BirdPen - Nature Regulate (Music Videos)

Archive member Dave Pen has a new single & video out with his group BirdPen. This single is called Nature Regulate.

BirdPen - Nature Regulate

And, from a few years back, here is a video titled The Dead Factory

Here is the story Dave Pen wrote about the making of the above video:
"The Dead Factory was filmed at the All We Need Project in Luxembourg...

Whilst on travels around Europe supporting Archive I went wondering as one does and found myself slap bang in the middle of the All We Need art project in Luxembourg. So with my Fathers Video Camera in hand i went about and filmed a load of footage...
The huge industrial graveyard was very inspiring and a wonderment to behold...
I was truly lost and amazed in this awesome steel graveyard..

Once home I set about loading the footage in to my slowing pc and thinking about ideas.. I had to keep my brain on the tredmill of thoughts so toyed with a few ideas for a short image based film.
The footage came togther quite easily.I then tried a few different musical ideas and slowly came to a halt and got stuck for 10 days or so..
Luckily for me I was invited to a private viewing at a contempary art gallery in my home town ( I dont go just for the free wine ). The exhibition was called 'Dark Places' and involved the uncovering of sites of secrecy and technology across Britain that all fall under the radar of common Knowledge.
One film in particular gave me great inspiration to finish my short image film. The film was called Voodoo Science Park and was made by Victoria Halford and Steve Beard. It wasnt more about the concept of their film ( which was about a delayed ancounter between poet William Blake and political Philosipher thomas Hobbes all based around a secret laboratory that create and then examine destructive pathways ) but more the feel of it.. The minimal sounds and ghostness of it..

I have based the ideas for the film on lonelyness of structure, isolation and memorys...
Please check
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