Variations on America - Our Land 2020 (Music Video)

Music Television is very pleased to present "Variations on America - Our Land 2020", where several of the most creative music, dance and visual artists in the world collaborated to make a most beautiful music video based on Woodie Guthrie's classic, This Land Is Your Land and the classic standard Gospel hymnal titled Steal Away. This arrangement and video is a stunning piece of musical and dance art that is well done in a way that does not force political ideals upon anyone or take sides, but simply urges people to vote.

Please click the play button of the video below and choose the high-resolution & full screen options.  When the video ends, it will automatically be followed by several excellent curated music videos. Press forward to skip or the reverse button to return to previous songs. Exit full screen mode to pick a new video.

Variations on America - Our Land 2020

Original Musical Concept by
Kurt Crowley

Carlos E. Gonzalez

Music Director
Kurt Crowley

Choreographer and Artistic Collaborator
John Heginbotham

Musical Artists
Jacqueline Bolier - Soprano
Kurt Crowley - Piano
Johnny Gandelsman - Violin
Crystal Monee Hall - Singer
Christopher Jackson - Singer
Yo-Yo Ma - Cello
Jeffery Miller - Trombone
Gaby Moreno - Singer
Kaila Mullady - Beatbox
Felton Offard - Guitars
Sherisse Rogers - Bass
Chris Thile - Singer/Mandolin

Lil Buck
Carlos E. Gonzalez
Savannah Green
Gabrielle Hamilton
Sasha Hutchings
Carla Körbes
John McGinty
Ron Myles
Mykel Nairne
Maile Okamura
Ai Shimatsu
Amber Star Merkens

Young Artists

Jookin Choreography
Lil Buck
Ron Myles

Adolfo Mena Cejas

Gabe Witcher

Adolfo Mena Cejas
Nao Campbell
Patrick Fraser
Carlos E. Gonzalez
Lana Mack

Color Correction
Javier Perez Avila

Musical Arrangements
Kurt Crowley
Crystal Monee Hall
Christopher Jackson
Sam McKelton
Jeffery Miller
Gaby Moreno
Kaila Mullady
Chris Thile

This Land Is Your Land
Written by Woody Guthrie
Published by TRO - Ludlow Music, Inc./Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.

"Steal Away"

Special Thanks to
Sebastian Aymanns
Enrico DeTrizio
Patrick Fraser
Adonis Zamora Garzón
Jeffrey Guimond
Maie Lee Jones
Carvens Lissaint
Sam McKelton
Rick Rubin
Queen City Ballet
Grandstreet Theatre

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