Bliz - Transition - (Rap - Warning: Explicit Content)

Heard the rapper known as Bliz for the first time, yesterday, after becoming acquainted with Redd Pen Media after they introduced themselves. Dug through Redd Penn's numerous music videos and when I heard this Bliz track entitled Transition. The song made me think hard about life's harsh realities and wonder how life can end up that way. Bliz lays down so many rhymes that are so true, such as "Guess you can't say if you ain't never been, man..."

It's a testiment to the reality of thug life and the prison industrial complex. I can't help but think and feel: "There for but the grace of God go I" when I hear a rap like this. It's thought provoking, but hopefully not provoking kids to reach for this. Enough of that already! Kudos to Bliz for his well done delivery. Hopefully he's just acting. Kudos to the director, Juan Ortiz, for the outstanding light & photography. - GC