another tasty song titled Walk On, also filmed at The Intersection LA. She is accompanied by the talented musicians Shiben Bhattacharya on guitar, Jason Hiller on bass, and Michael Jerome Moore on drums.

Rosa Pullman - Walk On

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