Gaby Moreno - Oh Me

MusicTelevision.Com presents Gaby Moreno and her music video to her song titled O, Me

Here is the music video by Gaby Moreno to her sorrowful, yet beautiful song titled O, Me. It is the fourth music video from her fifth album titled Ilusión.

Moreno is a Guatemalan artist who discovered blues and became really inspired by the experience on a trip to New York as a youth. She eventually migrated to America, establishing roots there to pursue a music career. While also maintaining her deep ties to Guatemala and her Latin roots, through her music she has traveled far and wide to become a true citizen of the world. Her repertoire is not limited to blues, pop, latin, jazz or soul, nor does she sing exclusively in Spanish or English. Her music and energy is a very inspired mix of multiple influences. Her early music is timelessly exciting and fresh.

Her live performances, especially the more intimate ones in smaller venues, are well worth seeking out. She is playing all over America and Europe this summer.

Gaby Moreno - O, Me

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