Natalie Prass - Everybody's Having Fun - It's Christmas Time (Music Video)

Music Television music video by Natalie Prass for her Christmas song titled Everybody's Having Fun (It's Christmas Time).

Music Television is pleased to present a unique concept for a Christmas music video by Natalie Prass titled Everybody's Having Fun (It's Christmas Time).

The artist wrote the following about her song:
This holiday season is, for many of us, a confusing and frustrating one. This Christmas video is a statement on all of that. To try your hardest to be a self contained vessel of joy. To fight against what seems like a decaying wasteland of the world around you. That may seem dramatic, but I know that I've had to personally "force" myself into the holiday spirit this year. I'm sure many others can relate. With that being said, I'm hoping this video makes you want to dance and feel free to be who you are - no matter how alone you feel or how different you are than your family or community. There's a place in this country for everyone. Lets keep physically moving forward together with our stylish glasses on or off. Happiest Holidays and peace to you and yours.

*** If you would like to purchase this song to be part of your Hot Holiday playlist, I will be donating ALL of the proceeds to SPARC (School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community). The song donation starts at $1.29, but if you have the means, and would like to add a little more to the amount, you can graciously do so. SPARC is an incredible Richmond, VA institution that's founded on the principle that no child will be turned away because they can't afford tuition. The school is open to all children; it has never discriminated on class, race, religion, gender identity or physical disabilities. It is the most diverse arts school in the region. The arts are critical to children for building their confidence - that statistically translates to better performance in their schooling - which will carry throughout their lives. I strongly believe if we teach and take care of ALL children, and open up their world of possibilities, then we will have a stronger community for everyone in the future. Basically Whitney said it best, "I believe the children are our future...teach them well and let them lead the way." ***
Please click the play button on the video below, choose the high-resolution & fullscreen option and sit back and enjoy. The video will be automatically be followed several other tasty handpicked Christmas music videos from artists such as David Bowie & Bing Crosby together, The Flaming Lips, Gaby Moreno, Eric Clapton, Tim Minchin, Pentatonix, Mariah Carey, and Jacob Collier featuring Tori Kelly. Enjoy!

Natalie Prass - Everybody's Having Fun (It's Christmas Time)

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