Grace Carter - Why Her Not Me (Music Videos)

Music Television music videos by Grace Carter songs titled Why Her Not Me, Silence, Silhouette, Saving Grace and Ashes

Music Television is very pleased to present songwriter and vocalist Grace Carter and five music videos from her seven song EP titled Why Her Not Me. Pick the first video below and all five videos will play automatically in the following order: Why Her Not Me, Silence, Silhouette, Saving Grace and Ashes. Following the videos, several hours of tasty handpicked music videos will continue automatically.

In the first video below, Why Her Not Me, Grace Carter wrote the following about what the song means to her:
I wrote this song about my father choosing another life over raising me. This video represents the literal and emotional journey I took, only to find out he wanted them and not me. Everyone can relate to the feeling of not being good enough and the frustration that comes with that.
Grace Carter - Why Her Not Me

The music video for the next song titled Silence was directed by Nicole Nodland.

Grace Carter - Silence

Grace Carter - Silhouette

Grace Carter - Saving Grace

The final music video below, titled Ashes, was directed by Mike Dean.

Grace Carter - Ashes

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